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Dream: I have been having this dream of being in the kitchen for 2 nights in a row. I”m either cleaning the kitchen, preparing food or getting the kitchen ready for eating. the first night, I was looking out the kitchen window in front of the sink, doing dishes. I was looking at a garage shape house that was part of the bigger house. There are children running down the hallway past the kitchen. My mother shows up with her friends for a tea party that never happen. I went into the living room and her three friends are on the furniture sleeping. I went back in to the kitchen and my mother is putting cake away. There was red velvet cake, a chocolate looking cake and strawberry cake. The second dream, I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner for my youngest grandson. I’m standing at the stove making chicken in a pot when my great nephew comes in and states that my sister needs help bringing bags of food in the house. I tell him to say to her that I’m busy right now. He asked for something to eat, but the food wasn’t ready yet.

female, 58, Montana, USA

Dream Response:

At the School of Metaphysics, we teach that dreams represent the dreamer’s thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and actions from the previous day.  The subconscious mind chooses people, places and things in a dream to create a story that reflects the dreamer’s conscious awareness.

With that being said, the commonality between the two dreams above is the setting.  Both dreams take place in the kitchen, and the actions in the dream revolve around meal preparation and creating a space for the dream characters to have a meal (tea party, chicken dinner).  In dreams, food represents knowledge, while the kitchen symbolizes the attention being placed on preparing knowledge to be used.  Therefore, this dreamer has been investing time in organizing or planning what to do or create with the knowledge she has.

However, in both dreams the tea party and the son’s dinner do not happen.  In the first dream, it is implied that the mother’s friends are sleeping while waiting for. the tea party to happen and in the second dream the son’s dinner was not quite ready.  This reflects that for what ever reason the dreamer has not yet reached the final stage of  producing what she wants to with the knowledge she has.

There are many ways that this could occur within the dreamer’s life. This could come in the form of the dreamer still being in the planning stages of a project at work.  This could come about in creating a piece of art work or song.  This can simply be the dreamer still trying to decide what she wants to create.  By looking at the previous day’s experience, this dreamer may be able to connect the dream’s message to something that happened in her life.  It will be up to the dreamer to determine this.

An exercise that may help her to identify what is being created in her life and perhaps help her with determining her next steps is writing down all the things in her life that are “works in progress.”  Often times people have multiple things in their lives going on at the same time.  Writing these things down and periodically referencing this list may free up her mind from holding onto everything, making it easier for her to “have the tea party” she’s been preparing.

We recommend the book Concentration by Dr. Laurel Clark, which illustrates  how a focused mind can help put everything in perspective.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]