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Dream Date: 9/11/2011
Female, 18,  UNITED STATES

I am the same age I am today, eighteen.  I live with my parents in my grandparent’s house (fathers’ parents) with my mom.

In my dream I don’t see any other family members.  My dad scares me.  He is very controlling.  He has some sort of IV tube in my arm.  It’s a lot larger though, so it’s not an IV.  I can see a pocket of blood right on the surface of my arm, but still held under my skin.  He, my father, is using me for something of his own gain, I’m not sure what.  In my dream, I know, subconsciously, that he is a very evil and persuasive man.  My mother is very inferior to my father.

This is especially odd because in real life, my mom makes decisions and my dad doesn’t really have a back-bone and kinda just does whatever she tells him to do.

The most significant part of my dream, I was in a room at the end of the large hallway, when I realize my dad is coming down the hall for me.  I immediately run into the laundry room (the very last room at the end of the way) and turn off the light.  I know my dad isn’t in the hallway so I don’t suspect he saw the light turn off.  I hope he doesn’t enter the room.  I assume he more than likely will so I prepare myself.  I look around, pulling a plastic glove from the box on the wall.  I lick my palms and rub them against my bare feet, giving my skin more grip against the hard marble flooring.  As soon as my dad comes in the room, he grabs my wrist, I hit him off of me, throwing the glove in his face hoping it will distract him long enough so I can get out the door frame, and I run as fast as I can out door and down the road.  We live in the middle of several cotton fields so I run into the field in one of the culverts behind a plant hoping he will drive past and not see me.  He pulls up right where I am hiding, getting out of the van and starts pulling my arm, dragging me to the car.  I start yelling at him.  This whole time, my mom is telling me to stop making it worse and to just do as he says — again this would be very irregular behavior for my mother in conscious life.  She is trying to calm the situation down.  Somehow I push my father to the ground and I tell him, “I f***ing HATE you.” 

This is very odd for me, because I do not use profanity/swearing, and I absolutely love my father.  I usually don’t take to heart what my dreams mean, but this dream was especially odd for me.  It just makes me feel uneasy.  Please help me.

Female, 18, Arizona UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Father:  superconscious mind

Fear:  indicates what is unidentified and unknown to the dreamer

Arm:  indicates purpose resolve to attain or achieve

Blood: truth or life force

Room:  particular part or activity of mind

Hallway:  symbolizes access to parts of mind

Light: symbolizes awareness

Plastic Glove: way of covering up purpose

Feet: spiritual foundation

Stone: (marble floor) will

Wrist: purpose

Face: identity

Road: dreamer’s direction in life

Fields: subconscious existence

Car: physical body

Yelling: (screaming) uncontrolled thoughts

Mother: superconsious mind




Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This is an action driven dream and fear is the driving force of the action.  What is the dreamer afraid of? She says that in her waking life she loves her father and would never swear at him.  The answer to what she fears lies in this young woman facing her inner authority, her own divine nature rather than running away.  There is a real need for the dreamer to clarify her motivations for what she is doing to fulfill her own potential, her purpose in life.

The activity in the dream centers on the conflict between the characters.  Look at how many times the dreamer references conflict:  my dad scares me, he is controlling, he is very evil, he is using me for his own gain, I hope he doesn’t enter the room, he starts pulling my arm, I yell at him, I push him to the ground and I tell him, “I … hate you.”.  The main characters are the dreamer and her father who symbolizes superconscious mind.  One way to understand superconscious mind is as the “inner urge”. Sometimes it is seen as a calling “I always knew I wanted to be a teacher” or “I decided to change my career to help the environment.”  Listening to an inner urge feels like the right thing to do.  People are happy and fulfilled when they follow they listen to this divine calling that comes from within.  Conflict arises when there is a clash between desires, needs and impulses.  Inner conflict arises when fear is present.  It is worth noting what The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Barbara Condron says about fear:

Although the common conception of fear is that of an emotion, this is incomplete.  Fear is a refusal to identify cause, and this is its meaning in the language of mind.  Since thought is cause, fear only arises when the thinker allows something to remain unknown.  As this thought manifests through the mind, it eventually reaches the emotional level of consciousness.  Here fear is registered by the outer, conscious mind as an emotion.

Our dreamer, like many other people in the world, reacts to fear by running away.  This shows up in the dreamstate like this: I run into the laundry room and turn off the light, I run as fast as I can down the road..I run into the field.  Sometimes people turn away from something because they think they can’t handle what life has brought them.  In this case the dreamer retreats into subconscious mind as illustrated because she ends up in a field.  The fact is you can never escape yourself because all of life’s experiences are meant for Self-awareness.  Notice that her father still finds her in the dream and her mother is present at the end as well.  Superconscious mind is always present, spirit always exists.

This young woman interprets her inner urge in a negative way and probably views life as happening to her in a way that is out of her control.  Perhaps not unusual for someone who is 18.  Remember that dreams are feedback about how the dreamer sees things from a waking point of view.  In other words, superconscious mind would never turn on you.  However, it is possible to consciously ignore the Real self through neglect, distraction with physical world or negative thinking.

An important answer to this dreamer’s quandary lies in the dream itself.  Arms are the most repeated symbol in this dream.  Arms, palms and wrists symbolize purpose.  In this case there is a real need for purpose in this dreamer’s life.  We will explore this in more detail below.




Putting the Dream into Your Life:

It is important for this young woman to explore potential.  Thinking more deeply and contemplating her true potential will help.  She needs to take this seriously.  What motivates her?  How does she spend her time and energy?  The magnitude of her fear and the running away in the dream points to someone who is trying to escape in the face of a situation that seems overwhelming.  What is she trying to get away from?  Sometimes people are afraid of discovering who they really are and avoid listening to the real Self at all costs, even if the cost is the awareness of divinity within.  Our dreamer needs to ground her purpose and intention in the physical world.  In other words bring her mind and body together so she can learn to learn through her experiences.  Concentration and meditation help to do this.  The course of study in the School of Metaphysics provides this kind of teaching.

The inner battle the dreamer wages is with her authority.  The root word of authority is author and an author causes, or is the originator of something.  Receiving one’s inner authority and acting on it creates peace of mind.  Who am I?  Where am I going? What am I here to do? Can I do this?  Should I do this? Will I do this?, are questions worth asking, and answering.

Our dreamer mentions that she usually doesn’t take to heart what her dreams mean.  We hope this changes, understanding the messages of dreams is an immediate way to listen to the Self.  This dream may very well be the wake up call that launches our dreamer into a new realm of self-discovery.

Book we recommend: The Purpose of Life by Dr. Daniel Condron

Experience we recommend:  SOM Correspondence Study