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Dream #4440                May 30, 2007

I’m at a very simple dinner theater.  After the host takes our order and finds out what we generally like he chooses the performance.  He brings it out slowly.  Each piece of the performance is important and builds on itself.  I am brought lots of different kinds of bacon to eat.  My alarm goes off before I can finish the dream. 


dinner theater – signifies an imaginative frame of mind

host – unknown conscious aspect related to service

bacon – knowledge

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

The theme of this dream is how the dreamer is using imagination to learn.  This dream reflects someone who enjoys using the imagination (dinner theater) to decide what to experience and cause it to happen deliberately and intentionally.  As a result, knowledge (bacon) becomes available to the dreamer.

Dream  #4441                May 30, 2007

I’m in a gas station.  I see this black guy and I want to give him a brochure for the School of Metaphysics.  I have to call after him and follow him out to the pumps.  I give him one and I give some other people a brochure.  I eventually go wait in a friend’s vehicle.


gas station – place to receive energy for the body

black guy – conscious aspect related to self doubt

School of Metaphysics brochure – information related to spiritual learning

other people – unknown aspects

vehicle – physical body

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

This theme of this dream is energizing the body.  This dream reflects someone who puts forth effort to replace self doubt by putting themselves in a position to learn something new.  Meeting indecisiveness with learning that thought is cause has an energizing effect on many parts of the self.

Dream #4442                May 30, 2007

There is discussion about my friend *D.  For some reason we need to track him down and talk to him.  I ask some people how he is and I think about what he might be doing.


*D – conscious aspect

people – unknown aspects

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

This theme is driven by the appearance of the *D, a friend of the dreamer.  As we identify what certain people in our dreams reflect in ourselves, we can receive a dream’s message with greater clarity every time that person shows up in a dream.  The Prolific Dreamer is the only one who can determine which aspect of himself *D represents.  There is a desire to reconnect with that quality.  For instance, this could be someone who desires to rekindle their imagination, their humor, or being more expressive or forthright.

Dream #4443                May 30, 2007

I’m sleeping on a hide-a-bed in my living room or a den.  *C opens the front door, says something and leaves.  I follow her later and she’s in a room with several different kinds of people.  She seems to be in charge of something there.

Somehow I reverse time and I follow what she did earlier.  I see her taking her mom and some kids to the movies and she’s trying to find a good, kid-appropriate movie.  One of them she looks at, but it has partial nudity in one scene.  I tell her I would have liked it as a kid.  


sleeping – indicates a loss of consciousness and will

bed – tool for assimilation

living room/den – part of mind related to rejuvenation or socialization

*C – subconscious aspect

*C’s mom – subconscious aspect

kids – unknown aspects in development

movie – imagination

partial nudity – honesty

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:
The theme of this dream is relativity.  It informs the dreamer of how he used memory and imagination during the previous day.  The time reversal symbolizes retracing steps in the thinking to identify cause in his life.  This dream opens as the dreamer is assimilating, meaning he is in a contemplative frame of mind regarding a subconscious (*C) aspect of Self symbolizing leadership. There are two factors impacting how the dreamer is developing himself as an individual (kids):  imagination (movies) and honesty (nudity).  Understanding of this came through hindsight after this dreamer took some time to “sleep on it.”

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