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Holy Scriptures – Dreams for Humanity’s Evolution

Author Dr. Laurel Fuller Clark, representing the School of Metaphysics, gave the following address with the title "The Universal Language of Mind" at the Unity-and-Diversity 30th Anniversary Festival in Los Angeles, California. This conference was designed to understand the underlying unity among seemingly diverse elements of society and to aid in creating a vision for [...]

What are Typical 18/19-year-old Americans dreaming about?

The week of May 12, 2008, an interesting phenomenon occurred at dreamschool.org.  As we began sorting the dreams received, we noticed that an unusual number of dreams came from people in the same city: Harrisburg, Oregon.  Upon further investigation we learned the dreamers heard about dreamschool from either their school or teacher.  Using reasoning and [...]

Influential Dreamers – How many do you recognize?

Dreamers featured in the YouTube movie are (in order of their appearance): 1 Mohandas K. Gandhi One man’s dream manifested the vision of an absolute reality. His name was Mohandas K. Gandhi. For years, Gandhi sought ways to free his native India from British colonization into self rule. His nonviolent efforts brought him worldwide notoriety [...]


One World, One Dream

One World, One Dream First Report: GLiDE #3 -08.08 Type: State of Awareness Subject: The Olympics Objective for this Study:  To examine the impact of media-directed attention toward a global event on the content and state of dreams During the recent Olympic games held in Beijing, researchers at the College of Metaphysics in the United [...]

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First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09

First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09 First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09 Type: Incubation Subject: The economy Objective for this Study:  To explore how patterns of waking thought impact sleeping thought through incubating a thought focus determined and communicated globally by mass communication. College of Metaphysics researchers are currently studying data collected from the recent GLOBAL LUCID [...]

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