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Last night I had a dream that I was at a really big gathering near/on the beach.  I was walking along the beach alone and I walked pass my step-grandfather (he’s been in my life from birth), he passed away more than 12 years ago now.  In the dream he was homeless, he looked rough and he had put on weight.  As I walked past him I looked at him and said “Hi”.  He then looked back and said quite loudly “Is that all you can say?”  I carried on walking and then went to tell my mother.  When she saw him she gave him a hug and she started looking for my nan who was also at the gathering.  (My nan is still alive)  I can’t really remember the rest of the dream only that he never died, he just ran away and the funeral was staged all those years ago.

I’m 31 now and he died when I was a teenager.  It was strange because when I woke up that dream was the first thing I thought about.  It was so clear.  EOD


Beach:  area of action between the conscious and subconscious parts of mind
Grandfather: Superconscious Mind/your Inner Authority
Mother:  Superconscious Mind/your Inner Authority

INTERPRETATION in the Universal Language of Mind
There are three divisions of Mind that exist within each individual: Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious.  Each fulfills a specific function.  The Conscious Mind’s duty is to reason with life experiences for the purpose of producing permanent understandings.  The Subconscious Mind’s duty is to fulfill the Conscious Mind’s desires, and its purpose is to store permanent understandings.  The Superconscious Mind’s duty is to provide energy to the rest of Mind and its purpose is to hold your blueprint/plan for existence.  Your Superconscious Mind is the highest part of yourself that is directly connected to the Creator, your Divinity.  The fact that your grandfather doesn’t have a home in the dream is revealing your need to take a look at your relationship with your Superconscious Mind. 

A home in a dream will represent a familiar and natural frame of mind characterized by peace.  Peace is a natural experience for you, me, or anyone when we are aware of and actively engaging a relationship with our Superconscious Mind and Creator. The dream is showing you how this frame of mind was being reawakened in you the day before and how there was a sense of peace knowing it still existed.


Look back over the day before this dream for any experiences that stimulated this sense of peace.  It will likely be connected to a new direction with life or possibly even a reminder of something you once felt passionate about and disengaged for whatever reason.  Once you determine this then you can act upon this new direction in alignment with your Divinity.• JRagan


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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.