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Male, 23, California, UNITED STATES

Dream: Before I give you my dream I want to set up a little bit of background first. I recently got out of the navy and I normally don’t remember my dreams. In the navy, I was on submarines. The dream is about skydiving, but I have never been skydiving. So here’s the dream: I was skydiving with my friend/roommate who was also on the sub with me. On the ship, one of his jobs involves measuring the amount of oxygen and toxic gases during fires. In the dream I am jumping in tandem with him and I have no parachute for myself. We jump out of the airplane and we get to the point where I feel like we should open the parachute. We fall further and and I yell to him that we should open the parachute, but he yells back that he has to test the atmosphere before we open it. He takes out one of the tools his uses on the ship to test the air. We keep falling and I say we should open the parachute again and he tells me that he’s almost done. Then we hit in the ocean, in very shallow water right of shore. We then just stand up and walk out of the surf without any problems. That’s when I woke up.


Symbols in this dream…:

airplane – physical body

flying – freedom

friend (male) – conscious aspect of the dreamer

air –thought

atmosphere measuring tool – tool for measuring thought

ocean – conscious life experience


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This is quite the dream this dreamer had!  This dream is a great example of how the subconscious mind will use any image or scenario to capture the dreamer’s attention.  While this is loosely related to his profession, it involves actions both unfamiliar to him (skydiving) and absurd (skydiving without a parachute), which appears to have successfully captured his attention!

This dream reflects a need to understand timing: when to act, when to take a step back, when to analyze the situation at hand, and when to cease thinking and simply make the best choice possible. This message comes in the contrast between the urgent need to open the parachute during the skydivers’ free fall from the airplane and the friend’s attachment to testing the atmosphere. It’s possible that his friend’s cool, calm, and collected manner reflects a part of this dreamer who takes everything in stride, calculates things with accuracy, and patiently waits for the correct course of action to present itself. However, some situations call for immediate action.

Because the dreamer’s friend plays an important role in this dream, understanding what the friend symbolizes may provide further insight.  Does this dreamer view his friend as analytical, detail-oriented, patient, or perceptive?  How this dreamer views his friend may highlight what quality in his own thinking gets in the way of “pulling the chord” when he needs to.

On the other hand, we have to ask, “Why did the dreamer jump out of an airplane without a parachute?” Perhaps this reflects the opposite extreme taken at times by the dreamer – acting before thinking or “firing before aiming.” For this dreamer, understanding proper perspective or the ability to discern what’s most important at any given time will help him determine when to think and when to act.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Because this dream is confined to one main dream scene and captures a very clear cause and effect happening (i.e. no parachute = slamming into the ocean), this is the type of dream we would expect the dreamer to think, “Aha! I know exactly what this dream is referring to!”

Identifying what experience this dream is related to will help this dreamer to reconcile the issue of when to think and when to act by giving him a point of reference. Because the dream is so captivating, it can also act as an analogy for this dreamer to consider from this point forward.  This could be done in a variety of ways, including this dreamer thinking to himself, “Now, what’s better?  Should I ‘open the parachute’ now, or do I have time to consider all my options again?” when faced with an important decision.

Practicing this will also help him strengthen his connection and command of the quality his friend represents.  At the moment, this dreamer may be prone to “jumping into a situation without a parachute” and hoping things will work out.  In this dream’s case, it does.  Both the dreamer and his friend walk away unscathed, despite not openng the parachute in time.  However, when this dreamer strengthens his ability to use proper perspective, foresight and developing that sense of “knowing what to do and when,” he will have more control of his own mind and the situations he faces — potentially far beyond what he currently experiences.

This dreamer also mentions that he’s not prone to remember dreams often.  This could become one of those dreams that some people describe as “a dream that I’ve remembered all my life.”  Time will tell whether this becomes true or not. However, the very possibility that dreams can become something that will be remembered for a lifetime shows how powerful dreams can really be.  They capture snapshots of consciousness that can provide that nugget of wisdom anytime the dreamer needs one.

We recommend this dreamer read the book Intuitive Dreaming by Dr. Laurel Clark.  This book shares many people’s stories of how dreams have benefitted them, both as insightful feedback and inspirational content for creative endeavors.

We also recommend attending a Dream Catchers Online webinar.  Dreamschool staff answer dream questions from dreamers around the world during these one-hour Q & A sessions, which are broadcasted every 1st Wednesday of the month. These are open to all dreamers, free to the public.