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Dream Date: 7/20/1999
Female, 19, Oklahoma UNITED STATES



The friends in this recurring dream change every time, and I’ll be giving them aliases.

It’s summer time, and three friends and I go on a summer trip to a near by ocean. We’re in a white van, and it’s past dark when we arrive to the waterfront. There are long, dark cliffs cascading down to the waves, and the moon’s full light casts upon the rocks just right to give an eerie, beautiful setting. Rocks sitting in a row according to height lead from the top of the cliff (where we have parked) and lead down all the way to the water. Mitch leads the way down the rocks, Hanna and Karin follow. I stay up on the cliffside with my little cousin Millie, due to a fear of heights. We eventually follow thanks to the coercing of Mitch, Hanna, and Karin, but all I can focus on is the quiet splashing from the waves rising on the rocks. We come to a hidden bank, with a trail to a dark forest. We decide to explore it, and find a tunnel hidden in leaves beside the trail miles deep in the damp forest. In order to fit, we must crawl on all fours. Before completely sinking into the mud, the long tunnel finally breaks way to a lone 3 story house, with a garage similar to the ones seen on houses off of  beaches. It’s completely surrounded by the same dark green forest, no moon light able to escape the trees.

We climb the stairs to the first room inside the house, which is a large ball pit. We laugh amongst ourselves and throw the brightly colored balls at each other. On the other side of the room is a neon colored ladder, leading up to the next room. After passing through the plastic flaps placed as a doorway at the top of the ladder, we come to a completely foreign room. There are neon orange cushions on the walls, like sewed down pillows in a triangular pattern, repeating. I go to one of the patterns while my friends talk amongst themselves about the slightly unsettling room.  There are yellow horizontal zigzags across the design, eyes with long grey eyebrows, and a long grey mustache to adorn the face. “It looks so real.” I say, running my fingers through the strings that strongly resemble human hair. A bad feeling begins to stir in my gut as we finally leave the strange room, which also only has a ladder as a means of exit. The final room is very small and plain, with violet color on the walls and a cream colored carpet. A set of glass doors framed by mahogany wood stands in the middle. We push through the doors and enter the other side of the room that looks identical to the one before, save for women’s underwear and bras laying scattered on the floor. A yellow glow catches my eye, coming from a hallway on the left. My friends are giggling amongst themselves about the underwear, while Karin protests how creepy it is. I step closer to the hallway, ignoring them, and can hear faint voices of someone else talking. I turn on my heels and face them and beg them to leave, but Hanna pushes past me, telling me to “calm down, and stop being such a baby.” She goes down the hallway.

After a few minutes, she doesn’t return and Karin follows her. I’m sitting with Mitch and Millie, they’re talking amongst themselves. Again, I get a horrible feeling, so I stand and follow Karin, but stay at a distance and try to keep hidden. She comes to a middle aged man sitting in a chair, with two women at each of his side. The beautiful girls stand in their lingerie and casually draped over him, smiles on all their faces. Panic immediately sets in when I lay my eyes on him. He smiles at Karin. Karin looks around the room, trying to find any trace of Hanna before addressing the man. “Where did she go?” The man looks at her and smiles. “If you can answer one question, completely honestly, I’ll let you go.” She stares at the man and hesitantly replies “Of course I can answer honestly.” 

“Do you think for yourself?”

Karin continues to stare, as if she’s on the brink of unlocking a puzzle. “Of course I do.” He shakes his head and smiles wider, bearing sharpened teeth. “…You’re lying.” He replies, grabbing her, tearing off her head. His hand pierces the flesh of her stomach and he pulls out a segment of her intestines. All air escape from my lungs as I try to scream, but instead I prepare to run. Before I can get back to Mitch and Millie, however, he looks at me and smiles, telling me his name is Grady. I run and grab Mitch and Millie shouting “we have to get out of here! NOW!” We dart through the house all the way down to the garage, where our van is magically parked, and flee the scene.

Years later, Mitch is giving a speech to toast a successful business product, how everyone wants it, why you need it, and how you’re no one without it. It’s a huge garden party, everyone dressed in suits and fancy gowns, drinking a thick, dark red liquid in crystal wine glasses. Mitch and I are married, and Millie is in her early 20’s. She walks up to us and congratulates Mitch on his product. We both say “Thank you.” While he and Millie are having a conversation, I slowly bite his neck, and the edges of my lips curve to a smile. I stare directly at Millie, and Mitch continues to talk, as if my cousin wasn’t now silent. Her eyes widen as she stares in horror and sputters “you… you’re exactly like him.” I wipe the blood off my lip and smile, replying  “Some people just can’t think for themselves.”

Then I wake up, still able to smell the forest and feel the wet dirt against my face.

