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I keep dreaming that I’m in the spiritual realm and am seeking my one true soul mate/ twin flame. Suddenly I will feel a man’s presence, one I am at total peace & calm with then I see a hand being held out to me, but ONLY a hand & wrist, nothing else. Mentally, spiritually & physically I know he is telling me to take his hand & not be afraid, although I never hear any ‘spoken’ words. I have always started hesitating & suddenly wake up.   EOD

I’ve had this dream hundreds of times since roughly age 15/16yrs old.

So many people today are seeking their true soul mate and wondering what this connection would be like in their life.   Ginger has actually been dreaming about finding her soul mate since she was 15years old, almost 30 years.  So why has she not found what she is looking for?

In using the Universal Language of Mind to interpret this dream, we understand dreams are always about the dreamer and the attitudes that directed their attention and awareness during the day, the previous 24 hours.

Look at what her dream is sharing with Ginger.  The major symbol in her dream is the man’s hand and wrist.  She never sees him.  Doesn’t even really hear him speak.  Yet she “senses” that he is communicating something to her.  The evidence of this is in the dream action and so we interpret the symbology of the dream-hand in the Universal Language of Mind.

Hand and wrist are universal symbols for purpose.   Purpose is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as

“the reason why something is done or used : the aim or intention of something. : the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something.”

Could the essence of Ginger’s dream be telling her to place her attention within, rather than seeking a twin flame in her physical life?   Could her soulmate be her own inner Self, not a male she keeps looking for in her waking life and never finding?

The dream is encouraging Ginger that her true soulmate might just be her inner self, the soul that resides within her own mind.    She feels the “male presence” in her dream, in Jungian animus fashion, actually extending himself out to her, but she is reluctant to respond.  The question becomes:  Why?

Ginger reports that she is at “total peace and calm” with the man in her dream, yet dream-action says otherwise.  She is afraid to even take his hand.  In the language of mind, this indicates Ginger is pulling away from the inner mind’s purpose for her life experience.  What does this really mean?

Let’s put this into a possible context.


We know that Ginger is 42 years old.
We know that Ginger states she has recalled this dream “hundreds of times since roughly age 15/16yrs old.”
This tells us that the same message about her purpose has been pertinent since she was a teenager.  Perhaps the key to this dream lies in what happened in her everyday life when she was 15.  If Ginger is willing to recall the significant events of her life at that age, she can see a deeper meaning to her dream and most probably respond to it in a way that will change the message.

For instance, perhaps the dreamer moved when she was 15.  Maybe, changing schools affected her in ways that she began to withdraw.  At her old school she might have been engaged, vivacious, and popular.  The new surroundings – at 15 – could have been a bit daunting.  So she found herself becoming introverted, pulling away from possible interactions.  If, the dreamer continued this and it became a pattern, that would be reason for this type of dream message.  It would also be why the same message keeps coming.

If the dreamer “awakens” to this new way of seeing the self and begins to revive her earlier openness and extroversion, this dream message will no longer be pertinent.  In other words, this dream will STOP.   A new message will take its place.  A message that is relevant to the dreamer’s new state of awareness.

Whether or not this describes the particular situations in Ginger’s life, what she can derive from the Self exploration of remembering her younger years will aid her to align with her inner Self’s purpose.   She will no longer be hesitating or turning away.  She will be facing what before was unknown and it made her afraid.

Each of us has a purpose for our lives.  That purpose rests within the mind.  It does not lie in the dictates of common culture,– in videos, magazines, or social media.  These are illusions that will not feed the hunger within your soul for learning and growth.  Only you can choose to heed the call of the inner urge for spiritual progression.  Only you can face your destiny.

Ginger has made her first step by reaching out for insight into her dream.  An effective next step could be taking the online Intro to Dreams course, or an Intuitive Past Life Profile offered through the School of Metaphysics.  This profile is conducted upon an individual’s request for significant information and wisdom gleaned from the Akashic Records and relevant to his or her soul progression.•

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