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Common theme of starting a new semester at school. I typically don’t know where I am going to be living and I am confused about where my classes are located (how to get to the different buildings and what my schedule is). There is usually an aspect of yearning for a boyfriend and attempts to attract the attention of one of several potential available men. The emotional themes are uncertainty of where am I living, what I am doing, and who I am with. The details of the dream vary every time, but the themes are the same. Sometimes there is also an additional aspect of breaking free from my parents wishes and anger towards them. I was a good student and graduated with honors. I did go through times in my life of wanting a boyfriend and being angry at my parents. I have been married 18 years, have 2 children, and work full time. Whenever I have a dream with these school time themes I wake up feeling confused and unsettled, like I need to get these details worked out.

female, 42, Texas, USA

Dream Response:
We can understand being married with two children and working full time does not give you much time to go to school.  So why would you have dreams about starting a new semester at school or being confused about where your classes are?  Maybe even more important, why would you be dreaming about yearning for a boyfriend or trying to attract one when you are already married?  We can see why you would be confused and unsettled.
There are a couple things that you should know about dreams.  Every dream is about you the dreamer and every person, place or thing in  the dream is a part or aspect of you.  For instance, the boyfriend you are seeking is a connection with a deeper part of you called the subconscious mind or some people refer to this as your soul.  This would represent something that is within you or a part of you in the subconscious mind.  Many times this is a quality that others point out to you that you do not readily see.  Have you had someone tell you that you were funny or outgoing and you did not see that in yourself?  This describes a subconscious aspect.
The common theme of your dreams is “It is a new semester at school.”  Buildings in your dreams represent your state of mind, so  a school building would represent the state of mind of learning.  Since it is a new semester the dreams are telling you about a new opportunity for learning.
Now we come to the part about you being angry at your parents.  Parents or authority figures represent the highest part of mind called the superconscious mind or  your own inner authority.  Anger has to do with misunderstanding, so this part of the dream is telling you about your need to reestablish a connection with that part of you “that knows best.”
Overall, these types of dreams will arise when there is something to be learned that you haven’t quite placed.  It’s an opportunity to look at the previous day for something you may have missed regarding life’s lessons.
Learning to interpret and apply your dreams in your everyday life will aid you with all of this.  It is great that you already pay attention to your dreams.  Recording your dreams with a dream journal consistently will help you keep track of themes and patterns that you can investigate further.  Dreamschool.org offers the first steps in learning how to work with your dreams for free.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]