Why does the School of Metaphysics sponsor the National Dream Hotline®?

Dreaming is a universal phenomenon. A quarter century of research has shown that dreams are communication from the inner levels of man’s consciousness to his outer, waking mind. All dreams including flying dreams, nightmares, and recurring dreams hold significance for the dreamer.

The meaning of daily experiences is communicated through dream images to the conscious awareness of the dreamer providing feedback concerning his or her spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical state of being. Understanding and fully using the dream state can resolve problems, enhance creativity, and accelerate learning. The dreamer receives heightened awareness of the next step toward fulfilling ideals in life.

Millions of people are actively seeking to understand and more fully use their dream states. The National Dream Hotline® was established in 1987 to serve this growing need. Callers receive the benefits of years of research based upon the dream experiences of thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Conducted by the School of Metaphysics the final weekend of April each year, we are able to answer many of the questions stemming from dream states.


People call the Hotline for many different reasons.

  • A man from Ft. Worth, Texas wants to know the meaning and significance of dreams that come true.
  • A woman from Honolulu, Hawaii wants to know how to cure insomnia.
  • Another woman from New York City is curious about flying dreams.
  • A business woman in Argentina dreams of losing her teeth.
  • A student from Australia asks about being in a public place – naked!

The School of Metaphysics is dedicated to teaching principles and practices designed to draw forth the potential of the whole self. Through a wholistic, step-by-step applied study, students develop understanding and mastery of mental skills including undivided attention, concentration, listening, memory recall, re-energizing and relaxing of mind and body, and reasoning. The disciplines taught bring students into the realm of the unused ninety percent of their brain power opening doors to what exists beyond the physical life.

Interpreting and understanding dream communication is an integral part of the coursework. With your assistance in letting other knows, Hotline enables us to share the benefits of study and research with millions across the planet. All dreams are significant and the symbols can be interpreted by the staff and faculty of the School of Metaphysics who are well-versed in the Universal Language of Mind. They will assist you in understanding the images in your dreams, and you, the dreamer, will be the final authority in applying the information in your life.


Evolution of National Dream Hotline® since 1985

Fall 1985 § A small scale Dream Hotline is advertised one Saturday afternoon in Springfield, Missouri.

Early 1987 § Successful Dream Hotline in Norman and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Students and Faculty receive over 100 callers’ questions and dreams for interpretation.

August 1988 § Dream Hotline went statewide in Oklahoma and was a huge success with media coverage and over 500 calls. Dream Hotlines follow in October 1988 with five schools in the Colorado Area participating and in Detroit, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana in December 1988.

April 1989 § The 1st National Dream Hotline® is conceived and birthed.

March 1990 § USA Today nationally syndicated television spot gives Hotline its first widespread exposure.

April 1992 § National Dream Hotline® mentioned in Glamour magazine and in USA Today newspaper. Broadcast around the world on Voice of America radio stations.

April 1993 § BBC interviews Dr. Barbara Condron.

October 1994 § Dream Education Day is SOM’s first offering for the annual “Make a Difference Day” sponsored by USA Today newspaper.

November 1994 § Understanding Your Dreams, a primer for dream interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind, is published.

April 1995 § Dreamer’s Dictionary is published becoming a resource book for dreamers everywhere.

April 1996 § First dream surveys mailed to thousands around the world § Radio shows in Hong Kong, Russia, and Australia help our research span the globe.

April 1997 § Paul Harvey talks about the National Dream Hotline® for the first time.

April 1997 § Dreamschool.org makes its debut as the website for interpreting your dreams.

April 1998 § The Today Show broadcasts a live remote interview with Dr. Daniel Condron from the College of Metaphysics on the Saturday of the National Dream Hotline®. Seventeen Magazine publishes the Hotline number in its new “Calendar.” This year Paul Harvey calls the dream interpreters “Dreamologists” as he announces the hotline on his noonday show.

April 1998 § Dr. Daniel Condron interviewed live on Japanese radio. NY Bureau Chief of the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun travels to Windyville, Missouri to interview Drs. Daniel and Barbara Condron. Barbara prepares “A World of Dreams”, a 25-year film retrospective of the School of Metaphysics research into dreaming.

April 2000 § Lifetimetv.com chooses The Dreamer’s Dictionary for its dream decoder.

October 2001. Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery is published to aid others to utilize their dreams at every stage of life from birth to after death.

April 2002 § Dream interpretation focuses on dreams about September 11th, 2001.

April 2003 § An email response to Hotline births Dream of the Month Club.

September 2004 § Every Dream Is About The Dreamer is published. It has over 100 dreams from Dreamschool.org, interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind.

April 2005 § Women’s World publishes info on hotline prompting an additional weekend to accommodate calls

April 2006 § National Dream Hotline® births regular dream interpretation radio program in Michigan.

April 2007 § National Dream Hotline® expands into a weekend of dream interpretation on the phone, the radio, at shops and malls across the Midwest.

