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I had a dream that the father of my son and unborn child had someone else pregnant at the same time and was is a relationship with her. In my dream I asked him if it was true and he admitted it was.i called the Girl and asked her and she said it was true but I woke up after That
female, 20, North Carolina, USA

Dream Response:

Dreams of significant others “caught in the act of misbehaving”  are common dreams that can create anxiety, tension, even depression upon waking and even create stress in the relationship.   This can be remedied when the dreamer learns that everyone in the dream is an aspect of the dreamer and every thing in the dream relates to the awareness of the dreamer the previous day.  In other words, this dream is about the dreamer and does not reflect any thoughts or actions of the father of the dreamer’s son.

In this dream, the dreamer the father of her child about being in a relationship with another girl and her pregnancy.  The significant other in the dream represents a quality or aspect of her subconscious mind that she has placed a lot of attention upon in the creative process, particularly with ideas and goals connected with her heart felt desires.  This quality can be determined by how this dreamer views this man.  Does she see this man as strong, determined, intelligent, humorous, or organized?  When she determines this, she will understand what he represents in her dream.

With this in mind, the conflict in the dream arises when she discovers that this man has been in a relationship with another woman while being in a relationship with her.  In addition, this other woman is pregnant with his child.  Pregnancy in a dream represents ideas that are in the process of development.  Therefore, this dream sheds light on how this dreamer has formed ideas that are contrary to what she really desires.

Here are some ways this might play out in someone’s daily life.   This might be someone who desires to get a new job however spends the day sleeping;  or someone who wants to loose weight and gets a health club membership that she never uses;  or someone with a desire to excel in school and stays out late at night rather that completing the paper due the next morning.    Whatever the case may be, this dream gives this dreamer the opportunity to examine what’s most important to her  and make any necessary adjustments within her thinking or actions to honor her true desires.

We suggest that the dreamer write down the five most important goals in her life and read these in the morning and plan out activities that will honor these goals.  In the afternoon, look at this list again and assess progress.  At the end of the day, take note of progress and imagine what activities can be taken towards the goals the next day.  As this dreamer continues this practice and acts on her most important goals, no matter how big or small the actions are towards them, she will be practicing the ability to stay concentrated on what’s most important.

We suggest reading The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization by Dr. Laurel Clark.  This book will give the dreamer a deeper insight on setting goals and establishing priorities that aid in manifesting her most important goals in life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]