I was in and at the College of Metaphysics.  Tents went up and down.  The song of “One Voice” was playing in background.  The violin part was stronger than rest.  It was like a movie playing of the peace event.  I noticed in the dream that the music of the violin was dominant like it was a different song.  I even thought it was a different song then realized it was a part of the “One Voice”. 

My thoughts are in the moment.  I cherish the moments I had throughout my day from the opening plenary beginning with chantful sounds to Will Bowen mesmerizing the crowd with laughter.  My day has been perfect.  I feel so peaceful and happy satisfied that ideals have been met.  On voice choir came together as planned “of course” because we visualized it.  I think this was the best creation I have ever had.  I love creating it with other people.  We were great in present and in form.  My heart is open, my mind is clear.  I desire to hold to continue to create like this.  I said it one time in a rehearsal, ” the moment will come and go” yet it will linger.  I believe this is what it is to live meditatively.  I knew this day was special.  I saw it in my dreams.  Connected vision.  My day was filled with great people and minds.  I long to know this more often.  This morning we breathed and it played all day.  The inspiration gives the love that was received.  Peace is build through communication.  I found myself with the Universal Peace Covenant running through my head as I write this.  Then echoes of Once Voice comes weaving in and out.  I love everyone, everything, every creature.  I am honored to have played a part.  Will Bowen’s smile and charm was great and I can truly say I haven’t a complaint.

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Does Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully?

The Universal Peace Covenant, a document of great importance, states that “Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully”. This brings the idea of lucid dreaming – being consciously aware of what you are thinking in the day and in the night – alive. What came to be called the “Peace GLiDE” revealed the impact that walking the walk and talking the talk has. Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron, GliDE director, reports: On September 6, 2009, I witnessed a unique opportunity to explore the human potential for dreaming peace – in the day and the night. This 3-step experiment included 100 people from four countries and fourteen states in the United States.

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First Report: GLiDE #1 04.29.07 Type: Lucid Subject: Universal Mind Objective for this Study:  to establish a baseline for lucid dreaming realities amongst a widespread and diverse group of dreamers. The premise of this experiment is that lucid dreaming is a universal experience for homo sapiens. The experiment enables a forum to prove that lucid [...]

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Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food

Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food First Report: GLiDE #2 01.09-03.08 Type: Sequential Subject: Moon's Effect Objective of Study: What effect do Moon phases have on the dreams of the Homo sapiens? First published March 2008 Lunar Eclipse Dreams focus on Familiar People and Food One of the first ways we look [...]

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