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There’s a person sitting on my car and by the back if his head I recognize him as my ex. I am in the parking lot of a mall. I get mad and yell at him to go away. He talks about getting back together and I tell him no because he cant be faithful to me. He says he misses me and we need to get back together, like he always would. Bt I keep sayng no like I always did. He finally gave up after going back and forth ,frustrated and walked away like he always did-and I knew I wouldn’t see or hear from him for a while like I always did in real life. In the dream I knew he would never show that he meant it. And after he left I attempted to drive away bt was filled with so much frustratiin and anger I couldnt drive straight.

Then my dream turned into like a game where I had a controller and was trying to drive my car and a big rig. One switch allowed me to control the big rig so I attempt to park it. I reverse and end up crashing four cars bt I finally pull into a lot. When I let go of the switch, I control my car again. I knw releasing the switch will cause the big rig to move again. I try and hurry to pull my car into that same lot from a different side so the rig didnt move too far out he lot -bt I hit a dead end.

I will alwas have this same convo with him.. the places we have it just change each dream

Female, 23, California, USA

Dream Response:

Certainly this dream is informing the dreamer about relationships.  The relationship it is addressing is the dreamer’s habitual way of creating.  This is symbolized by the interaction in the dream between the dreamer and her ex.  The conflict indicates her reluctance to let go of old ways of having what she wants.

We know that the dreamer has not been satisfied with how her inner, subconscious mind, symbolized by her ex, is manifesting her desires.  This inner struggle is taking a toll emotionally and the second half of the dream informs the dreamer of the effect this is now having on her physical health.  For this reason, this dream stands out as an illustration of the emotional impact of disharmony upon the wellbeing of the physical body.

There is an intimate connection between the mind and the body.  The mind is the intelligence seeking to understand itself as a creative being.  This dream indicates the dreamer’s dissatisfaction with herself and the way her life has unfolded.

There are there major divisions of mind that are produced as a means for consciousness to become enlightened.  Two of these are directly involved in understanding creation.  The first is the subconscious mind which is the part of mind that gives us our nighttime dreams.  Its power is intuition.  The second division of mind is the conscious mind which functions directly with the brain and body in your waking life.  Its power is reasoning.  These two divisions of mind serve one another.  They are intended to work together toward the common goal of imaging and manifesting desire.

When we believe that we are not getting what we want in life, it is wise to reflect upon the source of our discontent.  It is easy to project the origin of our discontent as something outside of ourselves.  It is easy to tell when we are doing this because we blame other people, situations, conditions, our age, our social and economical status, even the weather for our  problems.  Eventually, if we value truth and want to change, we discover that the source of all things rests within us.  The true power that spiritual scriptures from around the world intend to introduce us to rests always within reach.

This dreamer is dissatisfied with her relationship with her inner self.  She does not recognize that her inner subconscious mind is attempting to fulfill its duty.  That duty is to fulfill any desire she creates.  The responsibility then for the quality of her life is always within reach of her conscious waking mind.  As she realizes this, and begins to make different choices, she will begin using her subconscious mind in new ways.  When this occurs she will stop dreaming about her ex and the fighting will cease.

The entire second half of this dream is what we at Dreamschool.org often refer to as a health dream.  The inner subconscious mind, experiencing existence beyond the physical body, is free to roam the inner levels of existence not available to the waking, conscious mind.  This means that the subconscious mind can foresee probable future happenings.

One of the most valuable applications of this capacity is concerning the health of our physical body.  The imagery of the cars and the rig colliding is symbolically representative of an adverse health condition now forming in the inner levels of the dreamer’s subconscious mind.  The advantage of noting a dream message concerning your health, is timing.  The inner mind’s intuitive power now becomes a tool for your good health.

In subconscious mind, thoughts undergo the creative process of moving from a concept or ideal into a manifested reality.  For instance our dreams of a happy, prosperous, and harmonious family become a physical reality as we align our thinking with our actions.  When we are functioning, repeatedly, in limited and disagreeable ways the health and well being of our minds and our relationships suffer.  By dreaming of the internal conflict, we can identify what is happening within the mind before it ever manifests.  This gives us time to make changes or at the very least to adjust to change.  In this way, this dreamer’s dream is offering her a real opportunity to break the habitual mind pattern she has created, that she knows is self-destructive and counterproductive to what she desires, and disconnect the adverse effects this is beginning to produce in her body.

The School of Metaphysics is a pioneer in the realm of intuitive research.  One of the areas of concentration is in the relationship between the mind and the body.  We offer to those requesting a report called an Intuitive Health Analysis.  For this dreamer or for anyone interested in understanding the nature of their health, mentally, emotionally, and physically, this is an excellent tool that will immediately empower any individual committed to their personal health and well being.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]