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Dream Catchers Online

Faculty at and Dreamschool Coaches field dream questions from dreamers all around the world Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm (CT).

Dream Catchers is your opportunity to directly engage those who have studied and taught dreamwork for decades. From wholistic health and healing to enhancing creativity and critical thinking, dreams are personal myths revealing the significance of our waking life experiences.

First Wednesdays talk with the author of Intuitive Dreaming and President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams Dr. Laurel Clark.

Second Wednesdays, President of the School of Metaphysics Dr. Christine Spretnjak guides you in exploring the mind through dreaming.

Third Wednesdays in March and April, webinar host and dreamschool founder Barbara O´Guinn Condron welcomes National Dream Hotline® Coordinator Kerry Keller as we explore the 10 POWERS of DREAMING.

Fourth Wednesdays, guests dream coaches and psi counselors explore the many ways interpreting a dream improves the quality of our relationships in life.

Free and open to the everyone. Share the link with your friends.

Some of the dreams discussed on Dream Catchers Online are received through our website Submit your dream now for consideration in an upcoming webinar!

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Exclusive Webinars

A WEBINAR with author Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron


JANUARY 16, 2017

8-10 pm CT

Western doctors call it menopause.  Eastern yogis call it enlightenment.

Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron calls it

    “The 52 Year Flip”           

For most people what begins around age 12 culminates around 52.  Puberty begins with a bang, 40 years pass, then a repeat of the 12-something symptoms of body changes, emotional meltdowns, and mental confusion.  What’s up?!

Is there a way to navigate the waters of these fiery years?


Join Dr. Barbara Condron online as she teaches the keys for cooling the head and warming the heart at just the right balance to master your creative energies.

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Virtual Classroom


This session is open to Dreamschool members, Dreamschool scholars and SOM students. Psi Counselors and Dream Interpretation Coaches will be available for in-depth dream exploration with attendees.  Invitation sent by email only.

Dreamschool Scholars & School of Metaphysics Students Only