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Since 1997, has served as the internet mecca for people around the world.  In that time, we have received more than ten thousand dreams from people living in three dozen countries. We invite you to be part of this global culture that values dreaming by submitting one of your dreams for cataloguing.  

What question do you have about dreams?  Each week our faculty chooses dreams to be interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind© during our online WEDNESDAY WEBINAR.   Use the form below to submit your dream or question, then sign up to attend this week’s DREAM CATCHERS WEBINAR at 7:30pm Eastern Time.  Your dream may be selected and you may appear on the webinar with our dreamologists.  See you there! is an online campus of the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational institute founded in the United States. 

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    Want a personal mentor to shed light in your dream world?  Psi Counselors offer personal consultation to answer your questions and meet your dreaming needs.  Contact them for individual consulting rates.

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    Our Wednesday Webinars are open to EVERYONE!  At Dreamschool our goal is to interpret a dream for every man, woman, and child.  Help us reach that goal by telling others about “submitting a dream” then attending the webinar the following Wednesday. 
    Didn’t remember a dream this week … register and learn from those who did!  That’s the great part about interpreting your dreams in the Universal Language of Mind, there are always the common threads in our dreaming as human beings.