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Hole Through The Cosmos…

HOLE THROUGH THE COSMOS…MANIFESTING EVANESCENT ENLIGHTENMENTDS  2422 Dream Date: 6/21/2011Female, 28, California UNITED STATES I'm back in the bedroom-classroom from my previous dream. I see the papers from my notebook on the floor and I am trying to read the paper so I remember what it said. It said, "I have love issues." I was [...] read more


BABAJI’S BLUE RING DS2625 Dream Date: unknown Female, 30, New Mexico UNITED STATES This woman took me to a meeting that was filled with people. The meeting was being led by Gandhi and Babaji.  We had jewels, necklaces, and gemstones being handed out and piled all over the tables.  Everyone was handed a blue ring, [...] read more


MARRYING A GIRL I NEVER MET DS2595 Dream Date: 10/05/2011 Male, 18, New York UNITED STATES Well, I’ve been having the same dream over and over for a week or so now.  It is that I’m getting married to this girl.  I’ve never met her.  She is friends with one of my ex’s. The dream, however, is [...] read more


 DS2561 Dream Date: 9/19/2011 Male, 33,  INDONESIA (I don't remember earlier scene, but it's about my meeting with this new friend) Inside a library, I and one new male friend were looking for books. He quickly picked up his books while I was still searching for my one book. He said that [...] read more


AN EXPLOSION, A SNAKE, AND AN ISRAELI KING DS2598 Dream Date: 10/14/2011 Male, 19,  PHILIPPINES Last midnight (Oct 14), in my dreams, I and some people, which I don't know, were in some kind of a rocky and mountainous terrain. Then from afar, there was a big explosion. I saw this big thick fog scattering [...] read more


18 AGAIN AND CHASED BY AN EVIL DAD DS2549 Dream Date: 9/11/2011 Female, 18,  UNITED STATES I am the same age I am today, eighteen.  I live with my parents in my grandparent’s house (fathers' parents) with my mom. In my dream I don't see any other family members.  My dad scares me.  He is [...] read more


 DS2565 Dream Date: 9/19/2011 Female, 55, Florida UNITED STATES Usually I am observing the dream. If I'm in the dream I am aware of myself as a silhouette to the left of the dream. In this dream, however, I am the dream. I am lying in the bed [...] read more


QUITTING SMOKING, EXCEPT IN MY DREAMS.  HELP! DS2544 Dream Date: 9/5/2011 Male, 19,  CANADA I quit smoking last month. I dreamed about smelling a cigarette head to toe. ( Yes smelled, I was a nose and a hand nothing else mattered.)  I was going “mmmm good”. A cigarette I had on my bed stand to [...] read more


 DS2500 Dream Date: 8/13/2011 Male, 53, Texas UNITED STATES I married an English girl who was just short of royalty.  Big money.  I was a commoner and knew it, and knew how fortunate I was to be in this position.  Huge old English estate, but I think I was still in USA. [...] read more


DREAM DRAMA, MADE FOR NETWORK TV DS2520 Dream Date: 8/22/2011 Female, 54, Texas UNITED STATES   There were two wood frame white houses on this property, one in back of the other.  Connected by a dirt driveway.  The one in the back was under repair.  These houses were older houses.  There was wood and a [...] read more

Answer Honestly and I’ll let you go!

Answer Honestly and I’ll let you go! DS2453 Dream Date: 7/20/1999 Female, 19, Oklahoma UNITED STATES     The friends in this recurring dream change every time, and I'll be giving them aliases. It's summer time, and three friends and I go on a summer trip to a near by ocean. We're in a white van, [...] read more


THE DEVIL IN ME DS2436 Dream Date: 12/31/1980 Female, 37, Michigan  UNITED STATES I have had this recurring dream many times since 1980.  I am walking down my road and see an object.  Sometimes a tree, birdhouse, trash, spraypaint can.  I look at the object and think, "I bet I can make it move with my [...] read more


br HEALING BY THE POWER OF THE SUN DS3197 Male, 50, Colorado, UNITED STATES Dream Date: 08/01/1999 Dream: The dream was a healing dream.This man lost one of his arm.To replace his lost arm I used a wooden branch to repair his arm. I was the healer who reconstructed his arm by moving my hands [...] read more


