Week 39 : Recurring water dreams

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The Dreamer's Entry

I consistently have recurring dreams with water themes.

I have had one several times in which I am swimming in a lake where we had a summer house as a child. In one, I saved the President of our company from drowning.

Last night, I had a dream theme that I find puzzling reoccur. The first time I had the dream I was in an old wooden powerboat in a wharf type of area at night (very dark and wet). I wasn't alone, but I do not remember who I was with. It was a power boat and we were idling through quay areas until we pulled along one and disembarked. We then went through some tunnels and I was the first to go through a narrow passage (all still VERY dark). The passage then opened into a cavernous room that was much brighter. As I turned my gaze upward I became increasingly afraid until I woke up out of fear of what I was going to see. The feeling I had while we were on the boat and going through the passages was one of being on a mission- calm, determined, with perhaps a little apprehension.

Last night, I had a dream about embarking on a sailboat with several masts. The setting is again a quayside on an especially dark and wet night (raining, quite possibly). A coworker was with me and we were preparing to take this large boat out at night, rigging sails, etc. Several other people were joining us, but they were not familiar to me except for a young lady I had met that evening. As we set sail, it became apparent in my dream that we were in a cold climate with ice in the water. Someone missed jumping into the boat and fell into the water as we pulled from the quay. I helped them in. My coworker then jumped into the water as if to go for a dip and never surfaced. Suddenly my dream flashed into an industrial type of setting with what seemed to be a HUGE smelting operation with an overhead raw material transfer system in an immense room, again, with firing and lots of hot metal. We (I don't know who) were looking onto it from a room above and off to the side of this process as this operation was in production. (BW, male, Denver, CO)

Symbols in this dream…

Water: conscious life experiences
Power boat: see boat
Boat: physical body
President: see people
People: aspects of self
Night: indicates lack of awareness
Tunnel: means of moving from one level of mind to another
Room: particular part or activity of the mind
Sailboat: see wind, body
Wind: movement of thoughts
Rain: see water
Large boat: see ship
Ship: an organization
Lady: see woman
Woman: subconscious aspect of male dreamer
Ice: unchanging life experiences
Death: change
Smelting room: see fire
Fire: expansion

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind…
The subconscious mind is like a best friend, it always relates truth and it never gives up on you! When you have the same dream over and over or a series of similar dreams as BW has, the subconscious mind is trying repeatedly to get a message to you. This series or repeated them in BW's dream illustrates how he can use his dreams to change himself and his day-to-day experiences by applying his dreams to his life.

The subconscious mind will relate a dream message in many ways to get the dreamer to remember, understand and in some way apply the dream. The story or plot may be similar but the scene, theme and characters may change to grab the attention or to give a little different perspective as situation develop from day-to-day in 'real' life.

The recurring theme in BW's dream is water, representing his daily experiences. In both these dreams he is on a boat of some type. The power boat represents his physical body and the sailboat represents an organization, perhaps his job. In each dream, there is also a sense of being on a mission, but BW is unsure. This represents his own need to clarify or define what he is about in his life, for him to discover why he exists.

The specifics of each dream add more detail to the dream message. In the dream where is in onboard the power boat (which represents his physical body), the darkness represents BW's need to become more aware of his thoughts and who he is. He is discovering parts of himself (the cavernous room) he has been unaware of but this awareness is something he has not imagined. Fear manifests in the emotions when the imagination is used in a negative fashion, to imagine what one doesn't want to happen rather than imagining what one wants to create or cause.

In the next dream, the sailboat represents an organization such as his job. The different people represent different ways of thinking or different types of thought. The ice in the water represents unchanging experiences, such as when work becomes a drudgery, doing the same old thing every day. The coworker jumping in and not surfacing, represents a need to cause change.

The next part of the dream illustrates what kind of change to make — the smelting room represents a need to expand the self. The hot metal and 'raw material system' represent the cosmic material the Hindus call Akasha the subtle substance of all of creation.