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When I am in my house or I have purchased a new house, water damage starts to appear. Often to where a wall or roof will possibly collapse. Water is coming down a wall or flooding a room. No one seems to be concerned but me.

female, 41, Texas, USA

Dream Response:

In dreams, buildings represent the state of mind.  States of mind can be described in many different ways.  These can be times when people feel calm and collected, scattered and all over the place, concentrated, or very determined to accomplish something.  In these dreams, the building in question is either your house (familiar state of mind) or a new house (new state of mind).  Water in a dream represents conscious life experiences.  Therefore, these dreams reflect times when you feel your experiences are getting the best of you.

Most people experience this from time to time.  This happens when the boss at work gives you more projects to work on than previously anticipated.  This can arise when unexpected things come up with the kids.  This can come from looking forward to a much needed evening of rest and relaxation, only to find that there is something else than needs to be taken care of.

In waking life, we would expect our homes to withstand nature’s elements.  Roofs and walls would remain intact, water would not seep into the building.  In dream language this would portray the quality of resilience.  This is the ability to remain strong regardless of what happens.

Whenever you find yourself in a calm and peaceful state of mind, we recommend consciously being thankful of that time and visualize yourself keeping that feeling the next time something arises.  With practice, your ability to remain focused and at peace during times when you find yourself “flooded with life.”  When you reach that state, your mind will be strong and remained intact.

We recommend reading The Universal Peace Covenant.  This document describes peace in many different ways, all attainable where ever we are in the moment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]