JUST PULL THE CHORD! DS3190 Male, 23, California, UNITED STATES Dream: Before I give you my dream I want to set up a little bit of background first. I recently got out of the navy and I normally don't remember my dreams. In the navy, I was on submarines. The dream is about skydiving, but [...] read more

Beautiful Black-Eyed Girl

BEAUTIFUL BLACK-EYED GIRL Dream Date: 08/01/1999 Im in a hospital bed talking to the nurse when a voice says to her we need you out here as she runs out the door another nurse comes in holding a new born baby girl. She urgently asks me to hold her and rushes over to another person [...] read more

Potato Admiration

Potato Admiration Dream Date: 07/18/2013 Someone (?) is offering me some french fries,from quite a big bag they are holding,and,surprisingly (as in real life I do not eat them) I take a few and taste them.I remain surprised at myself for doing so.Then I walk around and I find myself in sort of an open air [...] read more

Baby Dragon to the Rescue

Baby Dragon to the Rescue The dream happens in 3 parts.  In the 1st part, I am fighting vampires in some type of post-apocalyptic world.  I get out of this old beat up truck and I leave my purse and phone in it.  I am going into this old building looking for something (I feel [...] read more

Why is Everyone Going Topless?

Why is Everyone Going Topless? Dream Date: 08/07/2013 I was with my husband in my most favourite place on earth but it was ruined by every young woman taking her top of as if it was so natural. One young woman trotting on a horse smiled at me as she took her top off. I [...] read more

Bomb Blasts and Moving Trains

Bomb Blasts and Moving Trains I always see my family members meeting up with some accident. The place where i was born and brought up the place where these accidents take place. The dream is about someone dying is a bomb blast or some one dying under a moving train.. This is really horrifying. Female, [...] read more

Operation Feeling Cornered

Dream: I was on a military mission and found myself alone in a pond or lake and laying on a small island. I could see an enemy soldier within view and we were both keeping our heads low and on the lookout for snipers. I did not feel like shooting him. After a while, a [...] read more

Palm Amadine

I am in a bathroom and there are almonds embedded in the palms of my hands. I am picking them out and throwing them on the floor. I know the almonds are edible, but I also know they have no nutritional value. I realize they have been digested through my system and all nutrition has [...] read more

Weddings: the Secret to Beautiful Hair

Dream Date:  05/18/2014 Dream:  I'm getting married with a new ring and all of a sudden my hair is extremely long dark and full but i wake up before the wedding takes place. female, 46, Chicago IL, USA Dreamschool.org's response: It has been said that pictures are worth a thousand words.  Dreams are no different, [...] read more

Finding Heaven in a Hellish Place

Dream Date:  10/12/2001 Dream: I had a dream that i went to a dark place where i saw a creature coming down a spiraling stairs. It looked like a minotaur but i had the feeling i was in hell. I then looked to my right and saw gates of gold that opened up. The light [...] read more

A Picture Within a Picture

Dream date: 5-24-2014 Dream: I was at my friends house but it wasn't her real house she had a picture of my deceased mother. In the picture of my mother was another picture of my mother upside down on table there were plants in the picture which reminded me of my grandmother. And in my [...] read more

The Games My Ex and I Play

Dream Date: 5/28/14 There's a person sitting on my car and by the back if his head I recognize him as my ex. I am in the parking lot of a mall. I get mad and yell at him to go away. He talks about getting back together and I tell him no because he [...] read more

Death by Muffins

Date of Dream: 5/26/14 Dream:  I begin in a high school classroom with my two favourite high school teachers. My assignment is to tell a story that I have made up on the spot. I tell a story of a fatherless teen boy who works on the docks and doesn't socialize well so every Friday [...] read more

