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Dream Date: 10/29/2011
Female, 46, California UNITED STATES

I was visiting my grandparents house and my mother was there as well.  I was staying with them in a city unfamiliar to me and wanted to go to the grocery store called Ralph’s.  It was  in a different area of the city..a more repressed area..but I had to go to that store.  My grandparents lived near the ocean and the store was east of there.  I took off walking through streets and neighborhoods to get to the grocery store.  I found the store and got what I needed, which I can’t remember what it was from the dream now.  I started to walk home but suddenly was not familiar with the surroundings and felt lost.  I was not afraid but knew that I needed to get help to find my way back.  I was in a neighborhood and asked a man if he could help me.  Suddenly I was in his house and he had a bag and he pulled it open and reached in and pulled out  baby! He placed the male baby on the bed..it seemed as though the baby had Down’s Syndrome.  I said, “O A Baby!!!”  I was so happy.  And then I looked again and there was another baby, a female!  They were twins.  When the male baby looked at the female baby, male baby started laughing and was soo happy!  It was his sister and you could see the love and joy being exchanged between them!  They were infants and there names were Matt and Vivian.  I left the house, still lost but happy.  I encountered a group of teens that looked like misfits in a way.  I asked them if they knew how to get to the area I was looking for and it seemed as though they did not want to help me but instead were ‘messing’ with me.  Taking advantage of the fact that I was lost, if you will.  I did not feel threatened but felt slightly uncomfortable and wished them all a happy day and thanked them and made my way away from them.  Next I encountered another shop..this seemed like a shop filled with boutique items that I liked. Incense and pretty clothing..a variety of unique items.  There was no one working in it.  There was a bed and it was high up I climbed up to see what was there and more pretty clothing scattered about.  I jumped down off the bed for there was no ladder and landed safely.  Continued on my way, looking to the west and recognizing the area I needed to be but still not there yet.  Also, at this point I realized I did not have my cell phone nor my car keys.  I was thinking of calling the police and just telling them I was lost.  I knew they would give me a ride to the neighborhood of my grandparents but suddenly I was in beauty salon and there was my mother!  I said, “O Mom, I’ve been kinda lost!”  She was happy to see me but seemed distracted.  I asked her what was the matter?  I had the feeling something had happened to my grandfather..he has been ill in waking life and in waking life my mother is also staying with my grandparents for a few months.

Then I woke up.

PLEASE PLEASE help me understand this dream.  In my waking life, I have been living really remotely and isolated for the last 1.5 years and living where I work as well.  The area is BEAUTIFUL  but I have been feeling like being closer to my family in my life lately.  Normally I have always been away from them.  I also have been contemplating a job change with the move as well.  The move would be out of state.  I have been having some emotional stress symptoms as well.  I have been praying for guidance and last night I also prayed to my Higher Self and to the specific angels to please help me with my dreams and to give me clarity and understanding in my dreams ….THANK YOU!

Female, 46, California UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Grandparents: superconscious mind

House: represents the dreamer’s mind

Mother: superconscious mind

City: condition of mind where many aspects are connected

Grocery Store: indicates a place in universal mind, specifically related to gaining knowledge

Ocean: conscious life experience

Neighborhood: condition of mind where aspects are connected

Man: subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Bag:  tool for receptivity

Baby: (male) subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Down Syndrome: condition that forms a recognizable pattern

Baby: (female) conscious aspect of this dreamer

Lost: undirected attention

Teens: maturing aspects of this dreamer

Shop: universal mind

Cell phone: means of telepathy

Car keys: access to solutions

Bed: mental tool, usually relaxation, used for assimilation

Police: disciplined aspects of Self

Beauty Salon: universal mind, specifically related to thinking and identity




Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This dreamer desires connection with her divinity to gain clarity regarding the questions she has about her job, her family and where she should live.  Wisely, she has prayed for guidance and expected to find it in her dreams.  This whole dream starts in her grandparents’ house and her mother is present, it then ends when she sees her mothe again.  Parents and grandparents symbolize the superconscious mind of the dreamer and can be understood as the dreamer’s inner authority.
In this case, our dreamer recognizes an inner voice exists and she wants to heed the message.

The dreamer is seeking knowledge (going to the grocery store).  She knows this entails facing parts of herself that she has held back or neglected.  Her challenge is in comprehending what she receives while on her quest.  Note that the dreamer is “lost” after she leaves the grocery store in her dream.  While she always knows that her destination is to…return to the grandparents’ house…she never actually gets there in her dream.  This is a neutral condition, it merely means there is more for her to learn in her waking life.

