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The dream happens in 3 parts.  In the 1st part, I am fighting vampires in some type of post-apocalyptic world.  I get out of this old beat up truck and I leave my purse and phone in it.  I am going into this old building looking for something (I feel like I am looking for a weapon and food) and I meet some friends that I know.  They end up stealing my truck, leaving me stranded because the truck had my phone and purse inside.  I was really upset and I remember screaming, “David, how could you do this to me!”  Then I start to run because the vampires start chasing me again.  In the 2nd part, I am at the house where I grew up and the sun is beginning to set.  I am in the front yard with people I don’t know who are watching the sun set as well, but I can’t see their faces, they are mostly just shadows.  Then I turn and look at my family home and I reach up and grab a bag of money from the roof.  In the 3rd part, I am on a battlefield and an old woman is with me.  She appears as if she is from the Elizabethan Age and she is wearing a purple gown and it billows as we walk.  She tells me these words exactly.  She says, “We have found a secret weapon that will help us win the war against the vampires.”  She takes me to this secret weapon and it is a baby dragon.  Then I wake up.

female, age 35, Texas, USA


vampires: something that we imagine is taking energy to deal with

post-apocalyptic world: a place in the future

old beat up truck:  physical body

purse: something that holds value

phone:  communication, often telepathic

old building:  place in mind

family house:  familiar place in mind

setting sun:  awareness

people  with faces in shadows:  unknown aspects of the dreamer

bag of money:  value

roof:  place in mind of elevated thinking

battlefield:  place of conflict

old woman:  wise part of the dreamer

purple gown: way of expressing, purple can represent spiritual

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

This dream reflects a specific conflict that this dreamer is endeavoring to resolve.   The conflict involves feelings of being drained, or “the life being sucked out of her”.  (Vampires) This could come from imagined fears, worries, or doubts.  Whatever the case may be, this dreamer may have a feeling of losing value (purse stolen) or may even be experiencing some physical illness (truck stolen).

However, this dreamer found a way to center herself again, to reconnect with her value.  This is shown by her grabbing the money from the roof.   She may not know what parts of herself play a role in centering herself, (people without faces), however the method she uses to center and reconnect is very familiar to her (family home), perhaps second nature.

The act of centering herself helped her to connect with a possible solution to the conflict she’s experiencing: a baby dragon!  In the Universal Language of Mind, dragons represent the conscious ego, or her identity.  Therefore, identifying or viewing herself in a new light (baby dragon) will play a very important role in how well she is able to resolve any conflict within her mind.

Putting the Dream Into the Life:

How we view ourselves has a big impact on our outlook on life and what we are able to create.  Does this dreamer view herself as a successful person or a person with a lot of faults?  Someone who is an inspiring presence or someone who feels uninspired?  Someone with a positive attitude is more likely to look at successes rather than failures, solutions rather than problems, and will honor past lessons rather than hold onto past regrets.

Once this dreamer identifies what her “vampires” are in her waking life experience, she’ll be able to identify what changes she needs to make in her thinking or perspective on herself.  Looking at the day or two before the dream might help this dreamer find a reference point for this dream.  What happened the day before that stimulated conflict in the dreamer?  This could be anything from a fight with a friend, a stressful day at work, or worrying about an important event in the future.  Whatever the case may be, her dreams show her that the answers she’s looking for are within her.

The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron may be a great resource for this dreamer.  It is more than just a dictionary.  It explains the science of dreaming and how we can get the most value from remembering our dreams.

We also recommend participating in a local dream group.  Since this dreamer is from Texas, she may be close enough to participate in the Dream Catchers Meetups in Dallas and Ft. Worth.  Having a group of people to share dreams with can be a very rewarding experience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]