April 2007 § The first GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT is conducted Sunday morning April 29th to explore lucid dreaming and inner level consciousness. One hundred and eight people from three countries participate in this first experiment.

April 2008 § Dream work begins in earnest at the first of the year as a four-part GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT studying the affect of the Moon on our dreams begins. As this begins we receive word that SOM President Dr. Laurel Clark has been asked to present the paper from this experiment at the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) conference in Montreal in July.

May 2008 § Lucid Dreaming is published as a collection of first-account dream stories from several authors.

April 2009 § Dream Awareness Weekend is celebrated throughout the Midwest as murals are painted on the sides of local businesses, “dream teams” interpret dreams at coffee shops and malls, and dream lectures around town answer dreamers’ questions.

April 2009 § National Dream Hotline® serves hundreds while over a hundred dreamers incubate opportunities in the present economy during a GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT.

April 2010 §  Dream-focused webinars are offered through dreamschool.org

March 2011 § Chicago area School of Metaphysics branches host Scottish filmmaker Amy Hardie, director of The Edge of Dreaming, for weekend workshops.

August 2012 § Intuitive Dreaming is published and explores healing dreams, dream incubation, lucid dreaming, and precognitive dreams.

April 2013 § Dream Catchers Meetup groups form to provide people a place to share dreams face-to-face.

April 2014 § Dreamer´s Dictionary App launched for Android and iPhone and Dream Bingo created as an avenue to learn about dreams in a fun and interactive way.

April 2015 §  Quarterly articles on dreams are published in BYOU magazine for young girls.



DATES: Friday, April 27th – Sunday, April 29th  2018
TIME: 6 pm Friday, nonstop to midnight Sunday night C.D.T.
CALL: 417-345-8411
SPONSOR: School of Metaphysics  |  www.som.org |  www.dreamschool.org

News Release / Fact Sheet for National Dream Hotline®

Ever wonder what dreaming of flying or animals or sex means?  Do you wonder why you even have dreams?

You can discover the answers to these questions when the 30th Annual National Dream Hotline® begins. From 6:00 pm Friday, April 27th, until midnight Sunday, April 29th, you can call 417-345-8411 any time day or night. Dream experts at the School of Metaphysics will interpret your dreams.

From over 40 years of research, the School of Metaphysics can help you to understand the inner messages that dreams offer. From mundane dreams to nightmares, from reoccurring dreams to precognition and lucid dreaming, the dream coaches at the School will offer practical guidance to make your dream time productive.

The School of Metaphysics faculty and students have studied the significance of the universal phenomena of dreaming with surprising results. Their findings have been taught in colleges, universities, businesses, and organizations throughout the greater Midwest. Research has been recorded in several books, most notably The Dreamer’s Dictionary, by Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron, and Intuitive Dreaming by Dr. Laurel Clark.  Thousands of case studies have shown dream symbology can be understood and made useful in our everyday lives.

  • Who: The National Dream Hotline® is sponsored by the School of Metaphysics as an educational service. Since dream interpretation is part of the course of study in applied metaphysics offered by the School of Metaphysics, faculty and students are well versed in the benefits and use of this research. These individuals and others who have qualified will be answering the phones during Hotline weekend.
  • What: The National Dream Hotline® is designed to offer the benefits of over 40 years of research and experimentation by those with the School of Metaphysics into the significance of dreaming. Dreaming is a universal phenomenon. The average person will spend almost 200,000 hours of his or her life sleeping. In a seven-hour sleeping period, he will have at least five cycles of active dreaming time. Research into the workings of the inner mind shows that these dreams are both universal and personal in nature. During a dream, the inner subconscious mind is communicating to the outer conscious mind the dreamer’s state of awareness. In order to be useful in everyday life, the dreamer can benefit from learning the language the subconscious mind “speaks.” This language is presented in images that can be interpreted. Once the dream symbols are identified and understood, the dreamer finds the information gained useful to him in his everyday life. A dream will always tell the dreamer about his/her conscious state of awareness. Dreams can provide insight into health, solving problems, unlocking creativity, seeing probabilities, and much more. We have found two universal principles hold true for every dream: every dream is about the dreamer, and everyone and everything in the dream symbolizes the dreamer.
  • Where: The national number to call is our World Headquarters on the campus of the College of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri. Telephone (417) 345-8411. Local Hotline numbers will be available in the following cities throughout the Midwest: In Illinois: Bolingbrook, Chicago, Palatine;  in Missouri: Columbia, Maplewood, Springfield; in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa; in Indiana: Indianapolis; in Iowa: Des Moines; in Kansas: Kansas City; in Texas: Dallas.
  • Why: The National Dream Hotline® exists to aid anyone to understand and use dreams to improve the quality of his/her life. The School of Metaphysics and its divisions exist to aid any individual to become a whole, functioning Self. Offering education in applied metaphysics, the School of Metaphysics teaches people from all walks of life to develop and use the full capabilities of the inner mind. From concentration to memory development, from reasoning to intuition, from visualization to re-energizing the physical body, students are taught to develop skills that can be used in any profession or career. Understanding what causes conditions and circumstances to be as they are aids anyone to gain self-respect, self-control, and self-awareness.
  • Contact: Dr. Karen Mosby, Int’l Secretary School of Metaphysics www.dreamschool.org | dreams@dreamschool.org



