[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Why is Everyone Going Topless?

Dream Date: 08/07/2013

I was with my husband in my most favourite place on earth but it was ruined by every young woman taking her top of as if it was so natural. One young woman trotting on a horse smiled at me as she took her top off. I remember feeling confused why it was happening I wasn’t worried about mg husband looking at first but then we were surrounded and I wanted to leave

Female, 41, United Kingdom



Husband – subconscious mind of the dreamer

Favorite place – positive attitude

Young women – developing conscious aspects

Naked – honesty

Horse – will

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

We can see why this dreamer would feel confused in the dream!  While the symbols found in this dream are basic (husband, women, nakedness, horse), this is an example of dream language capturing not only what occurred within this dreamer’s mind, but her own thoughts, ideas or mental commentary on what happened.  The natural display of nakedness portrayed by all the young women in the dream reflects a certain level of honesty this dreamer experienced during the previous day.  Honesty in of itself is not something uncommon.  Rather, it is something that many people consider a virtue to strengthen and strive for.  However, the confusion she felt and the desire to leave the place in the dream combined with the out-of-character way the young women were taking their tops off reflects experiencing honesty in a way that was unexpected or even alarming to her.

Honesty is more than speaking truthfully.  From a metaphysical perspective, honesty can relate to deeper thoughts, ideas, intuition and inner wisdom held within the subconscious mind expressing more fully and completely in the waking life.  Some might describe this experience as expressing one’s soul more or becoming more aligned with his or her life’s purpose.  The honesty she experienced could be the result of having a positive attitude (favorite place in the world) and making intentional choices (horse) connected with her heartfelt ideals or desires (husband). This dream presents an opportunity for this dreamer to explore honesty in a deeper way.

Putting the Dream Into the Life:

While interpreting the dream in the Universal Language of Mind© can be a powerful tool for insight and self-discovery, finding the context for the dream in waking life is the dreamer’s responsibility.  Because dreams reflect the previous day’s experience, it will be helpful for this dreamer to revisit the situations and circumstances that may have led to a dream like this.

This dreamer may have been more honest with a desire she’s held for a long time by finally expressing it, no matter how apprehensive she may have been in voicing it in the past.  This dreamer may have been stimulated by a conversation that helped her to examine what she really wants out of life or even act on some of those desires in a more honest and forthright way.  She may have voiced something at work in a truthful and honest way that placed her in an uncomfortable spotlight.  Whatever the case may be, the memorable tone of the dream reflects a strong possibility that she may remember the exact situation(s) she found herself in that relates to the dream.

Once she can identify these experiences, she’ll be able to discern how and where the level of honesty changed within her thinking.  What is she becoming more honest about?  What actions can she take to further her heartfelt desires and ideals?  How do these desires and ideals align with her soul?  Dreams like this can open many doors for self-discovery and exploration.

We recommend the book The Wisdom of Solomon by Dr. Barbara Condron.  This book includes accounts of people honestly exploring their feelings, dreams and circumstances for deeper meaning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]