I was in a store like a Wal-Mart.  I was walking down the pet food aisle and there was a rancid smell.  I looked in a trash can at the end of the aisle and there was murky water in it.  (It was near the fish tanks).  I alerted someone who worked there.  I continued to shop and not very long after that I walked back and the can was clean and I turned down another aisle there was a dead squirrel on the floor.  It had been dead a long time and was stiff. I thought “What is a dead squirrel doing in here?  I was dreading having to tell them of another problem.  When I turned the corner, a man was sweeping under stuff getting a lot of hidden dirt out in the open.  I realized that was how the squirrel became exposed into the open.

Today I experienced peace from the first point of my day when I woke up before my alarm went off.  This gave me the opportunity to have gratitude for the dryness of my tent and reflect on the being of my body before having to go to my meditation session and reading of the Peace Covenant at 5:30am.  After the meditation I did my Life Force exercise which allowed me to peacefully connect with the energy of all things around me.  While there was a bustle of activity around me with people preparing for the day’s Peace Event I tried to move in a relaxed and peaceful manner delaying my preparations for a time when the bathrooms were more peaceful!  My station a the event allowed me to connect with almost everyone as it was the crossroads between the venues.  I met many new people and connected with old friends with the goal of a welcoming presence for all.  My location allowed me to hear portions of several talks by speakers at the event.  When the event was complete, I had the opportunity to thank many people for coming and felt I was connecting with people on a much deeper level than words.  When the play, The Invitation, was going on and many participants were inside, I had the opportunity to reflect on the stillness in the sounds of nature around us.  Now that the day is nearly complete I feel a sense of peace throughout my mind and body – my blood pressure seems really relaxed, my body feels better than it has in a long time and my breath seems very fulfilling.

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Does Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully?

The Universal Peace Covenant, a document of great importance, states that “Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully”. This brings the idea of lucid dreaming – being consciously aware of what you are thinking in the day and in the night – alive. What came to be called the “Peace GLiDE” revealed the impact that walking the walk and talking the talk has. Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron, GliDE director, reports: On September 6, 2009, I witnessed a unique opportunity to explore the human potential for dreaming peace – in the day and the night. This 3-step experiment included 100 people from four countries and fourteen states in the United States.

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First Report: GLiDE #1 04.29.07 Type: Lucid Subject: Universal Mind Objective for this Study:  to establish a baseline for lucid dreaming realities amongst a widespread and diverse group of dreamers. The premise of this experiment is that lucid dreaming is a universal experience for homo sapiens. The experiment enables a forum to prove that lucid [...]

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Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food

Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food First Report: GLiDE #2 01.09-03.08 Type: Sequential Subject: Moon's Effect Objective of Study: What effect do Moon phases have on the dreams of the Homo sapiens? First published March 2008 Lunar Eclipse Dreams focus on Familiar People and Food One of the first ways we look [...]

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