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Male, 50, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Dream Date: 08/01/1999

Dream: The dream was a healing dream.This man lost one of his arm.To replace his lost arm I used a wooden branch to repair his arm. I was the healer who reconstructed his arm by moving my hands swiftly around his lost arm.As,I proceeded to move my hands, I was using the sun as my source of energy to rebuild his lost arm,suddenly a cloud covered the sun, I lost contact w/ the sun energy. The healing process cesed until the cloud slowly moved away,I continued to shuffle me hands around his arm,produced a new arm!

Symbols in this dream…:

arm/hands – purpose

sun – superconscious awareness

man – conscious aspect of the dreamer

branch – subconscious existence

cloud – separation between the subconscious and superconscious parts of the mind

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This is a great dream that reflects what can happen when entrainment, or the alignment between all parts of the mind, operates within a person.  In this case, a strong connection to inner authority, an inner recognition of a higher purpose for life, and acting upon this connection can create wholeness in any individual.

The man with the lost arm represents a conscious aspect of this dreamer that has lost connection to a purpose (lost arm). Purpose can be defined as something that benefits the dreamer — what the dreamer gains or how he changes or evolves through the choices he makes.  This dream may have come at a time when this a part of this dreamer failed to see the purpose for what he was doing in his life in some way.  Was this something that was happening in his professional life? His personal life?  A certain personality trait he possessed or an attitude he felt?  Whatever the case may be, there was the recognition that something was missing.

Using a branch and the power of the sun’s energy to heal the man’s arm reflects how the dreamer connected and pulled upon his own subconscious mind (branch) and superconscious mind (sun’s energy) to restore the man’s arm.  Many people are familiar with phrases like  “know thyself” or  “look within for the answers.”  The healing of the man’s arm in the dream reflects that there was some way that this dreamer took this to heart.  In turn, he restored his own connection to the power of purpose in his waking life — a purpose that reflected the wealth of his inner mind.

There are times in life that anyone can feel disconnected to a purpose (lost arm) or temporarily experience a disconnect from who they are on the inside (clouds passing over the sun).  However, the dream reflects that connection can always be established.

This dream can serve as a reminder for this dreamer that wholeness comes from within.  It echoes the lyrics ofAmazing Grace, a traditional gospel song that states: “I once was lost, but now I am found.  Was blind, but now I see.”

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

There are many ways that the action of healing the man’s arm in the dream can reflect in waking life.  Some people experience reconnecting to a higher source within themselves through the action of prayer, which is a special form of concentration directed within.  Others may experiences feelings of a greater peace or bliss upon meditating for a period of time.  Even simple actions like taking a quiet contemplative walk or singing an inspiring song with an uplifting message and lift someone’s spirits.

It’s important for everyone to discover ways that help them to move the attention inward when the need arises.  It is a choice to look within for the answers, cultivate peace of mind, or simply bask in the “sun” of greater wisdom, love, or truth.

We recommend reading the book The Emptiness Sutra by Dr. Daniel Condron.  This simply written book instills the peace that emptiness can bring.