I was walking down a path in the woods, a wide path, almost  a road.  I head a multiple lead leash as I was holding on to 15 friends who had the other end of the leash around their necks.  4 of the 15 people I recognized from this life.  L*male (discipline), A*male (visionary), T*female (Healing) A*female (Rhythm, balance)

My thoughts of peace for today review my experiencing the development of friendship.  This was expressed today through my giving and receiving attention and love in expanding friendships.  I renewed two friendships today, experiencing their essence on levels untouched before.  A deeper level of trust, sharing and desire to support each other.  I made new friends today and I was reassured of my perceived value in developing friendships as I experienced a new acquaintance with Balbir.  His views and practices with others at his company, Trees for Life, is reassurance to me that the process of developing friendships is priceless to myself and contribute to the betterment of the whole.  Peace is experienced in building friendships, seeing through the others eyes, to recognize each others value, what you have to give and what you can create.  Peace of mind and fulfillment is the result of developing friendship.

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Does Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully?

The Universal Peace Covenant, a document of great importance, states that “Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully”. This brings the idea of lucid dreaming – being consciously aware of what you are thinking in the day and in the night – alive. What came to be called the “Peace GLiDE” revealed the impact that walking the walk and talking the talk has. Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron, GliDE director, reports: On September 6, 2009, I witnessed a unique opportunity to explore the human potential for dreaming peace – in the day and the night. This 3-step experiment included 100 people from four countries and fourteen states in the United States.

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First Report: GLiDE #1 04.29.07 Type: Lucid Subject: Universal Mind Objective for this Study:  to establish a baseline for lucid dreaming realities amongst a widespread and diverse group of dreamers. The premise of this experiment is that lucid dreaming is a universal experience for homo sapiens. The experiment enables a forum to prove that lucid [...]

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Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food

Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food First Report: GLiDE #2 01.09-03.08 Type: Sequential Subject: Moon's Effect Objective of Study: What effect do Moon phases have on the dreams of the Homo sapiens? First published March 2008 Lunar Eclipse Dreams focus on Familiar People and Food One of the first ways we look [...]

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