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I had a dream that I was arranging my shoes onto a shoe rack. The shoes were brand new and in real life I had never seen them before but in the dream I knew they were mine. I was arranging them in pairs with spaces between them and making sure they look well on the rack. The rack had different levels and the shoes were very beautiful. There were also a couple of brand new clothing hanging around as I picked each shoe off the floor to arrange onto the rack – and I remember thinking I will place them somewhere else later when I finish this.  What does this mean? Because this was a very vivid dream.
female, 34, United Kingdom

At the School of Metaphysics, we teach that dreams are symbolic.  Every dream is about the dreamer and every person, place and thing in a dream represents the dreamer in some way.  Because this dream centers on the image of shoes, it may be helpful to read what The Dreamers Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron says about shoes:

Shoes are footwear designed to protect the foot from external elements.  Feet in the language of Mind represent the dreamer’s spiritual foundation.  An individual’s spiritual foundation is the understandings which have become a part of the soul.  These understandings note the individual’s point of spiritual evolution and contribute to the individual’s current self awareness and attitudes toward God and humanity.

In this dream, you are arranging very beautiful shoes on a shoe rack.  This represents a way that, during the previous day, you spent some time taking stock of your gifts, talents, and skills and recognized their value.  These skills or talents could also include spiritual practices, like meditation, prayer, or even a spiritually positive outlook on life.  In the process, you started to become aware of ways that you could plan on utilizing or expressing (brand new clothing) the valuable talents you possess.  This dream is an example of how the mind can expand when we recognize the value we possess.

The vividness of the dream reflects the level of mental awareness you had in this process.  Often times, people with vivid dreams will know right away how their dreams relate to the previous day’s thoughts and experience.  As you continue to plan and express your talents in ways that benefit others and yourself,  you will always have a place for all of your “brand new clothing and shoes.”

We recommend the book The Dreamers Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron.   This book is a great resource for understanding dream symbolism and why we dream.