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Dream Date: 8/13/2011

Male, 53, Texas UNITED STATES

I married an English girl who was just short of royalty.  Big money.  I was a commoner and knew it, and knew how fortunate I was to be in this position.  Huge old English estate, but I think I was still in USA.  The main estate was on one side of a large courtyard with fountain in middle and area to park and turn around cars.  On the left side of the courtyard was a smaller estate, but still very large. (To give perspective, the large estate was about 1/2 the size of the Biltmore, and the smaller one was 1/2 that.)

The dream was mostly about the wedding…getting dressed for it, getting undressed after the wedding, and the reception at the estate.

I took off my pants in the courtyard standing next to the Rolls Royce limo after the wedding and handed them to my new bride who asked if I wanted her to put them in the car.  I said no, “ I probably won’t need them, just put them inside.” So she folded them and put them inside the big estate by the front door.

Next it was time to get set up in the courtyard for the wedding picture with a couple hundred guests.  I went over to where the photographer was getting set up and there was a couple of the groomsmen standing there.  When I stood next to them I realized I was naked from the waist down.  I thought I had underwear on, but when I looked down I did not and I put my hands in front to hide myself.  I asked one of the guys if he thought it would be OK, and he said “yea – probably so – there will be a lot of people standing in front of you”.

I decided anyway to go inside the large estate home to look for my pants.  They were not by the door as apparently someone had moved them.  As I was walking around the estate looking for them, all the guests exited a room heading outside for the picture.  They had just ended a board meeting where they had been discussing how much money to give me and what to do with me.

One of the older gentlemen who walked out first – typical old Englishman with spectacle in one eye and walking with a cane said “hello old chap” to me as he walked by.  I was busy trying to hide my nakedness and get out of the room before the ladies walked by.

I found my pants in a room, and was walking back to the main room – through another room – when I saw all of our wedding gifts that I had not seen yet.  My bride had previously opened a couple, but I had not.  They were scattered all over the floor in this room, and were very expensively wrapped.  I was looking for some new boots, and one of the gifts looked like it might contain a pair of boots.  I was contemplating opening it – and decided it would take a while longer for everyone to get situated for the photo shoot and I would have time – when my new bride came running in through the front door. She was out of her gown and in her white slip, her hair was messed up and she said to me “I cracked again and I just couldn’t be out there anymore!”  We had an intimate moment amidst the chaos – just being close to each other and alone for once in the day – lying on the floor by the gifts as I consoled her and told her it would be all right.  

We started opening some of the gifts and as I suspected there were a pair of boots in the box I had found.  We kissed and then we were wondering if we should go back outside for the photo. That is when we noticed it was pouring down raining and we decided the guests must have left or gone elsewhere, maybe inside the smaller estate, cause they were not back inside where we were.  

Next I cleaned 2 crystal glasses that we had toasted from earlier in the day and brought them back into the butler’s quarters where they came from.  I also cleaned 2 crystal faucet handles that were from one of the bathroom sinks.  I meant to leave them in the other room, but also had them with me.  I put the glasses on a small table next to the double doors leading to the butler’s bedroom which were partially opened.  The room I was in was a large ornate game room with oak pool table, very large oak bar, and sitting area.  The butler (who was a typical English butler: smart, wise, very perceptive, and had taken a liking to me from the beginning) walked in when he heard the glasses clink as I set them down.  He was dressed in his lounging pajamas.  He said, “hello old chap, can you smoke?”  He had a glass of port or something like that in one hand, and a cigarette in a very ornate wooden/inlaid ivory holder in the other hand. I said yes and he handed me this cigarette and said this was a world record – this cigarette had been lit for many hours and was being smoked by many people and the world record was being broken.  It looked like it was almost out.  I took a drag and it relit.  

Then he said that my bride had done something earlier in the day that might have seemed like it had hurt my stature, but in reality it was very smart, perceptive thinking because she was thinking about my future and she had financially set me up for the future.  It was something he was very impressed with and I was very grateful for.

Then I started catching up on some sales call reports that I needed to do for work.  Next I got ready to go make some sales calls with H* (male, current co-worker, actually VP of Technical Services for the company I work for, one word – self-centered, 2nd word – conceited).  It was February and had been very warm and I went to the estate only wearing short sleeves.  I was in a bathroom and looked out the window and saw that it was overcast, raining outside still but drizzling, not pouring down as before, and it had gotten cold.  I told H* as we were leaving that I had neglected to look at the weather report before I left home, and asked on our way out if we could stop by my “flat” (yes, I actually said flat instead of apartment) so I could get a sweater or jacket.  That is all.

