[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Dream Date:  10/12/2001

Dream: I had a dream that i went to a dark place where i saw a creature coming down a spiraling stairs. It looked like a minotaur but i had the feeling i was in hell. I then looked to my right and saw gates of gold that opened up. The light was so bright and beautiful. I also remember that i tried to wake up when i was in the dark place so i opened my eyes but the dream kept going. I could feel my eyes open but the dream kept on playing and i screamed for my parents as well but they never came.

male, 19, Montana, USA (age six at the time of dream)

Dream Response:

Thank you for letting us know the date of this dream.  Most people have heard that recording their dreams as quickly as possible is a solid and scientific practice.  What they may not know, is how important recording the data of the dream is.  Our interpretation of your dream may serve to illustrate this.

By the date of your dream, we know you were six years old when you had this experience.  We call it an experience because it includes both imagery that is a message, and inner level experience between your subconscious mind and conscious mind.  Let’s look first at the message.

The symbols in your dream convey the natural evolution of any child.  Anyone reading your dream who has remembered dreams from their own childhood will recognize the echoes.  In a similar fashion, those who have read cultural stories and myths will see the similarities between your dream and universal archetypes.  Whether personal or universal the message is the same.  The individual soul descends into an animal body.  At first the experience is compulsive and ego centered.  It may seem uncomfortable at best, and unwanted.  However when there are ideals, attention toward a future that is valued and therefore wanted, enlightenment is sure to come.

This is the message in your dream.  A very simple way that this dream might apply to the dreamer is in the common childlike impatience in growing up.  Kindergarten is not a lot of fun for a lot of kids.  They would prefer to be in high school, driving cars and going places with friends.  For such a soul, the physical world can seem a confining, dark, and fearful place similar to hell.  The future symbolized in your dream when you look to the right and see gates of gold open can be what the child anticipates.

You will want to reflect upon this to see how the message related to the conditions in your life at age six.  The dream will be relevant to something that was occurring in your waking everyday life.   It may be the example given of wanting to accelerate growing up or it could be a response to a more serious happening such as the parting of your parents and your hope for a brighter future.  Only you can say.

The second factor you describe is what happened after the  message was related.

What you describe, “I could feel my eyes open, but the dream kept on playing” indicates you were entering into the reverie state between subconscious mind and conscious mind.  A way to look at this is that you were both awake and asleep at the same time.  This is an intermediate state of consciousness that has been recognized by shamans, priests, elders, and explorers of dreams in cultures around the world.  It goes by many names from the netherworld to bardo.  This intermediate reverie state is the open space where the disciplined Thinker can gain entry into the inner levels of consciousness.  This practice is taught in the School of Metaphysics course of study.  We do not yet have branches in Montana, so we will encourage you to investigate our online correspondence study.

The fact that this dream was remembered and has remained with you for thirteen years is relevant to your soul’s purpose for this life.  We say this based upon our research and application of universal principles guiding creation.  Your subconscious mind sent you a message at the tender age of six that remains with you today.

You have contacted Dreamschool.org out of all the available dream offerings on the internet.  Neither one of these occurrences are coincidence.  In the Dreamer’s Dictionary, Dreamschool.org founder Dr. Barbara Condron tells of a dream she had at age six that began her journey to understand the purpose and revelation of dreaming.  That was over fifty years ago.  Imagine where this dream may take you in the next fifty years!

P.S. One more insight concerning your dream.  It is entirely possible, and in keeping with the unconscious reverie state, that the reason why your parents did not come when you screamed is because the sound was only in your mind and never reached your body.  That is to say although real in your mind, you never really screamed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]