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Cars, Planes and Trains

by Rory Colgan, dreamschool staff 04.28.09 Interpreting our dreams depends largely upon our ability to reason. Reasoning is the power in the conscious mind to move consciousness forward, be it answering a question, solving a problem, or understanding an experience. How reasoning is used to interpret the symbols in our dreams is illustrated well in [...]

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ ~ Sleepers’ Insights on a Troubled Economy

Sleepers’ Insights on a Troubled Economy The economy can affect our waking lives—how about our dreams? A journalist from California, who specializes in mental health reporting, wanted to know the impact of California’s economic woes on the people there.  Her husband is a political analyst, so it was easy for her to put her field [...]

Dreams bring new meaning to Early Warning Signs

by Dr. Sheila Benjamin Have you ever thought to yourself, if only there was some sign that I could have to prepare for my future, and more specifically, my health? We feel so helpless and vulnerable when we get sick. Most of the time we don't know how we got sick or where the germs [...]


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