Type in dream interpretation hotline on any search engine and top links all point to the same event—National Dream Hotline®.  That’s because for 29 years the School of Metaphysics has sponsored this unique hotline. People from around the world call from 6 pm Friday through midnight Sunday to talk to expert dream coaches.  There is never a charge for this educational public service.

Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron from the School of Metaphysics, the not-for-profit educational and service organization that initiated the event says, “Our dream coaches are dedicated to creating a global culture that values dreaming.”  This year the hotline runs from 6 pm Friday, April 28th through midnight Sunday, April 30st.  For 54 hours straight dreamers can call 417-345-8411 to ask questions and get answers about dreams.

Sponsoring a dream hotline for more than a quarter of a century gives School of Metaphysics’ dream coaches a comprehensive perspective.  Dreamschool.org is a virtual campus that has grown since its 1997 birth.  Dreamers can send dream questions on-line throughout the year.  “We get to see what the world is dreaming,” says Condron, author of The Dreamer’s Dictionary and Every Dream is about the Dreamer.  “We hear from dreamers on every continent, including Antarctica, and there are similarities.  It is powerful when a PhD candidate in Pakistan writes with questions about dreams that mirror students who are writing from a gifted and talented high school class in Oregon.”

Decades of interpretations show that dreaming is more than entertainment or escape from reality.  People have changed the world with dreams.  Dmitri Mendeleyev saw the Periodic Table of Elements in a dream.  Harriet Tubman, a slave, had dreams that revealed the stations in the Underground Railroad, allowing hundreds of slaves to escape and find freedom.  Madame CJ Walker, the first female self-made millionaire, dreamed the product that made her fortune.  Monster.com was inspired by a dream.  Paul McCartney dreamed the music to the famous song, “Yesterday.”

On a more personal level, our nighttime dreams can serve as counselors, giving us insight into our own feelings and attitudes.  People who are anxious or under stress often have difficulty sleeping and experience nightmares.  Understanding dreams can relieve fears.  Parents who know how to interpret dreams can aid their children to overcome nightmares. People can connect with loved ones who have crossed to the “other side,” share dreams, and bring about resolution.

Dreams communicate messages about the lessons we face while awake.  Understanding what dreams are saying enables us to find the meaning in our waking life, making better choices so we can be healthier, happier and more productive.

“When you interpret dreams, you have a way to identify what lessons life is bringing you,” says Dr. Laurel Clark, author of Intuitive Dreaming and secretary of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.  “The common dream of being back in school, wandering the halls and can’t find the classroom, or being unprepared for a test, is a symbolic message that the dreamer knows he or she should be learning something while awake, but doesn’t know what the lesson is.”

Dr. Clark adds that even though a dream like this might be troubling, knowing how to interpret it can bring peace of mind.  She continues, “When someone has a dream like this, it brings his or her attention to the need to learn and to cause change while awake.   These changes are then reflected in the dream changing.  This is how nightmares go away.”

The School of Metaphysics teaches people how to interpret their own dreams so that they may draw upon their own inner guidance.  For exploring dreams and the mind more in depth, the School of Metaphysics teaches a comprehensive course in essential life skills, lucid dreaming, intuition, meditation and knowing the Self.

Visit www.som.org or www.dreamschool.org to learn about the National Dream Hotline® in your city.


To schedule interviews, please call Dr. Karen Mosby at 417-345-8411 or email dreams@dreamschool.org.


Date: Friday, April 28th through Sunday, April 30st Time: 54 hour marathon begins at 6:00 pm CDT Friday through midnight Sunday Event: 29th Annual National Dream Hotline® call-in dream interpretation Cost: Free Contact: Dr. Karen Mosby, School of Metaphysics dreams@dreamschool.org, 417-345-8411 Description (30 seconds): Search ANY web browser for “Dream Interpretation Hotline” and ALL will point you to the School of Metaphysics’ 28th Annual National Dream Hotline®. The Missouri-based school with dreamschool.org sponsors a continuous, round the clock, free call-in dream hotline for the last weekend in April – Friday, Saturday & Sunday April 28th – April 30th. Expert Dream Coaches and interpreters will listen to one of your dreams—ANY dreams—and tell you what it means in the Universal Language of Mind. That’s a “picture and function” language your mind communicates with. Interested? Intrigued? Call after 6:00pm central time on Friday, April 28th through Sunday, April 30st at midnight—417-345-8411.