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Potato Admiration
Dream Date: 07/18/2013
Someone (?) is offering me some french fries,from quite a big bag they are holding,and,surprisingly (as in real life I do not eat them) I take a few and taste them.I remain surprised at myself for doing so.Then I walk around and I find myself in sort of an open air market.I see a store that attracts me in particular and I notice that they are selling potatoes,only potatoes.There’s a counter with all kinds of shapes of potatoes,and quite big potatoes.I had never seen such huge potatoes in my life.I tell so to the ladies behind the counters and begin a conversation with them.They explain to me that they grow themselves the potatoes and they are quite proud of their accomplishment.I tell one of them that I cannot eat potatoes as I get bad reactions from eating them,like inflammation with terrible pain in my legs,etc …arthritis actually (this is also true in real life : I haven’t eaten potatoes for so many years) but I stopped at their counter because I was impressed by such beautiful and amazing potatoes.The lady tells me that she also doesn’t eat potatoes because she also suffers the same reactions.I become quite surprised by the fact that she would be in the business of growing and selling them …
Then somehow I find myself in sort of a ‘spa’ and I am lying down on my front and my legs are being massaged (!) and someone is talking to me so gently and explaining things (?) to me in a very comforting way.Meanwhile I notice that someone else is waiting for me for the second part of the treatment.I feel so ‘nurtured’ and a bit lost with what is happening (as in real life,I do not live that at all).
Then I wake up.  Female, 60, Montreal, Canada
French fries – knowledge
market/store – state of mind related to value
potatoes – knowledge
ladies – conscious aspects of the dreamer
spa – state of mind related to mental relaxation
spa workers – aspects of the dreamer related to mental relaxation
Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:
In the Universal Language of Mind©, food represents knowledge present within the dreamer’s experience.  The type of food, the interaction with the food and this dreamer’s own associations with the food in waking life all play a role in reflecting how this dreamer uses knowledge in her life.
This dream addresses a change in how she views a specific type of knowledge (French fries/potatoes) in her recent experiences.   This is illustrated in the flow of the dream from French fries to the largest potatoes the dreamer has ever seen, that she is admiring.  This may be knowledge she’s viewed with uncertainty, aversion or increased sensitivity to in the past (food allergies/choice not to eat potato products in waking life).  However, the act of eating the French fries and admiring the potatoes at the potato stand shows that there may be an attempt to make use of that knowledge (eating French fries).  At the very least, a new found admiration or respect for this knowledge is growing within her mind.

It’s possible that her change in perspective has brought upon a greater level of mental relaxation (spa/massage).  Oftentimes, looking at something in a different light or having a more positive view can release mental tension or stress.  This dreamer’s next step is to identify what the French fries and potatoes reflect from her waking life.

This dream is about a shift in how the dreamer receives information and makes it knowledge.  Previously, she resisted this, even to the point of making herself ill at ease or sick.  Something happened the day before this dream that she began thinking of information in a new way, her mind opened up to how she has been previously  unconscious in the value of information in her life.  There have been ways she could move forward that have been taken for granted.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Examining her experiences around the time of the dream may provide additional insight.  Did she have a visit from an old friend that stirred up past memories to be re-examined?  Did she recently travel to an area where she used to work or live?  Did she come across an old item that brought about nostalgia?  Whatever the case may be, something in her life may have triggered old memories, a re-examination of those memories and the experience of seeing something, someone or even herself in a different light.

The way anyone looks at something will determine how useful or useless, beneficial or harmful it is.  In the dream, the act of eating French fries shows that she may be taking in knowledge she’s viewed as being harmful to her in the past.  Is “eating French fries” a fleeting curiosity or an intentional experiment?  Has she reached a conclusion that the knowledge in question can be used productively, or does she need further experiences to determine its value?  If she finds this knowledge useful, what will she produce with the knowledge she possess?  Answering questions like these can help this dreamer identify her next steps.

Numerous “accidental” inventions have come about from this process: seeing something in a different light.  Speaking of potatoes, the potato chip was invented by George Crum, who intentionally overcooked French fries for a customer who kept returning his fries for being soggy in an attempt to silence them.  What started as an act of frustration pointed towards an unsatisfied customer turned into a surprising profit!
The book Four Stages of Growth by Dr. Daniel Condron may provide additional insight.  It highlights the stages of learning — infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and wisdom — and how to make full use of the knowledge she possesses.  She may discover that not only can she “stomach” knowledge from her past, she may find new uses for it that she may find fulfilling.