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Dream Date: 8/22/2011
Female, 54, Texas UNITED STATES

There were two wood frame white houses on this property, one in back of the other.  Connected by a dirt driveway.  The one in the back was under repair.  These houses were older houses.  There was wood and a carpenter had been there. 

I was not in this dream, but just an observer.

Someone went to the back house to get the others to come to the front house.  There was one woman who was not a good person there.  There were three women being held in the house against their will. 

They were standing in a row.  One on the right I couldn’t see, but the other two were sisters in their twenties.  The one in the middle was the oldest and she was doing cocaine and asked her younger sister if she wanted some. The younger sister acted like she did just so she wouldn’t draw suspicion, but she really didn’t want any.  She just wanted to be free.  She wanted a boyfriend, but when she found out who he was she changed her mind.  He came straight to the house from prison.  The woman that wasn’t good helped him put all his rings back in his body, his tongue, ears, brows and one big ring in his lips.  This ring covered his whole mouth and was ornate. 

Then one woman went to the front house to take a shower.  She heard a noise and was afraid it was her boyfriend.  She was afraid of him.  He came into the bathroom and reached his arm in through the shower curtain and pinched her on the breast. 

Note: None of these women were me and they were all unfamiliar, as was the man and the houses.

Female, 54, Texas UNITED STATES


Symbols in this dream…:

Number: represents the universal structure of developing thought, (2) duality

House: the dreamer’s mind

Road: (dirt driveway) the dreamer’s direction in life

Carpenter: aspect of self

Observer: objective perception

Person: (unknown) aspect of self

Woman: conscious aspect of dreamer, unkown

Number: (3) represents the universal structure of developing thought, (3) creation

Drugs: (cocaine) will buster

Rings: symbolizes commitment

Face: the dreamer’s identity (tongue, ears, brows, lips)

Male (boyfriend): subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Bathroom (shower): condition of mind for purifying and cleansing

Arm: purpose

Breast: receptivity

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

The setting of this dream is in two white houses, however, it is the drama that unfolds in the house that reveals what this dreamer is beginning to realize about herself.  Remember, a dream is a message to the dreamer, from the dreamer and about the dreamer.  Dream interpretation is a chance for every dreamer to understand Self better and why life unfolds the way it does.

A one-line interpretation of the dream might read like this:

The dreamer is waking up to unconscious thoughts and actions, and is realizing fears she has about knowing her real Self.

A one-line response to the dream message could be:

The dreamer knows she needs to let go of deleterious thoughts about herself and others and make more productive choices.

Let’s look at the details of the dream to understand why…

The most outstanding element is that all the people and places are unknown to the dreamer.  In fact, the theme of this dream points to the dreamer beginning to awaken to her own unconscious tendencies.  For clarity, this is what The Dreamer’s Dictionary has to say:

Unconscious is the state of being unaware arising most often from ignorance.  Information stored in the brain, that is unused, promotes a lack of awareness…Inattentiveness promotes unconsciousness in the waking life.  What an individual remains unaware of –whether thoughts, motivations, facts or perceptions –reveals what, how, and why she is unconscious.  Functioning from habit promotes this limited frame of mind.

This kind of dream occurs when unconscious thoughts and actions are surfacing.  In other words, the dreamer is realizing that her attitudes and actions have an effect that she has not considered before.  Based on the nefarious elements in the dream –the women being held against their will, cocaine, deception, fear, the effects she is experiencing are less than desirable.  This dreamer is beginning to realize that her choices influence her in ways that she has not predicted.  In the days prior to the dream she may have found herself asking, “Why is this happening to me?”, “How did I end up here again?” or “I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t think it would matter that much.”

This dreamer seems to be living in two worlds (two houses) and needs to reconcile this.  She is becoming aware that, according to her own standards, some of her intentions are less than admirable (there was one woman who was not a good person).  It will be beneficial for this dreamer to admit when she is behaving in ways that weaken her integrity.  It will be important for this dreamer to note her thoughts and intentions regarding commitment (rings), especially commitment to Self.

The dream women symbolize conscious aspects of the dreamer.  Our dreamer seems to have difficulty making good choices and following through (dream sister who does cocaine) when it comes to being true to herself.  These attitudes lead to difficulty in cooperating with her subconscious mind.  The dream men symbolize subconscious aspects of the dreamer.  Note that the men in the dream are feared or avoided.

Please make time to read more about the structure of mind at:


It is in understanding how your mind works that true freedom is attained.  This information will help to comprehend why the people in this dream tell the story about how the dreamer is unconscious of her own subconscious mind.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

This dreamer is someone who ends up fighting against herself at times when she most needs to settle down, listen and be honest.  This will help her listen to an inner voice centered on standards and integrity.  The dreamer finds that sometimes she thinks one way and acts another.

There is a need for this dreamer to be more aware of her intentions, why she does what she does and how she thinks about her soul in the choices she makes.  This dream points to what interferes and hinders the dreamer –it is time for her to look at ways that she has been indecisive or weak-willed.  Making choices and disregarding long-term effects is unconscious.  As it says above, inattentiveness promotes unconsciousness in the waking life.  Exploring purpose will be helpful for this dreamer and an excellent book is recommended below.

A beneficial question for this dreamer to ask herself is “What is my intention and how is this related to commitment?”  Commitment to Self will aid our dreamer to continue to face herself, thus “waking up” even more.  Meditation is a fulfilling way to practice listening and experiencing self each day.  Deepening experiences through meditation aid any individual to view life more objectively, and lessening emotional reactions.

Maybe this dreamer feels forced to keep working at a job that she does not like.  Perhaps there is a relationship in her life that needs to be evaluated more honestly.  Ultimately, this dream is urging her toward awareness that is already growing within her.  We encourage her to contemplate commitment, think more deeply about Self and be willing to delve into what exists beyond the physical world, including soul and spirit.

The Purpose of LifeThe book we recommend:  The Purpose of Life by Dr. Daniel Condron

The experience we recommend:

Intuitive Health Analysis