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I always see my family members meeting up with some accident. The place where i was born and brought up the place where these accidents take place. The dream is about someone dying is a bomb blast or some one dying under a moving train.. This is really horrifying.

Female, 26, India


Place of birth – origin or root of dreamer’s thought

Family members – familiar aspects of the dreamer

Death – symbolizes change

Bomb blast – uncontrolled change

Train – an organization in the dreamer’s life moving in a specific direction

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

It can be a horrifying experience to see loved ones dying in dreams, particularly in unexpected and violent ways.  This can cause feelings of panic, desperation, loss and concern for their safety.  It’s important to know that dreams are messages from the subconscious mind or soul that reflect the conscious awareness of the dreamer.  In other words, they are symbolic first and foremost and mirror the thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions of the dreamer from the previous day.

This dreamer’s repeated experiences of seeing family members meet up with fatal accidents shows that she’s experiencing lots of change in her life (death).  There’s a difficulty understanding how the changes have occurred (accidents) and oftentimes this dreamer experiences these changes as being forced upon her without her consent or conscious volition (violent deaths/bomblast).  These types of changes may also be related to the groups of people/organizations she gives attention to (train), such as policies at the workplace or at her place of worship that she may believe she has no control over.

Whatever the case may be, paying close attention to what happens the day before she has the dreams will help her identify the changes she’s experiencing.  While this will help give her context for her dreams, the opportunity for healing and empowerment will come by practicing intentionally causing changes in her life.

Putting the Dream Into the Life:

The subconscious mind creates emotionally charged dreams like these to ensure the dreamer remembers the dreams.  The emotions and the frequency of nightmares also reflect the urgency of the message; this is something this dreamer needs to address sooner than later.  It will help this dreamer to look at times when she’s felt conflicted or felt she had no control of changes in her life to find the context for her dreams.  From there, stretching her mind to find different ways of looking at the situations may help her see the same situation from different perspectives.

“How would the smartest person I know look at this situation?  How would the happiest person I know look at this situation?  How would the most loving person I know look at this situation?”  Answering questions like these may help this dreamer see things in a different light.  At the very least, attempting to see changes differently may give her solutions she may not have seen before.

It would also help this dreamer to practice causing changes in her life intentionally.   Writing a list of ten things she would like to accomplish no matter how big or small, reading the list each day, then endeavoring to take small steps towards these goals each day will help establish herself more as the cause of her life, rather than its effect, or feeling like she’s a victim of circumstance or at the mercy of her environment.  She can be the one who determines what changes to make, when to do so and how to go about doing it.  Celebrating each success, no matter how small, will make a big difference over time.  Following these suggestions now may also help lessen the number of nightmares this dreamer experiences.

Dreams give us the opportunity for Self Awareness.  There is not any need to be afraid of what they show us.  All the suggestions given will help this dreamer release any fear she has of her dreams and approach her dreams in a way that will benefit her both in the short-term and in the long run.  Regular dream recording and disciplined translation of symbols will open doors for her.

This dreamer would benefit from enrolling in our Dreamschool Scholars Program.  This is a great online course that helps dreamers work with their dreams in a scientific, step-by-step manner.  The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron and Intuitive Dreaming by Dr. Laurel Clark would also be great resources, both for symbolic interpretation reference and as collections of great stories of how dreams have benefitted both historical and contemporary dreamers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]