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I was at my friends house but it wasn’t her real house she had a picture of my deceased mother. In the picture of my mother was another picture of my mother upside down on table there were plants in the picture which reminded me of my grandmother. And in my friends house the same plants were in her window. We were sitting in the living room on her couch and I asked her where she got the picture and plants from but she didn’t know.

Female, 33, New York, USA

This simple dream has a significant message for the dreamer.  At the School of Metaphysics, the not-for-profit educational institute that sponsors Dreamschool.org, you learn that every dream is about the dreamer.  This means that the dream comes from the dreamer’s inner, subconscious mind.   Some people call the subconscious mind the soul and this may give you an insight into the reason why it is beneficial to remember your dreams.

A second “rule” about our dreams is that everyone and everything represents something about the dreamer.  This is where the images in your dream become symbols informing you of a greater truth about your daily life and how you are living.

From the description in your dream, it appears that there are only two people in your dream:  you and your female friend.  This tells you that the dream focuses on the aspect represented by your girlfriend.  All the people in our dreams symbolize characteristics developed or expressed as we use our creative mind to build our lives.  Your girlfriend is a very familiar way of thinking.  The dream occurs in her house which would indicate an attitude you hold in your waking, conscious mind.

Your mother and your grandmother symbolize the divinity within you.  This is a division of mind we term the superconscious mind.  Your superconscious mind is the part of you that is closest to your Maker.  What is interesting in your dream is that neither one of these women are present in the dream action.  Their images are, as evidenced by the pictures.  This indicates a preconceived idea that you hold of your divinity.  You might think of this as how you view yourself spiritually.

The two pictures of your mother give you insight into how you understand your own inner authority.  One of the pictures being upside down would encourage you either to admit or to initiate broadening your view of superconscious mind.   In other words, an appropriate response to this dream might be to reflect upon your religious beliefs or your ideas of what spirituality means to you.  You may find conflict there, as in a challenge of practicing what you preach, hence the photos in the dream seeming opposite one another.   Or, you may discover the dream is pointing out how you possess the capacity to see from different points of view.  How this dream fits in your life and what it says about you, only you can determine.

There is another interesting element in your dream concerning the plants in the photo that are also in your friend’s window.  This image gives you a connection between the ideas that you hold of your own inner, divine authority and the way an aspect of yourself is thinking.   That aspect is your friend.  She is the key to your dream.  To discover what she means and why out of all the people you know your subconscious mind chose her, now, to “star” in your nighttime drama, you will want to decide what the two of you have in common.  By this, we are not so much referring to the two of you loving to shop or the fact that you both have kids of similar age, rather we are asking you to determine the most outstanding  ualities  you see in your friend.  Make a list of these.  Once these are identified, review the list and choose the  uality you have in common.  This will tell you the aspect of you that your dream is revealing.

For example, if you decide your friend symbolizes faith, then your dream is focused on how you consciously use faith in you thinking.  Faith is an important part of the way you think about yourself and life.  Some of your ideas of what faith is come from your childhood and actually have been passed down for generations.  Some of them you agree with, some of them you do not.  What is most important to you about faith is its ability to grow and to be evidenced in your everyday life.  For you, spirituality can be either a leap of faith or an abiding experience.

A book published by the School of Metaphysics that you might find of interest is The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]