[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]AN EXPLOSION, A SNAKE, AND AN ISRAELI KING
Dream Date: 10/14/2011

Last midnight (Oct 14), in my dreams, I and some people, which I don’t know, were in some kind of a rocky and mountainous terrain. Then from afar, there was a big explosion. I saw this big thick fog scattering and I can see the impact heading to our location. I shouted to take cover behind a cliff and then I jumped off the ledge then covered my ears with my fingers.

After the great impact, I tried to look to the direction of the explosion. We saw this great fire now approaching our location. I ran to the opposite direction to avoid the fire that quickly approaches. The next thing I knew, I was running towards a bridge. Not a footbridge but a bridge built for vehicles. I was alone there. The bridge looks kind of old. When I got there, I wasn’t above the bridge but instead I was trying to climb sideways on the edge. As I go further, there were vines and branches covering the bridge. I found out that I was already in some kind of a lost forest or jungle. I saw lots of snakes on the vines that covers the bridge and large ones on the river below, and so I tried to jump and cling to the branches near a very big tree. There were still a lot of snakes, I know I’m scared . I tried to slowly avoid them so I won’t get bitten but I got bitten by a small one on my right arm. I fell on the river beneath which has these big snakes.

I felt dizzy and I already know my fate that time, I’m going to die. But then there came two men, they looked like they were tribesmen, and they rescued me. Thank God! I don’t know how I got to be accompanied by a friend who’s a soldier. We were looking for a clinic. The first clinic refused to help so we searched for another. The second clinic accepted to help me. She started to give me a surgery on my right arm. I can see that the procedure looks so excruciating and although it feels so numb, I can feel a little pain.

The next thing I knew after that, I was in a Christian festival of some kind where food is involved and there was a contest. I volunteered to help in one of the groups although my arm just healed from the surgery. There was this Israeli King I think he’s the judge. He and his companions seated and joined our table. He enjoyed the food a lot and he was also very funny. Then he left after he was done eating. The leader of our group asked one of his companions what our score was and she said it was a perfect 15.

I’ll end the story here. I still have two different dreams after that, but don’t think there’s a connection in between.  In the real world, I’m currently suffering from depression. I’m burdened by family, friend, and other kind of problems. I’m starting to hate the world. I feel so alone.




Symbols in this dream…:


: aspects of Self


: a challenge or obstacle in the dreamer’s life


: forced expansion


: (clouds) represents the separation between the subconscious and superconscious parts of mind


: represents will in subconscious mind


: receiving information through listening


: (fingers) purpose


: expansion


: a means of transition in the life


: subconscious existence


: compulsive use of life force or creative energy


: intention


: duality


: conscious aspects of this dreamer


: disciplined aspect of self
Clinic: (hospital) state of mind intended for wholeness

Woman at clinic

: subconscious aspect of this dreamer


: desire for wholeness


: beliefs that can lead to Knowing


: how the dreamer approaches life


: represents knowledge


: superconscious mind of the dreamer

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This dream conveys the perspective of someone who feels stuck in between “a rock and a hard place.” Whether that might be obstacles found in waking life, such as the ones this dreamer mentions feeling burdened with, or those found in the inner struggle to understand his creativity and power as shown by the presence and conflict with snakes, this dream mirrors an inner feeling of powerlessness.  The dreamer has an inner urge to do something and likely a lot of wisdom that he is not sure what to do with.  The images of explosions, fire and snakes symbolize kundalini energy—the  creative potential available to all people.  The dream indicates that he is being purposeful in listening to himself (covered my ears with my fingers), however, it is worth this dreamer’s time to consider what he is listening to.  It is possible overpower an inner soul urge with doubt and fear.

There is a need for the dreamer to make correct choices throughout his day.  As he does this he will realize that what he needs is there all the time.  When the dreamer becomes more aware of the inner strengths he possesses and less fearful of his own power there will be a big shift in his consciousness.  

The study of dreams can illuminate parts of the whole picture that might seem hidden within the waking consciousness. In this case, the dreamer encounters unexpected allies in the dream within the soldier and the woman at the clinic, which reflects a message that his struggles aren’t a lost cause.  Healing does eventually happen within this young man—I volunteered to help in one of the groups although my arm just healed from the surgery.  As the dreamer becomes lucid of this in his waking life he will likely understand that he has freedom to make wise choices and he can claim his own authority with ease (eating food with the king).

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

While he may feel at a loss in the midst of the problems he faces in waking life, this dream teaches that the person he can have the most impact on his himself.  Behind the inner turmoil experienced in the midst of depression and the problems this dreamer faces is the desire to make a difference in his and other people’s lives.

Finding ways to explore and harness his own creativity and personal power are highly important for this dreamer.  Daily exploration of his own strengths and heartfelt desires with journaling or drawing pictures and creating something everyday based on these explorations can help clarify both the strengths he has to offer to the world and for what purpose he offers them.  For the musician, this could be as simple as creating a simple melody that captures the essence of happiness.   For the artist, this could be drawing a picture of a blossoming flower.   For someone who desires to aid others, having a goal of finding three ways to help someone each day can make a difference.   Reading biographies of great scientists, inventors, artists or Nobel Peace Prize Laureates could help form an image and hold the attention upon the type of person this dreamer dreams of becoming.

The morale of the story comes from the function of attention. Whatever the mind’s attention is placed upon grows. As this dreamer invests more attention upon what he does have control over – his own creativity, his own power, his own strengths, his own attitudes – he will find himself overcoming depression.  He will find that he can reach the summit of mountains.  He will be able to manage the fires of his expanding consciousness.  He will become “the King of snakes” – the ruler of his own creative power and not the subject of it.  He will be able to wield the soldier’s spear and harness the healer’s touch.  Destiny is in the hands of those who choose to be the determining factor.

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