Last night I dreamt I woke up in my tent and water was dripping down in a steady stream onto the middle of my blanket.  I looked up to find a hole torn in the top of my tent and it was raining.  When I looked for the cause of the tear, I noticed a dark shape stuck in on the top of the tent, so I kicked it off (from inside the tent).  I looked out the tent flap to see a vultures/eagle like bird dead on the ground.  I knew it’s talons had caused the tears in the canvas.

I woke up anxious – maybe because of the weather or because of my rushed morning – but I also felt tired.  My morning meditation and a few disciplines helped.  When setting up for the event I began to realize what thoughts were running through my head.  I began to focus on the theme of “Peace” and all the people who would gather to celebrate it.  So as the day went on I felt better.  As a greeter, I was given the opportunity to speak to people right when they arrived.  Every person was happy and excited to be there.  When I got the chance to mix and mingle, I experienced our guest enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and I realized how great I felt because I was part of this.  I was calm, still, and peaceful much of the day – sometimes even to the point of feeling a sort of light-headed “high.”  I felt connected to everybody I spoke to and tried to keep in mind my connectedness with everybody else present.  My thought when I placed my tile in the mandala was “we are one in the spirit.”  At one point I sat by J*male at the fire, right before Allan walked up.  He asked how were were doing, to which I replied “peaceful.”  Jesse laughed and agreed.  So I sat by he fire and just allowed myself to “be,” I was overcome by gratitude and peace – I felt content and fulfilled.  I thought of yesterday when A*male., G*female, Yv*female, R*male and I walked through the orchard and repeated the peace prayer at every tree.  This helped me reconnect with the open heart feeling I had while in the orchard.

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Does Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully?

The Universal Peace Covenant, a document of great importance, states that “Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully”. This brings the idea of lucid dreaming – being consciously aware of what you are thinking in the day and in the night – alive. What came to be called the “Peace GLiDE” revealed the impact that walking the walk and talking the talk has. Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron, GliDE director, reports: On September 6, 2009, I witnessed a unique opportunity to explore the human potential for dreaming peace – in the day and the night. This 3-step experiment included 100 people from four countries and fourteen states in the United States.

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First Report: GLiDE #1 04.29.07 Type: Lucid Subject: Universal Mind Objective for this Study:  to establish a baseline for lucid dreaming realities amongst a widespread and diverse group of dreamers. The premise of this experiment is that lucid dreaming is a universal experience for homo sapiens. The experiment enables a forum to prove that lucid [...]

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Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food

Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food First Report: GLiDE #2 01.09-03.08 Type: Sequential Subject: Moon's Effect Objective of Study: What effect do Moon phases have on the dreams of the Homo sapiens? First published March 2008 Lunar Eclipse Dreams focus on Familiar People and Food One of the first ways we look [...]

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