[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]by Dr. Christine Madar

Technology. Almost anything is possible in this realm anymore.  

As a result people are exposed to images that they themselves would not have generated.  This definitely affects the mass consciousness.  Think about how many times you’ve seen a television show or movie that shows a woman walking in the dark with someone stalking her – the music, the lighting, the timing all of it creates a scene of impending danger that often plays itself out on the show in the form of violence like rape and murder.  This generates fear, albeit in the name of entertainment, but the imagination does not separate fact from fiction when you are walking alone in the dark.  What in fact is a simple act of walking down the street without the benefit of light becomes a battle with the imagination.   This is true for men, women and children.  We received an e-mail this year from a mother who was worried about her four year who was dreaming of being kidnapped.  She went on to tell us that her daughter had been watching news coverage of a child kidnapped and murdered in Florida which had stimulated many questions.  In the name of safety and good will the mother had described in great detail the whole idea of being kidnapped.  This is a lot for a four year old to digest and the fears that were received first from the mother and then magnified in the child’s own imagination were showing up in her dreams.

Another way the influence of media shows up in dreams is looking at the content of the dreams.  We receive more and more dreams all the time that are long and drawn out, with scenes that jump from one subject to the next.  In general these kinds of dreams mean that the dreamer’s imagination is very active in waking life without much direction.  Long dreams also indicate the dreamer is thinking a lot of thoughts during the day.

Again, media stimulates the imagination with a billion different ideas and thoughts each day.  As a result we have to respond to this stimulus.  This is the essence of what the School of Metaphysics teaches, the development of consciousness.  Content of consciousness is the thoughts, attitudes and images in the dreamer’s brain and conscious mind.  State of consciousness is determined by the dreamer’s ability to concentrate, listen, reason, intuit and more.

One of the most obvious changes in dreams in the last thirty years is the increase of bombs, nuclear war and mass devastation in dreams.  In the Universal Language of Mind this is what a bomb means:

“A bomb indicates uncontrolled change.  Bombs in a dream are usually used in war indicating the forced change arising from internal conflict.  The nature of the physical is change.  When the mind is directed with intelligence, the thinker is free to cause and adapt to change readily.  When the mind is not being utilized productively, it often seems that change happens to the thinker or is forced upon him.  A nuclear bomb will symbolize unknown change whereas a smoke bomb will indicate unforeseen change.

[Questions for the dreamer to ask are:]  What changes are occurring in my life?  Are they welcomed and anticipated changes or unpleasant and unexpected?  Increase your adaptability to change by creating ideals and purposes to guide your activities.  This will enhance your ability to make transformations in your Self and your life.  You will cease fearing change and  begin to embrace it as an indication of progress.”

— The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron

The consciousness of humanity is changing.  People are talking about it in many different ways.  Things just seem different now.  More people than ever in this country are interested in the mind/body/soul connection.  Reading an article in the newspaper about dream interpretation, meditation, yoga,  vitamins and herbs is common place now.  This was not true thirty years ago.  This is a reflection of more and more people waking up to the truth that there is more to life than what meets the eye and they want the more.  Believing there is more is no longer satisfying, people want experience that will fulfill their soul desire for learning and understanding.  People want to know.

Another change we have seen in dreams reflects humanity’s evolution.  More and more people are experiencing psychic phenomena in their dreams.  There is clairvoyance – perceiving a line of probability of future events that plays out.  People see ghosts in their dreams now more than ever.  A ghost indicates subconscious awareness of the self without conscious understanding.  People are becoming more lucid in their dreams which means they know they are dreaming while the dream is occurring.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]