Female, 19, Oklahoma UNITED STATES


Symbols in this dream…:

summer: (ref. seasons)    represent the stages of growth; summer is adulthood

ocean:    conscious life experiences

white van (ref. vehicle):    physical body

waterfront (ref. beach):    area of action between the conscious and subconscious parts of mind

cliffs (ref. rocks):    will in subconscious mind

moonlight:    awareness in subconscious mind

Mitch:    known aspect of dreamer’s subconscious mind

Hanna:    known aspect of dreamer’s conscious mind

Karin:    known aspect of dreamer’s conscious mind

Millie:    known immature aspect of dreamer’s conscious mind

trail (ref. path):    the direction the dreamer is taking to achieve a goal

forest:    subconscious existence

tunnel:    means of moving from one inner level of mind to another

mud:    merging of conscious life experiences and subconscious life experiences

house/garage:    dreamer’s mind

room:    a particular part or activity of mind

ball pit (ref game):    perspective of life held by dreamer 

ball (ref toy):    ways to use the imagination

ladder:    means to gain access to levels of consciousness

door (glass):    access to places in mind

underwear (clothing):    how dreamer is expressing self

hallway:    access to parts of mind

middle-aged man:    unknown aspect of dreamer’s subconscious mind

two women:    unknown aspects of dreamer’s conscious mind

business:    how dreamer is choosing to be productive in life to promote growth and learning

garden:    subconscious existence

clothes:    how dreamer is expressing self

married:    commitment between conscious and subconscious minds for the fulfillment of desires

blood:    life force


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

We begin interpreting this dream by receiving the translations in the Universal Language of Mind™.  If you review the symbol list above, you will note the preponderance of references to the “subconscious”.  Since this is a recurring dream, this tells the dreamer that she tends to approach her everyday life intuitively.  The action in the dream, provided by aspects of her conscious mind and subconscious mind, is known to the dreamer.  The dream says she is attempting to figure something out.  This is why the dream repeats and probably has everything to do with why the friends who appear in her dreams may change.  This would be a key for the dreamer to explore.

So what actually happens in this dream?  This is most readily identified through the dream’s “setting”.  The setting of any dream is revealed in the place and time the dream occurs.  There are three places where the action occurs in this dream:  Scene 1:  The WaterfrontScene 2: The House, and Scene 3: The Garden.   This movement reveals that the dreamer is seeking to understand her emotions.  Emotions express in the level of consciousness connecting Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind.  They are an essential part of one’s created thought manifesting into the life.  Scene One, tells the dreamer which aspects of self are invested in this work. By identifying what Hanna, Karin, Millie, and Mitch represent to her, she will know the primary ways she was using or being used by her emotions in her waking life the previous day.

The females reflect conscious choices, Mitch indicates the inner urge of subconscious mind.  That inner urge initiates the action in the dream.  Mitch is the leader in Scene 1.  This tells the dreamer that her inner self is manifesting something she has desired as illustrated in the rocky cliff adventure led by Mitch.  When the dreamer invests her conscious will (her choice to follow), she finds herself a bit over her head, muddled or confused, ultimately symbolized by the mud.  Her determination to find answers, opens her mind and “Scene Two: In the House” begins.

There is a detailed progression in the imagery of the three rooms in the house.  In the ball pit room, the dreamer is admitting her limitations.  The second, foreign room reveals the discomfort this produces for the dreamer.  She is recognizing that sometimes she pretends things are authentic when they are not.   The ladder is the only exit. She is going to need to elevate her thinking to understand what is happening in her waking life.  The final roomreveals that the dreamer’s innermost thoughts the day before this dream were an immature response which brought fear.  The dreamer does not want to remain in this frame of mind.  The tendency is to avoid (beg them to leave); however, something different occurred:  Hanna pushed past the dreamer and headed down the hall, never to be seen in the dream again!    Hanna is the way the dreamer forcibly controls her emotions.

The rest of Scene 2 revolves around encountering the unknowns in her life symbolized by the unidentified characters.  This terrifies the dreamer.  Karin follows Hanna and carries out the remaining action in Scene 2 focusing the dreamer on this known aspect of the conscious mind.  By staying with emotions, depth becomes clear as symbolized through the middle-aged man and girls.   Beautiful girls with smiles on faces convey unconscious aspects that identify with happiness.

Karin is the way the dreamer defends what she doesn’t know, limiting her intelligence and capacity to understand what is happening in her waking life.  This leaves the dreamer in a state of fear.  The dreamer doesn’t use intelligence to meet the challenge (answer the question), she escapes by immersing herself the physical body (van).

At this point, the place and the time of the dream shifts.  Scene Three is the garden party years in the future. This indicates the long-term impact of the dreamer practicing these patterns of emotions which the dream has revealed.  The dreamer can produce a pattern of commitment between conscious and subconscious minds for the fulfillment of her desires (marriage).  The dreamer will be able to get what she wants in her life through using her mind in these ways.  The question becomes, “At what cost?”

