The History of National Dream Hotline®

Everyone enters the world of dreaming upon going to sleep.  Dreaming, whether it’s remembered or not, is a shared experience for everyone on the planet.  This Universal phenomenon called dreams, has played an important role for many cultures throughout history, including the ancient Romans and Egyptians, the Native Americans, and the Aborigines.  In fact, influences from dreams are everywhere.  Paul McCartney wrote the song, “Yesterday” after hearing it in his dream; Elias Howe invented the sewing machine—influenced by a dream; Christopher Nolan produced the hit movie Inception based upon his experiences with dreaming.

Over time, dreams have held such importance that people have sought for those who understand them. For example, ancient pharaohs and kings had personal dream interpreters.  How beneficial it would be to have those experts today to unravel the mysteries of our dreams.

Actually this is available in present day!  It’s called the National Dream Hotline® (NDH).  The School of Metaphysics (SOM), who sponsors NDH, has been interpreting dreams for over 40 years in classroom, online since 1999, and through NDH since 1985.

What is National Dream Hotline®?
The National Dream Hotline® is a free hotline open to the public for people to call and receive a dream interpretation by a Dreamologist from the SOM.  This hotline occurs annually, the last weekend of April, starting at 6 pm central time, for 54 hours straight, until midnight on Sunday.  This year marks the 24th annual hotline, which will occur April 29 – May 1, 2011.

How did the National Dream Hotline® begin?
The idea of a dream hotline began in 1985 in Springfield, MO.  Bonita Buchanan, a teacher of metaphysics from the Springfield branch of the School of Metaphysics, created this local hotline through a desire to aid people to understand their dreams and become more self-aware.

Former president of the SOM, Dr. Barbara Condron read about the hotline in SOM’s newsletter Vibrations.  She realized how progressive this concept was and chose an apprentice, Denise Rodgers, to begin nurturing the idea.  Within the next four years, Dr. Condron ignited this creation, spreading it throughout the schools in Oklahoma, Colorado, Michigan, and Indiana.  The following year, in 1989, it became a nationally recognized event among the SOM, receiving its registered trademark in March of 1995.

Who sponsors the National Dream Hotline?
The School of Metaphysics sponsors the NDH.  The School of Metaphysics is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational institute teaching principles of concentration, meditation, and visualization for individual peace, contentment, and security. Dream Interpretation is taught in the course of study to provide self-exploration and aid an individual to use their whole mind.  Through personal responsibility, community service, and conscious leadership, the SOM teaches how to harmonize Mind with the laws governing our universe.

How has the National Dream Hotline, and the dream research done by the SOM, been recognized globally?
Teachers of the SOM have hosted, participated in. and orchestrated numerous dream interpretation radio shows, television segments, and newspaper articles for over 40 years. 


In Person or on the Phone Get Answers to Your Questions

In its 30th year, the National Dream Hotline® is your chance to talk to a dream interpretation coach,
one-on-one, or to attend events where understanding dreams are the focus.