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Have you ever thought to yourself, if only there was some sign that I could have to prepare for my future, and more specifically, my health? We feel so helpless and vulnerable when we get sick. Most of the time we don’t know how we got sick or where the germs came from.

Consider the idea that your thoughts create the circumstances and conditions in your life, even the state of health that you experience mentally, emotionally and physically. With this in mind, you can become increasingly aware of how you can cause wellness in your life.

Your dreams are one way your mind communicates to you about the way you think. Your dreams are messages from your inner Self; we call this our subconscious mind or our soul. Our dreams reflect our thoughts and attitudes that are present in our waking life.

The messages from our inner Self are meant to be interpreted symbolically. There are many people who look at their dreams very literally and become frightened or confused, believing that they must be angry or disturbed because of their nightly dramas. Through the use of the Universal Language of Mind, we are able to use our nightly conversations to improve our waking lives and to change our ways of thinking to promote wellness throughout our being.

Using the Universal Language of Mind, in a dream a small vehicle such as a car or a boat or a small plane symbolizes your physical body. The condition of the vehicle in your dreams will communicate specific conditions within your body, sometimes indicating potential illness. You might ask, why a small vehicle? Why does my car symbolize my body? A car is a vehicle that we use to get from one place to another. Our mind uses our physical body in the same way to move from one experience to another.

When you are dreaming of your car and there is something impairing its function, your subconscious mind is communicating to you that your body is afflicted. For instance, you have been “burning the candle at both ends,” which means you have overloaded yourself and your life with many activities and projects. In your attempt to be productive, you decide that you don’t need as much sleep as you usually get, so you quickly work yourself towards being sleep deprived. The one night you decide to sleep at least four and a half hours you might remember a dream where your car battery is dead and your car is not going anywhere. Your subconscious mind is telling you that your way of thinking and behaving is depleting your energy and can physically immobilize you, so you’d better slow down and enjoy life.

When you dream of being physically ill, this is pinpointing a specific mental attitude that is causing nonproductivity and many times pain. When you think in dis-eased ways, the diseased thought will seek expression. It will either express in our relations with others, causing turmoil, upheavel, and misunderstanding with loved ones and friends, or it will express in our physical body as illness.

For example, a man who called the National Dream Hotline® last year dreamed he was in an operating room at a hospital following a heart attack. The surgeon and his team were quickly working to save the man’s life. The dreamer could hear the heart monitor beeping, then it went dead and he awoke. This was a very frightening dream for this man, for given his lifestyle and physical condition he believed it could be precognitive. In the Language of Mind, this dream was telling the man he needed to agressively respond to his desires. The dream illness symbolized his long-standing pattern of competition, it had pushed him in life but it had also left him empty. To repair his “broken heart” he would need to love his life, seeking meaning and understanding from his experiences instead of trying to keep up with someone else or beat his competitors. Following the interpretation of the dream, the SOM teacher discussed the man’s physical health, including suggestions for change in diet, more mobility, and possible herbs and vitamins to strengthen the cardio-vascular system, to give him ways to take control of his health.

When you begin to understand the meaning of your nightly dreams and apply the messages to your waking thoughts and actions, then you can change the way you are thinking to prevent illness and promote health. The average person may have a health dream several weeks before they begin to experience any physical symptoms. It is important to learn how to interpret your dreams so that you can cause yourself to think in a healthy manner.

A woman named Helen had a disturbing dream that she shared with her daughter who interprets dreams. “I was sitting in a car on my sister’s driveway. I was backing out into the street when out of nowhere another car came speeding down the street and ran into the back end of my car. I wasn’t hurt but my car was smashed. When I woke up from this dream it left me with a scared, uneasy feeling.”

The car symbolizes Helen’s body. In the dream, Helen’s attention was directed behind her with no awareness of what was around her. The driveway symbolizes the dreamer’s path of life on which she is moving backwards. Since all of her attention was on the past, she wasn’t paying attention to what she was learning now. As a result, something in her life — the condition of her physical body symbolized by the oncoming car — quickly jolted her attention into the present.

Four months after Helen had this dream she was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. She even became legally blind as a result of the disease. In her life she had been living in the past, comfortable with her what was familiar. Helen’s younger daughter and family had been living with her. The younger daughter had been talking about moving. Helen was selfish (which is the mental cause for diabetes) in the sense that she was thinking only about what she was going to lose. She began to discourage her daughter from pursuing her plans to move. Since this time, Helen has made many changes and is now supporting her daughter’s desires. Helen is beginning to recognize that her thoughts create her state of health.

As we begin to listen to the “Inner Teacher” within, we are able to create and accept many miracles into our lives. When we respond to our inner teacher we are able to accomplish great things in our lives for ourselves and for others. Knowing how to interpret your dreams can aid you to know yourself and produce peace of mind. Think of all the counseling and doctor bills you can save!

Begin now recording your dreams each morning. Make this the first thing you do in the morning. From this day forward you will become increasingly aware of your whole self. A great book which can help you learn the Universal Language of the Mind and teach you the purpose of each symbol is The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron. This wonderful resource can be the key to opening you to your soul. Sweet Dreams!

from Thresholds Quarterly August 1998[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]