Our dreamer lives more subconsciously than consciously (unfamiliar male that presents the babies).  She has new ideas (babies) about conscious and subconscious mind (male and female babies).  These ideas need to be developed, however, especially regarding subconscious mind (male baby has Down Syndrome).  Note that in the dream she delights when the babies are presented to her, however, she does not stay with them. She might connect this to a feeling of unity or oneness in her
waking life.  She values this, however, she also leaves it up to fate. So she is aware of these ideas, however, they are likely ungrounded in her waking life and seem to be stimulated from something outside of her. Indeed part of what this dream is stimulating the dreamer to see is the need to consciously develop her ideas about love and happiness.

This leads her to awareness of parts of herself that need to mature (I encountered a group of teens that looked like misfits in a way.)  Maturing her own understanding of how conscious and subconscious mind work—and there is a science to this called visualization—is important for this dreamer.

The sense of foreboding at the end of the dream leaves this dreamer questioning.  Remember, she tells us she is considering many choices that are life changing.  She is still not at ease with herself, she knows there is something more for her to understand than what this dream offers, and this is true.  The benefit of the apprehension upon awakening shows in her motivation to learn more about the meaning of this dream.  We are glad that she found dreamschool.org for guidance
and support.

The end of the dream offers an important key for our dreamer.  At this point in the dream she realizes how disconnected she is—doesn’t have her cell phone or car keys.  Our dreamer says, “I was thinking of calling the police and just telling them I was lost. I knew they would give me a ride to the neighborhood of my grandparents…”  Instead of doing this, she finds herself in a beauty salon with her mother.  Once again all of this seems to “just happen” in the dream.  Understanding
how conscious and subconscious work as a team will be a great asset to this dreamer in understanding her own train of thought and its affect in her waking life.  Note that police symbolize discipline and herein lays the key for our dreamer—discipline will aid her to find her way “home”.

One additional note before moving on; there is a need for continuity in our dreamer’s consciousness that is apparent in how many times the dream jumps from one scene to another.  This can be accomplished through greater discipline and concentration in waking life.




Putting the Dream into Your Life:

 So how does the dreamer put this dream into her life?  Relying on
discipline, whether a devoted spiritual practice or physical routine that
clears her thinking, is going to aid our dreamer to make sound choices
regarding her life.  We also suggest a daily concentration exercise.
Practicing this will aid her to become aware of ALL of her thoughts.  This
is helpful because she can begin to be more connected in her waking thoughts
instead of jumping from one state of mind to another.

The dreamer’s willingness to continue toward her destination is admirable.
There is a way that she knows that discipline will aid her to get where she
is going.  She probably is disciplined in some areas of her life and
therefore has a sense of security that when she calls on her discipline she
will get the help she needs and wants. Discipline does not appear out of
thin air, it comes when one takes action on a regular basis.  Sometimes
people are erratic with discipline and then expect that they can call it up
at a moment’s notice.  This is a bit like not practice for the piano recital
and then thinking that because you practiced three weeks ago you’ll be able
to perform at the same standard on the day of the event.

This is a person who has ideals and wants to fulfill them.  Life is not a
straight path and there is always a reason for the bends and curves.  Our
dreamer has a sense of this yet she still has to do the work of learning how
her Mind works the way she expects it to.  She is likely beginning to
realize the limitations that isolation can place on her consciousness.
Nature is a living example of aggressive and receptive principles in
balance.  An environment unfettered by human presence gives and receives
according to natural law. Living in a remote setting allows one to harmonize
with natural law. It is easy to withdraw into the Self, live more
subconsciously, when alone. Interacting with people requires reasoning and
is function of the conscious mind.  It is likely that the dreamer’s urge to
move reflects an inner urge to develop the qualities of love and happiness
more consciously.  It is one thing to think about ideals and another to
experience them through interaction with other people.    All people need
time alone as well as time with others. This allows for balance within Self
so that the individual attunes to the superconscious mind, that part of Self
that is unified in all ways.

Our dreamer’s dream is showing her how much she relies on subconscious mind
to lead her to the answers that she desires and needs.  This is indicative
of someone who is faithful and spiritual in her perspective with a strong
belief of the power of Mind.  In order to be whole these ideas need to be
developed in the conscious waking life.  It is one thing to believe in the
workings of the divine Mind.  It is another to know the workings of Mind.
Developing command of the conscious mind, so that one can harmonize the
conscious mind to the subconscious mind will aid this dreamer to know where
she is rather than being lost, or knowing where she wants to be and not
getting there.  We encourage her to explore the suggestions given below.
She is at a turning point in her life and has a good start in driection

Law of Attraction
Our book suggestion:  The Universal Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of
 by Dr. Laurel Clark

The experience we suggest:Request an Intuitive Health Analysis