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Dream Date: 08/01/1999

Im in a hospital bed talking to the nurse when a voice says to her we need you out here as she runs out the door another nurse comes in holding a new born baby girl. She urgently asks me to hold her and rushes over to another person i didnt notice before laying in a bed next to me. I look down at the baby as it crys eyes closed her head oddly shaped like an upside down rounded tear drop . I begin to make soft hushing noises. as she stops her eyes open and they are compleatly black no white just black. I smile at her making funny faces and she begins to copy me . The nurse looks at us murmurs i thought so and tells me the babys name is Annabelle. She walks out and I begin to talk to anna and all of a sudden she begins to talk back to me. The nurse comes back in as anna and i are talking and tells me that anna was just born she to small to know what im saying. she then takes anna and the dream fades to black. It picks back up im walking into the waiting room where anna and her parents are i tell them she talks to me they say we know she decides who can understand her she told us about you. We love her but cant take care of her. She chose you to take our place. I ask to talk to my lover about this and he comes and says its ok. Then for the past week all my dreams include her growing perfectly but her eyes are still back. I have odd dreams but i just cant figure this one out. Help please? 

Female, 17, Texas, United States

Translation of Major Symbols:

bed – tool for assimilation

hospital – state of mind related to healing

nurse (female) – conscious aspect related to healing

baby girl (Annabelle) – new idea

eyes – perception

Annabelle’s parents – aspects of the dreamer related to that produced the new idea

lover – subconscious aspect of the dreamer

black – color related to receptivity


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This dream reflects how this dreamer’s mind interacts with a new idea (baby) that she has come across in her waking life.  Although this new idea may not have been something she created initially, (she is not one of the birth parents of the child), this may be an idea that this dreamer has decided to claim as her own (decision to take care of the baby) by choosing to shape it, develop it, nurture it and act on it.

Related to wholeness (hospital), this new idea is receptive and responsive to her mind’s attention (baby copying her funny faces/talking to her/all black eyes) and is both something this dreamer may be able to identify (baby has a name) and is also something continuing to develop (The baby is growing perfectly in subsequent dreams).

These dream details may provide clues for this dreamer to consciously identify this new idea.  Once she has identified the specific idea or thought symbolized by the baby, it will be much easier to nurturing nurture the growing idea in the ways this dreamer sees fit.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Our research at the School of Metaphysics in the USA indicates that dreams are messages from the subconscious mind that give feedback to the conscious mind concerning on a dreamer’s thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions 24 – 48 hours prior to having the dream.  For this reason, it may help this dreamer to recall what was happening in waking life around the time of the dream.

Did she have an important conversation with someone that influenced her into making an important decision?  Was there an event that led her to consider taking on something new?  Was there a creative idea that she came across at work or school that compelled her to act on it and make it “her own baby?”

Answering questions like these may help her to identify the idea her dream baby represents.  Once she identifies the idea, she can then clarify why she wants to nurture it.  She can imagine how she’ll become more fulfilled through experiencing the new way of life this idea can bring.  She will be stronger, determining actions to take to encourage this new development in her life.

All of these steps play an important role in the health of this new idea and ultimately on her own sense of wholeness and vitality.

This dream indicates the dreamer has been exposed to a new idea concerning communication.  Although not originally her own, the idea is attractive to her because she senses its healing power in her life.  For this reason, the dreamer has adopted the idea as her own and is now making it a part of her every day life.  Her first dream and subsequent dreams convey this new state of awareness.  At 17, as this “new baby” grows, she may grow and mature as an individual.

The book The Law of Attraction: and Other Secrets to Visualization by Dr. Laurel Clark would be a great resource for this dreamer and others.  It describes the components or thought and action that can transform “good ideas” into memorable and fulfilling experiences through the powers innate within your own mind!