The aspect of the conscious mind – Millie – matures through the course of this dream.  She stares in horror at the dreamer’s vampiric ways.  The dream’s message ends by letting the dreamer know she can continue to muddle her way through subconscious existence as she has throughout the dream, reacting to perceived limitations and manipulating her inner and outer worlds thus taking from her own subconscious mind (bite his neck, wiping blood off my lip) to try to get what she wants.  Or, she can carve a different future for herself by exploring her own saving grace – Millie.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

The dreamer begins by stating two facts about this dream: it is recurring and the friends starring in the dream change every time.  This focuses us upon the import of the message right away.  First, the same message is pertinent for the dreamer every time she remembers this dream-plot, and second, the dreamer is attempting to understand this message through her own versatility, the different friends appearing in starring roles.

This dream is about emotions.  The dreamer is becoming awake to what the emotions are, how they express, and where they will lead.  Relying on inner guidance has been the dreamer’s pattern.  Given that she is 19, this is a natural evolution of human consciousness out of the inner levels of mind into establishing Self in the physical world.  This dream is an allegory for this movement from the descent down the rocks into the tunnel and the house which stimulates fear into the malevolent character who kills the dreamer’s friend and sets the protagonist’s destiny for years to come.  More on this universal message later.

This dreamer is on the threshold of her adult life and her dream, timed in summer, reflects her thinking.  The dream repeats, often with characters changing, which indicates the dream message is the same how the dreamer acknowledges, admits, experiences, and understands the message is different.  The message is about how the dreamer is using her conscious and subconscious minds and where that will lead her if she continues along the same line of thinking.

The emotional element in this dream is the strongest so the dreamer has a unique opportunity to use her dreams as inner guidance.  When interpreted and understood, the dreamer will be able to see how her dreams are a commentary on her state of mind the previous day.  Some experience was frightening to her.  What this was only the dreamer can identify.  The dream reveals what was going on in her mind when the reaction occurred.

When faced with challenges, this dreamer’s pattern has been to rely upon her intuition.  Perhaps an “everything will work out as its supposed to” kind of attitude.  This level of trust is leading her to examine her thoughts about the “game of life”.  Much of what she sees in the everyday world around her doesn’t make sense.  It is foreign and strange, and sometimes she cannot distinguish what is real.  The dream encourages her to make this distinction, even giving her a glimpse of what the failure to do so produces.

There is a level of judgement that the dream brings forward.  The crux being whether aspects of Self symbolized by Hanna and Karin will dominate choices of self or the dreamer will prevail.  In this dream, Hanna and Karin win out and the rest of the dream unfolds because of it.   Forcibly controlling the emotions, then defending what she doesn’t know leads to more unanswered questions.  It does not produce fulfillment.

In the dreamer’s waking life this could appear as trusting in someone then discovering things are not as they seem.  How could she let herself be hoodwinked?  The dreamer is looking in the mind for answers, coming up with more questions.

Honesty is the clear message here, and when it arises it is an accusation from a trio of unknown aspects of Self.  When the dreamer is confronted with answers, her reaction is to escape in some physical pursuit.  Whether this is spending a couple hours at the fitness center, losing herself into work or study, or “drowning her sorrows” in alcohol, only the dreamer knows.

The dream is letting her know of a pattern, the typical way she has developed to cope in the world.  Since the tone of the dream is fear – from Millie’s initial and concluding reaction to the dreamer’s own emotions about what happens in the dream – this indicates a less than desirable pattern of thinking that can be changed.  The dream comes in service to the woman potentially aiding her to understand how she can create what she desires in her life.

The last scene of the dream tells her where her current established thought patterns lead her.  She will get by in the game of life very well.  Her subconscious mind will do her bidding, and successfully at that.  She will have the life force or energy she requires to accomplish her desires.


The aspect of Self represented by Millie is horrified at HOW this will be done.  “Millie” becomes the key for the dreamer making a significant change for it is this part of Self that is awake and maturing.  Once the dreamer deduces why Millie – out of all the people she knows – is the one chosen to be in this dream, she will have the key she needs for emotional maturity.

This dream contains elements of an Epic Dream, an allegorical dream with insights that will benefit everyone. “Answer Honestly and I’ll let you go!” is a plot-driven dream, rich in detail and for this reason we have chosen it as one of the dreams we will discuss in this Wednesday’s (August 3, 2011) Webclass.  We will discuss the universal implications then.  The class is open to the public and you can register now to attend.

The book we recommend is: Spiritual Renaissance: Elevating your Consciousness for the Common Good by Dr. Barbara Condron.