[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Date of Dream:  09/03/2014
Dream:  I dreamt that i was in my school, roaming the empty hallways. I was running from something although i had no idea what it was, i decided to exit the school from a side door when i discovered that it lead to a ledge so far up that if i would fall i would most surely die before i hit the ground. A tsunami emerged from behind the school and drowned it, so i tried to reenter it for safety but the door was locked and i ended up watching the tsunami from a ledge.

female, 18, United Kingdom

Dream Response:  Whenever schools appear in a dream, it gives the dreamer the opportunity to examine their progress with life’s lessons.  Sometimes dreams like these involve not showing up to class on time, not being prepared for tests, difficulty  in finding classrooms and other similar situations.   These dreams relate to a dreamer’s difficulty in learning a life lesson, whether that may be failing to see it, missing an opportunity to act on one, or simply ignoring it.

In this dream, we find the dreamer in a school running away from something unknown.  This reflects a picture of a reaction to fear: the presence of the unknown.  This leads this dreamer up a high ledge, which leads to the observation of a tsunami engulfing the school.  This dream movement reveals a cause and effect relationship between being gripped with fear and its consequence.  The opportunity to learn (school) may become lost amidst the turmoil of overwhelming experiences (tsunami).

We have all had experiences where fear causes mental paralysis.  Because of fear, we don’t think straight.  It’s hard to reason.  It’s hard to gain clarity.  It’s difficult to determine the next step to take.  This dream gives this dreamer the opportunity to explore where she might feel this way in her life.  Because of the massive scale the images this dream brings, this dreamer might know right away how this dream connects to her life.  Once she’s determined what she’s been running away from, she’ll give herself an open door of facing it head on.

Action cures fear.  No matter what that action is, or it’s result, or how uncomfortable it might seem in the moment, this dreamer will begin to experience what it means to overcome the fear.   It’s been said that sometimes the most difficult things in life can be the most rewarding.  It will require courage to “unlock the doors of the school” and enter once again.

The School of Metaphysics over the last 40 years has offered Intuitive Health Analyses to thousands of people desiring to overcome their fears.  These reports shed light upon what these fears are and the actions we can take to transform “the presence of the unknown” to something we can understand.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]