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Dream Date: 9/19/2011

Male, 33,  INDONESIA

(I don’t remember earlier scene, but it’s about my meeting with this new friend)

Inside a library, I and one new male friend were looking for books. He quickly picked up his books while I was still searching for my one book. He said that he would go abroad tomorrow and asked what do I want for souvenir: knowledge or barter. I said knowledge. Then he said he would be working on animal division. I asked ancient animal or recent animal, he said both. I said I want an artifact then. I went over a counter and asked for a librarian. The women said the librarian is out eating lunch, but there was a catalogue atop a table. I went over the table and scrutinized it. The list of books was not complete. So we went out from the library.

Outside was a big yard that separate two three-storey buildings where across was the male prisoners building and here was female dormitory. (I think the buildings were linked or bridged forming a ‘u) The male prisoners were having fun, cheering and jeering. We were thinking it was so unruly. A truck full of live turkeys was passing by. The prisoners harassed the turkeys, tossed them around to a big tree in the middle. Some turkeys flew to other branches, some got back to truck and some tried to bite the prisoners. (at this time I felt this is not a prison but more like a juvenile)

Several of the males were holding musical instruments and some holding other equipments. Things got so chaotic one male fell from the branch (three-stories high).  “It must have been fatal”, I thought. His friend quickly brought him aside.  Another two fell and broke their instruments, and then another fell. Still another fell and seemed to break their fall. Afterward they were busy fixing their broken instruments. I watched them and fascinated at their attempt. Some equipment seemed to return to normal condition.  I went inside a room.  (I think this was the office)

There were many people and a group of females was demanding to see my friend because he looked like Keanu Reeves from the Matrix and the movie had started. This friend was the one in the library earlier.  I and the other friend knew that he was hiding inside another room. We slowly backed away and signaled him to follow us. Together we passed the girls and went upstairs to watch the movie on television. When I got to floor three, I forgot which one is the room. My friend was searching for the room too while we navigated from the two girls. Inside one room I saw a television and it’s playing a situation back in a house in my hometown. My aunt was preparing for a big feast. I woke up.  

Male, 33,  INDONESIA

Symbols in this dream…: 

Library: represents wealth of information available

Males: conscious aspects of dreamer

Women/girls: subconscious aspects of dreamer

Buildings: (prison, dormitory) universal mind

Two: duality

Three: creation

Turkeys: habitual ways of thinking

Musical instruments: means by which harmony is produced within the Self

Keanu Reeves: imagination

Movie: imagination

Television: imagination

Aunt: familiar subconscious aspect of dreamer

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™: 

This dreamer wants knowledge (library) in his waking life, and it is available to him.  He falls short of what he is looking for when he shifts his attention from gaining knowledge from new and different experiences (friend planning to travel abroad) to things of a more temporal nature (decides he wants barter instead of knowledge).

He is beginning to realize the dual nature of Mind (2 separate, 3 story buildings).  We call this the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind functions in waking life, is associated with personality and it holds the potential for reasoning.  In a dream people of the same sex symbolize conscious aspects.  Note that most of the people in this dream are male, as is the dreamer.  This shows the dreamer’s perspective was more conscious or physically oriented in the day prior to the dream.  The subconscious mind is the part of Self that exists beyond the physical.  It can be described as soul or the part of you that is more permanent and everlasting.  People in a dream that are the opposite sex symbolize inner qualities or aspects of the dreamer.  The females in this dream are separated from the males and even avoided at the end of the dream.  More on this below.

This dreamer’s habits (turkeys) regarding entertainment (male prisoners having fun, cheering and jeering) trap him, not so much in a mental prison, but in immaturity.  He is waking up to the reality that is up to him to choose to live in harmony with himself and others (we were thinking it was so unruly). Harmony is produced within the Self (musical instruments) when conscious thinking is geared toward using knowledge and information in daily experiences.  This dreamer is aware of the need to be more productive in his thinking in order to experience harmony.  This can be understood more in depth by looking at the definition for musical instruments in The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron.  Remember that the men were dropping and breaking musical instruments in the dream and a few of them were fixing the broken instruments.

Musical instruments are the means by which harmony is produced within Self.  One example of such an instrument is imagination.  Imagination enables the thinker to combine different and separate ideas or objects into a new and unified creation.  Imagination is what stimulates the artist to mix pigments creating a new hue or the inventor to combine material, wood, and steel to form an umbrella.  Note the quality of your recent thinking.  Has it been imaginative, directed, intuitive, reminiscent, visionary?. . .By acknowledging the quality you know how to ensure your continued peace of mind.  If your dream-instrument is broken you need to add this productive quality to your thinking.  The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron

Movies and movie stars (the dreamer likely does not know Keanu Reeves personally) symbolize imagination in a dream.  Imagination played a big role in this dreamer’s thinking the day prior to the dream. This dreamer turns to imagination when he wants to go deeper, understand his own authority and divinity.  The difficulty comes when he intentionally creates distance from his inner mind (we slowly backed away…we passed the girls…we navigated from the two girls).  He imagines he has knowledge in him (aunt is preparing meal on tv), he has yet to bring this into his life and actually do so.  This is part of the process he has embarked upon.  If this dreamer will continue to pay attention to his dreams as a means of applying information that comes from his inner Self into his waking life he will begin to see that men and women will interact in his dreams.  Read on for more of how the message of this dream can be used in daily life.

Putting the Dream into Your Life: 

This kind of dream comes when someone is awakening to a greater reality of Self and has yet to coordinate the information he has gathered. It will be most helpful for this dreamer to identify the knowledge he is seeking.  What does he find interesting these days?  What has he been reading, researching or learning about?  What are his ideas of spirituality, life beyond physical existence, the power of the Mind and intelligence? Delving into a deeper study of the structure of Mind  will be beneficial for this dreamer.

Concentration and meditation are necessary to create peace of mind and harmony within self. Concentration first, because one develops the ability to clear cluttered thinking and be quiet and still. Meditation second, since it requires concentrating in a way that allows for deeper insight and understanding of Self.   This dreamer has an opportunity now to look more closely at his thoughts and feelings about who he is as a soul and gain true knowledge of the Whole Self.  We recommend the booklet called Concentration as an aid in this endeavor.

Additional book we recommend:  Master Living:  Ten Essential Life Skills for Health, Prosperity, Success & Peace of Mind by Dr. Barbara Condron

Experience we recommend: The Silver Cord DVD