Meeting a Movie Star

Dream Date: 06/05/2014 Dream:   I remember that when I went to bed I thought "I would like to have a nice dream tonight" Well I dreamed that I was in a room waiting for something. The wall were cover with mirrors panels. I was in a long line waiting. Then Jim Carey came ( [...] read more

Music Celebrity Fist Bump

Dream Date: 6/16/14 Dream:  I was at a celebrity festival and met Katy Perry. I then saw Eminem and, being a big fan, I hugged him and told him he was awesome. He laughed and then fist bumped me. After the festival I called him on my iPad and we talked. I woke up when [...] read more

Unknown Assailant

Dream Date:  6/22/14 Dream:   I dreamt I was in a house in ruins -- there were collective ruins from WWII. Someone shot me three times on my left side - and I saw my brother stabbed on his back (right side). I wasn't killed, but instead the wounds had already healed, but they still hurt. [...] read more

Confusion in Paradise

Dream Date:   06/11/2014 Dream: I remember the feeling i am wearing a white gown that has to many beads and it has a color black on the chest side i am holding a bucket of flowers its color white and pink flowers . and i looked everyhwere its like a paradise for me im seeing [...] read more

Dancing Fox

Dream Date: 07/27/2014 Dream:  Driving through the woods with and acquaintance when I saw a group of what I thought were cats, but then realized one was actually a fox. I told my friend to slow down because the fox might start dancing, but he seemed uninterested. As I looked out the window I saw [...] read more

Kitchen Duty

Dream Date: 7/19/14 Dream: I have been having this dream of being in the kitchen for 2 nights in a row. I"m either cleaning the kitchen, preparing food or getting the kitchen ready for eating. the first night, I was looking out the kitchen window in front of the sink, doing dishes. I was looking [...] read more

Shoes for Every Occassion

Dream: I had a dream that I was arranging my shoes onto a shoe rack. The shoes were brand new and in real life I had never seen them before but in the dream I knew they were mine. I was arranging them in pairs with spaces between them and making sure they look well [...] read more

Schooled by a Tsunami

Date of Dream:  09/03/2014 Dream:  I dreamt that i was in my school, roaming the empty hallways. I was running from something although i had no idea what it was, i decided to exit the school from a side door when i discovered that it lead to a ledge so far up that if i [...] read more

With Another Woman Behind My Back

Dream: I had a dream that the father of my son and unborn child had someone else pregnant at the same time and was is a relationship with her. In my dream I asked him if it was true and he admitted it was.i called the Girl and asked her and she said it was [...] read more

Will School Ever End?

Dream: Common theme of starting a new semester at school. I typically don't know where I am going to be living and I am confused about where my classes are located (how to get to the different buildings and what my schedule is). There is usually an aspect of yearning for a boyfriend and attempts [...] read more

My House is Flooding Again

Dream: When I am in my house or I have purchased a new house, water damage starts to appear. Often to where a wall or roof will possibly collapse. Water is coming down a wall or flooding a room. No one seems to be concerned but me. female, 41, Texas, USA Dream Response: In dreams, [...] read more

Did I Dream of My Death?

Dream:  I die in the dream at the age of 37. I have a choice between my life or a child's (innocence) life, and I choose mine. This is a VIVID dream that started in 2008. It feels real. Usually I can go back to sleep upon waking and continue on with my dreams, but [...] read more

Lost in a Book

Dream:   i am listening to this little girl reading me a book that is hiding her face and at some point she start randomly to scream a cry for helpfemale, 21, Canada Dream Response: Hello Dreamer, Recurring dreams like these can sure get our attention, especially if it happens almost every night.  Because these type [...] read more

Mocking Me Without Remorse

Dream: I probably have this dream twice a week. It's basically the exact same dream each time, just with different people, and different places. But the dream consists of him cheating on me, me finding out, getting completely upset, where I'm screaming at him, bawling my eyes out, and hitting him as many times as [...] read more