HistoryTime line of events for National Dream hotline® (NDH)

March 1990
USA Today nationally syndicated television spot gives Hotline its first widespread exposure

April 1992
—NDH® mentioned in Glamour magazine and in USA Today newspaper
—Broadcast around the world on Voice of America radio station

April 1993
—BBC interviews Dr. Barbara Condron
—Announcement published in USA Today this year, and for the next four years

October 1994
—The book 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Dreams is published based upon research conducted during this year’s hotline

April 1996
—Radio shows in Hong Kong, Russia, and Australia help our research span the globe

April 1997
—Paul Harvey, whose show is syndicated by ABC to over 1,000 radio stations, talks about the National Dream Hotline® for the first time

April 1998
The Today Show broadcasts a live remote interview with Chancellor Dr. Daniel Condron from the College of Metaphysics on the Saturday of NDH
Seventeen Magazine publishes the hotline number in its new “Calendar”
—Paul Harvey coins the term “Dreamologists” referring to the Dream Interpreters from National Dream Hotline®
—Dr. Daniel Condron interviewed live on Japanese radio
—NY Bureau Chief of the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun travels to Windyville, Missouri to interview Drs. Daniel and Barbara Condron
—Dr. Barbara Condron prepares “A World of Dreams,” a 25 year film retrospective of SOM dream research and NDH, for ABC News 20/20

April 1999
—www.dreamschool.org makes its debut as the website for interpreting your dreams

April 2000
—www.lifetimetv.com chooses the book The Dreamer’s Dictionary written by Dr. Barbara Condron and published in April 1995 for its “Dream Decoder”

Research published in the books Every Dream is about the Dreamer and Interpreting Dreams for Self-Discovery

April 2005
Women’s World publishes info on hotline prompting an additional weekend to accommodate calls

April 2006

—National Dream Hotline® births a regular dream interpretation radio program in Michigan

April 2007
—National Dream Hotline® expands into a weekend of dream interpretation on the phone, the radio, at shops and malls across the Midwest.
—The first GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT (GLiDE) is conducted Sunday morning of NDH April 29th to explore lucid dreaming and inner level consciousness. One hundred and eight people from three countries participate in this first experiment expanding the reach and concept of National Dream Hotline®

Research published in the books Lucid Dreaming and The Moon’s Effect on Dreams

April 2009
—Dream Awareness Weekend grows out of NDH as local SOM branches become proactive in community involvement.  This event is celebrated throughout the Midwest as murals are painted on the sides of local businesses, “dream teams” assemble to interpret dreams at local coffee shops and malls, and dream lectures answer dreamers’ questions throughout 15 cities
—A hundred dreamers incubate “opportunities in the present economy” for a GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT during NDH

April 2010
—School Branches perform Dream Theaters throughout the Midwest during the weekend of NDH®

An app for both iPhone and Android based upon THE DREAMER’S DICTIONARY is created
under the direction of Aneta Baranek.
—Dreamer´s Dictionary app click here to get the app

Dream Catchers Online provides a forum for dreamers to explore their dreams with leading
experts in the field. Open to dreamers worldwide on Wednesdays at 7:30 ET.

Sept 2015
Dr. Barbara Condron begins a regular dream column for BYOU Magazine, a publication for girls
and young women ages 6-16. Read the first column.
—BYOU Magazine article on dreams

Intuitive Dreaming author and IASD President Dr. Laurel Clark is interviewed by Dr. Barbara
  Condron in a 13-part series available on the
SOM Youtube channel. Read Dr. Clark’s most
  recent article in the Winter issue of DreamTime Magazine.
— Dr Laurel Clark becomes President of IASD article published in DreamTime Magazine




In Person or on the Phone Get Answers to Your Questions

In its 29th year, the National Dream Hotline® is your chance to talk to a dream interpretation coach,
one-on-one, or to attend events where understanding dreams are the focus.