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I was talking amongst other pirates, suddenly I crunched on something hard, where I felt with my tongue pieces of my tooth had broken off. I slyly spit the pieces onto my hand, once realizing it was a tooth, I had a flashback of my dentist saying if i saved my teeth when they fall out, she’d be able to fix it and put it back in my mouth. In that same instance of spitting the broken tooth onto my hand to analyze it was a tooth, another person asked me what I had in my hand. I responded Nothing and shoved the broken pieces in my pocket.  EOD


Wow!  Great dream to share with us from your inner mind!   As you reflect on the meaning here, thank you for allowing others to learn with you.   There are three significant symbols in this dream that will help you reflect on who you were being the previous day.   1. Pirate, 2. Broken tooth, 3. Hand

We know the mind well enough to understand the purpose of dreams is to awaken the outer mind to practice more productive thinking, to create a better life.  Dreams are always about the dreamer and the attitudes the dreamer was engaging the previous day.  Since your outer thoughts and attitudes produce your future daily experiences, we as dreamologists have come to recognize the inner mind’s desire is to communicate and guide to cause your desires .

You start your dream by sharing you were communicating with other pirates.  Curious?  People in our dreams represent an aspect of ourselves, a way of thinking.  This part of the dream indicates that at sometime the day prior to your dream, you were pretending, maybe daydreaming or fantasizing that you are something you are not.   What does that look like to you?  Most of us know the function of a pirate in daily life or storytelling is to steal or take from; a pirate is a sometimes glorified thief.  From your dream, what might this tell you about your thoughts or feelings from the day before?  Dreams are always about the dreamer.  You want to explore how your thoughts from the previous day are not serving your purpose or intentions. It’s not likely you are a thief, but did you experience some moments when you were planning this aggressive act in your mind?

The next major dream-action is realizing you broke a tooth, and slyly spitting it into your hand.  A tooth symbolizes a tool used for assimilating knowledge acquired from your daily experiences.   A hand represents your purpose in the moment.  This is what is fascinating and awakening about your dream.  There was an event or moment the day before the dream when you must have come to recognize some unproductive ways of thinking, and when you began  reflecting and assessing yourself you realized you were not giving yourself the best results anymore.

To that point, in the dream, you were protective, guarded in allowing others to know.  What do you think about this?  We all have had experiences and moments when we realize what we are thinking, relying on, or producing is suddenly not what we want at all.  We might get upset or maybe discover some conflicting thoughts in our own head and then realize we can change for the better.  We can be more purposeful instead of worrying that we have to be secretive.  The hand in your dream symbolizes being purposeful.

Being reminded in the dream that “your dentist has advised you, teeth can be saved and put back in your mouth;” the dentist symbolizes your superconscious awareness.  This is the inner authority within you, your becoming alert that you can purposefully make changes to redirect the thoughts and actions that are not serving you.

The lessons your dream is sharing are good for all of us to learn from.  Everyone has a very special gift they receive at birth.  Imagination is the creative source of genius that few people completely understand.  Once you have reflected on what your dream has awakened you to, your brilliant imagining ability can be called forth to change the way you think to produce new attitudes and perspectives, even desires.  We always have a choice to grow, rather than hide or pretend.

This is really important learning for all of us too.  Using the creative mind is often overlooked because of our fears.  Your creative nature is the primary function of the inner mind; to bring that imagined thought to life.  Fear or concern can be expressed as pretense.  When you reflect on the previous day, now you can seek to understand what was distracting to what you want to cause in your day.  It’s actually fear that steals opportunities from us.  To create effectively, the inner mind wants you to focus your attention on what you desire most and let go of what you don’t want or fear.

Kerry Keller / Dreamologist

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