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Dream Date: 10/05/2011
Male, 18, New York UNITED STATES

Well, I’ve been having the same dream over and over for a week or so now.  It is that I’m getting married to this girl.  I’ve never met her.  She is friends with one of my ex’s. The dream, however, is very vivid of this girl and I am getting married. What does that mean?

Male, 18, New York UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Marriage: commitment between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind for the fulfillment of desires

Girl: subconscious aspect of this dreamer




Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Our response today speaks to the power that even the slightest memory of a dream can glean important information.  Our dreamer describes the kinds of dreams he is having but he never actually tells us one of the dreams.  Perhaps this is all he remembers or maybe there are more details and he chose to describe the dreams generally.  All dreamers, note that when you submit a dream please describe as much detail as you remember.  This aids us to give more in our interpretation.  Having said this, lets look at the answer to the dream question from this young man.

Commitment is important for this dreamer right now.  So important that getting married is showing up in the same dream over and over.  Symbolically a dream-marriage indicates that the dreamer is willing to cooperate with his inner self.  The dream-girl represents the part of his inner mind that important to this commitment.  It will be helpful for the dreamer to identify one or two qualities he sees in the girl.  He knows of her in waking life so he has some idea of the kind of person she is and this will aid him to understand the dream message.  For example, maybe he sees her as motivated, responsible or outgoing.  The quality the dreamer identifies lets him know about his own thinking.  Read on to see how this might play out in his life.




Putting the Dream into Your Life:

 This type of dream indicates the initiation of a new awareness for the dreamer. At 18, our dreamer is embarking on a time of life where he will likely have more responsibility than he has previously.  Reflecting on what he has been thinking and doing lately is important now as well as considering dreams or desires that are meaningful.  This dreamer probably has been focused on a goal or accomplishment that is important to him and he is seeing it through to manifestation.  He has yet to realize that this pursuit has an inner affect on his consciousness too.  Perhaps he recently made a decision about attending college or university.  He may be realizing that it is up to him to work and pay for all of his own expenses and he is willing to take on the challenge.  These thoughts and actions are causing unification between his inner and outer self that is new and different.

An appropriate response to this dream includes thoughtful reflection on commitment, especially commitment to self.  So, what is commitment to self? Consider that each person has something unique and important to contribute to the world.  People who are in tune with this inner calling and take action towards the fulfillment of such are successful, fulfilled and contented.  Commitment to self indicates dedication to being aware of whom you are beyond the physical waking life.  In fact, there are certain esoteric symbols in the Universal Language of Mind™ that are revealed in dream when someone has made a full commitment to self. Getting to that point requires information, knowledge, understanding and application of the science of how the mind works.  Please make time to study the information about conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind at this link.  This is a beginning.

For now, we recommend the book Kundalini Rising by Dr. Barbara Condron as an excellent resource for understanding commitment to self and the marriage made in heaven.

Book:  Kundalini Rising by Dr. Barabara Condron
Experience:  Kundalini Initiations Spiritual Focus Session