[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]QUITTING SMOKING, EXCEPT IN MY DREAMS.  HELP!
Dream Date: 9/5/2011
Male, 19,  CANADA

I quit smoking last month.

I dreamed about smelling a cigarette head to toe. ( Yes smelled, I was a nose and a hand nothing else mattered.)  I was going “mmmm good”.

A cigarette I had on my bed stand to remind myself, NO.  It’s gone from the bed stand (in real life I put from bed stand to garbage about a week ago).  Does this signify anything important?

Male, 19,  CANADA

Symbols in this dream…:

Cigarette:  Indication of weak will
Hand:  Purpose
Face: (nose) Identity


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

The first thing to note is that this is a dream-fragment, which means the dreamer remembers a little bit from a longer dream.  Having said this, there is still meaning to be gleaned.   The day before the dream, this young man’s efforts to change his identity as a “smoker” may have been consuming to him.  This is why only his nose, hands and the cigarette are what he remembers about the dream (reference the translation of symbols above).

There is little more to say about what the dreamer does remember.  Hands symbolize purpose, the motivation for why one makes choices.  Perhaps the dream is highlighting a greater need for purpose, or maybe it was the dreamer remembering his reason for quitting smoking that propelled him to throw away the cigarette by his bed.  Maybe he is moving from negative motivation (I’ll keep what I want in front of me and say NO so I can prove that I am stronger than the cigarette) to positive motivation (I see and feel what it is like to breath clean air).  These are simple examples that may help the dreamer see how the dream message fits into his life.  Read on for more information about how to use a dream like this for self awareness.


Putting the Dream into Your Life:

In many ways the dream submitted has more to teach by what is lacking than by what is present.  At night, when a person sleeps, the subconscious mind reflects back important messages about what the individual has been thinking, feeling or acting on during waking hours.  These messages are conveyed as dreams.  Remembering the whole dream is kin to hearing the whole message.  When only parts of a dream are recalled it is like talking on a cell phone with poor reception.  You get bits and pieces of what is communicated but certainly not the whole picture.  As many people know, it can be a guessing game as to what is being said.

Things would be different if, for instance, the dreamer remembered where he was in the dream.  A new house, outside in nature, at a mall, in a school or church would give greater insight into his state of mind the day before the dream.  If he remembered whether or not there were other people in the dream he would have a greater understanding of how different parts of himself are being affected in his quest to stop smoking.

This dream is evidence of consciousness remaining tied to more physical, sensory thinking.  How well has our dreamer been sleeping since he quit smoking?  How often does he think about it or feel the urge to smoke?  These are good questions to ask, and to answer.  Overcoming a physical addiction is challenging.  Remembering and interpreting dreams is an excellent way to note progress mentally, emotionally and physically in a life transition like this.  For instance, the dreamer may have a dream in a few months that he is driving a new car.  Since a car symbolizes the physical body this would be an affirming dream that his choices are leading to better health.

Laurel Clark, who is the President of the School of Metaphysics, describes her journey as she changed her identity from “smoker” to “living healthy ideals” in The Universal Law of Attraction.  This is an excellent book for anyone facing the challenge of change.

We encourage this dreamer to strive to record his dreams each day, thus teaching himself to remember more of each dream.  If he starts this at 19 he is well on his way to a lifetime of self-awarness.

The Law of AttractionThe book we recommend: The Universal Law of Attraction by Dr. Laurel Clark

The experience we recommend:  Intuitive Health Analysis