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Dream Date: unknown
Female, 30, New Mexico UNITED STATES

This woman took me to a meeting that was filled with people. The meeting was being led by Gandhi and Babaji.  We had jewels, necklaces, and gemstones being handed out and piled all over the tables.  Everyone was handed a blue ring, except me, known as Babaji’s ring.  The other attendees kept looking at me wondering why I was there, especially since I did not receive a Babaji ring. 

At one point Gandhi stood up and said how many people have read my mind.  Half the room raised their hands.  I stood up then and said, “It’s very invasive to read my mind without asking first.” That’s the last thing I remember in the dream.

Female, 30, New Mexico UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Woman:  conscious aspect of this dreamer

People:  aspects of self

Gandhi:  superconscious mind

Babaji: superconscious mind

Jewelry: value expressed in the outer presentation

Ring:  commitment

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Sometimes things are not what they appear, as this dream reveals.  Our dreamer is not as committed as she imagines, to her spiritual growth and she is beginning to realize this.  Our dreamer wants spiritual interaction, and likely spends a lot of time thinking about it.  She has a strong sense of value in spirituality but is not committed in a way that honors her whole Self yet (she doesn’t receive a ring).  The question now becomes how come?  Her dream also brings this forth.

An outstanding element in this dream is the people.  Take a moment to think of all the different people you know of; spiritual people, historical people, musical people, people you know, people you don’t know and the list continues.

People in dreams represent the many aspects of Self.  An aspect is a particular way of thinking and expressing.  An easy way to recognize aspect of Self is to acknowledge the roles the thinker plays in life…aspects reflect characteristics of the dreamer—the comic, the shy one, the ambitious one, the generous one etc…from The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron

A familiar person in a dream symbolizes a familiar characteristic in the dreamer.    Unfamiliar people symbolize parts of the self that are not recognized, or unconscious.  From what the dreamer tells us all the people in her dream are unfamiliar.  Thus, on one level, this dream is saying it is time to discover new and different parts of you.  How well you know yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually determines the degree of responsibility you can demonstrate.  Remember, our dreamer did not receive a ring when it was handed out in the dream.  Part of the message here is that lack of commitment leaves one unaware of Self.

There are significant superconscious aspects in this dream.  Gandhi and Babaji are both recognized as great spiritual leaders by many people throughout the world.  Our dreamer likely has her own ideas, from studying or researching these men, about who they are.  We know she is not old enough to have met Gandhi and she did not mention any direct experiences with Babaji.  Well-known people in dreams, whether they are historical, spiritual, celebrities or famous in some way, symbolize imagined ideas the dreamer has about that person.  Realize that seeing someone on television or reading about his or her life in a magazine can make it seem like you know that person.  Actually you are left only with your imagined thoughts that are stimulated by the source of media that has conveyed the information.  This is also true for historical or spiritual figures in a dream.

The jewels, necklaces and gemstones represent what the dreamer values.  As we said above, there is sense of value that this dreamer holds regarding spirituality.  When it comes time to receive a higher consciousness she is divided within herself—The other attendees kept looking at me wondering why I was there, especially since I did not receive a Babaji ring.  

She imagines that she has a higher self as represented by Gandhi and Babaji, but does not receive this.  Probably the failure for the commitment is due to defensiveness.  Note what she says at the end of the dream... I stood up then and said, “It’s very invasive to read my mind without asking first.”  In essence this is her attitude toward her superconscious mind.  Superconscious is one’s inner authority.  Her reaction is toward her own inner authority.  It is as if she thinks she’ll be judged if she allows a new perspective to enter into her thinking.  Consider that it requires humility to admit when there is more to know, more to understand.  More in the next section about becoming more committed…

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

 This dream could be a catalyst for the dreamer to get clear and honest about what she needs for greater commitment to Self.  We wonder if the dreamer recently attended an event in waking life that stimulated a higher energy field than she is used to, or ready for.  This could come in many ways, perhaps experimenting with energy healing modalities or reading a lot of books without a daily discipline for practical application of spiritual principles.  Concentration and meditation are important to this dreamer and need to be honored each day.  Consider the fact that students in the School of Metaphysics practice daily concentration exercises for nearly two months before sitting in meditation.  Meditation also aids in creating a humble state of mind.  Humbleness is stronger than defensiveness and one who strives for humility can let go of distracting aspects of self, focusing on what will create true spirituality.  Our suggestion is that the dreamer internalize the interpretation presented here and learn to translate what she values outwardly into transformation inwardly.

The book we recommend is:  Master Living by Dr. Barbara Condron