by Brian Kraichely

(presented at the 2014 IASD Conference)

This presentation charts the changes in the dreams that I had during the first 12 months of becoming a student at the School of Metaphysics. The dreams are interpreted in the method that is taught by the School of Metaphysics using the Universal Language of Mind. I propose that the significant changes in the content and activity of my dreams are a direct reflection of the spiritual and personal growth that I experienced during this period.

A chart with a variety of dreams symbols will be presented showing how they evolved. I have identified a few storylines that can be presented. One is the change in the animals in my dreams in this time period. In the beginning, I had a lot of dangerous animals that appeared. As I eliminated most of my bad habits and unproductive thinking patterns, the dangerous animals completely disappeared.

Another storyline that can be charted is how water appeared in my dreams. In the beginning, I had dreams with floods, leaking roofs and busted water pipes. Through the year, I began to repair the pipes, roofs and to direct the water with control.

When I first began recording my dreams as a student, the houses and buildings that I saw had numerous problems and issues that needed repair. As I progressed through this year, I worked on the houses and they became safer and much nicer.

During this time period, I made a variety of changes in my waking life. As a student in the School of Metaphysics, I did daily mental disciplines that helped me to improve my concentration, listening, memory and attention skills. I became more aware of unproductive thought patterns and began to change and upgrade them. I eliminated a variety of unhealthy habits including drinking alcohol and recreational drug use. I became more aware of the needs of others and service to humanity became a significant part of my life.