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i am listening to this little girl reading me a book that is hiding her face and at some point she start randomly to scream a cry for helpfemale, 21, Canada

Dream Response:

Hello Dreamer,

Recurring dreams like these can sure get our attention, especially if it happens almost every night.  Because these type of dreams can be somewhat haunting to the individual and most people want them to end, We would like to introduce you to the two rules the School of Metaphysics uses to interpret dreams, so that way you can come to understand its meaning and cause a change in your dreaming experiences.  #1 Every dream is about the dreamer and #2 Everything in the dream is about you too.  This can help you understand the dream just a little bit better.  So, lets begin…

This little girl is a part of you, actually some aspect of yourself that’s developing through your daily experiences.  It has to do with learning how to listen to your self and be aware of how you think consciously.  Because she’s reading a book, books symbolize in a dream information.  Information is all around us, even at the touch of a button.  This girl is hiding her face behind a book.  The face in a dream represents your identity, therefore, this dream reflects ways that you are getting lost in information.  Lastly, the scream is really getting your attention, so much it wakes you up.  This is your need to be heard.

Sometimes in life we can get bogged down with lots of information, so much that what’s coming from outside of ourselves maybe affecting how we really hear ourselves, our inner selves.  There inside of us is an inner voice an inner teacher always urging us toward knowing more of who we are as a soul.  We must all learn to listen to our inner self by learning how to quiet the mind so that we can make more intuitive choices in regards to the direction we would like to go in our lives.

We believe there may be a part of you that’s really needing to express or communicate your thoughts or maybe just to have a moment in your day to be quiet and still without any information stimulating your brain.  If you’re in college, most college students experience this type of information overload in their lives and seem to take subjects that don’t really pertain to what they want to learn or who they want to become and struggle with their identity of who they are.  This is where the School of Metaphysics can play a role in the lives of many.

We would suggest for you to take times throughout your day to have no information be taken in.  Go for a walk in nature without you cell phone, sit and listen to music you love or just be with friends or animals.  Take stock of what makes you feel good and what you love.  Have fun, relax and enjoy the simple things once in a while.

We would suggest the book Purpose of Life by Daniel Condron.  Reading a chapter a day and applying this in your life it can make a huge difference.