Male, 53, Texas, UNITED STATES 

Symbols in this dream…:

Married: commitment between the conscious mind and subconscious mind for the fulfillment of desires

Female: (girl, bride) subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Money:  value

Mansion: (estate) represents the mind

USA: condition in mind where many aspects are connected

Clothes: (pants) how the dreamer is expressing self

Courtyard: universal mind

Car: (Rolls Royce limo) the dreamer’s physical body

Door: access to places in mind

Picture: manifestation of an imaged desire

People: (wedding guests) aspects of the dreamer

Men: (groomsmen) conscious aspects of this dreamer

Naked: openness and honesty

Hands:  purpose

Man: (older gentleman) conscious aspect of this dreamer

Glasses: (spectacle) need to improve vision

Eye:  receiving information through perception

Walk:  direction in dreamer’s life

Cane: support for direction in dreamer’s life

Gift:  indicates value

Shoes: (boots) covering of spiritual foundation

Clothes: (white slip) how the dreamer is expressing

Hair:  symbolizes conscious thoughts

Kiss: represents loving acknowledgment of part of self

Rain: conscious life experiences

Numbers: (2) universal structure of developing thought, duality

Cup: (crystal glasses) symbolizes receptivity as a tool

Faucet Handles: tool to control conscious life experience

Sink: means of purification and release

Butler: conscious aspect of this dreamer

Door: symbolizes access to places in mind

Table: a means of support

Room:  a particular part or activity of mind

Clothes: (pajamas) how the dreamer is expressing self

Alcohol: (port) an interference with the conscious will

Cigarette: indicates compulsive action

Man: (H*, self centered, conceited) conscious aspect of self

Bathroom:  means of purification and release

Window: a means for awareness

Cold: contraction

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Dreams that are long and detailed indicate A LOT of thinking on the dreamer’s part.  Sorting through the meaning of a dream like this can be challenging.  In short, this dream starts at a wedding, ends at work with a selfish, conceited co-worker and includes a bit of embarrassing nakedness along the way.

How do you interpret long dreams with so many symbols?  It is easy to get lost in the details of every single symbol.  Looking at the whole picture, including the general theme and the overall plot, aids in comprehending the dream message.  The next step is to identify repeating themes, scene changes, and the actions of the dream people.

With this approach, we see that this wedding-dream is speaking to a commitment the dreamer has recently made.  He also values his mind and his capacity to think a great deal.  In the dreamer’s own words, the dream is mostly about the wedding, getting dressed and getting undressed.  This man wants to understand how his expression has changed because of the commitment to Self he has made (just married).  His life is different now, and he is coming to terms with an open and honest (naked) means of expressing (pants) that matches the transformation.

In the Universal Language of Mind™, “Being naked in a dream symbolizes an attitude of openness and honesty. Honesty is the result of the alignment of the thinker’s thoughts and words or actions.  When someone appears nude in a dream this will represent an aspect of Self that is being expressed openly; the ideas manifest in their true form…note the reaction to the dream-nakedness.”—The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron

As soon as the dreamer notices he is naked, he begins to cover up.  Later in the dream he is trying to hide. Often people are uncomfortable in allowing themselves to be completely open and honest.  Honestly admitting and expressing your real thoughts and feelings allows you to know who you really are.  Honesty is a virtue that precedes the quest for Self Knowledge and Awareness.

The dreamer has committed to himself in a way that is new, it is also not completely conscious (the dream-brideis not someone he knows in waking life).  The commitment opens his mind to the amazing value and potential of his mind.  He has yet to realize that HE is the one in command of his inner riches.  In the dream, he still feels that his fortunate marriage is being bestowed upon him or coming from an external source (he is grateful for his good fortune in the dream, others are deciding how much money to give him and what they will do with his life).

When the dreamer is faced with visualizing his future (wedding photo scenes) he begins to question whether he has made the right choice.  For example, sometimes people speak truth and then second-guess themselves. “Did I hurt her feelings?  Should I have said those words?  What do they think of me now?”  When these kinds of questions arise, it can be tempting to fudge the truth to avoid sticky situations.  Our dreamer is not alone in this—many people can and do have difficulty facing themselves openly and honestly.  And this must be done to make a commitment to Self.

When it comes time to image and visualize what this commitment is going to bring him, what kind of life he will live, who he will be, then the dreamer takes a detour in thought—he gets distracted.  When it’s time for the dream photo, first he is looking for his pants, then he is looking for boots, then he is with his new bride, then he questions whether he should return for the photo, and the photo is never actually shot.  To take charge of his own life and use the full value of what he has, he will need to learn to replace his distractions with a concentrated, visualized image of what he wants and who he wants to be.

Receptivity (crystal cups) is an important way for our dreamer to understand what he experiences as the pairs of opposites, like being willing to be open and honest and then feeling uncomfortable.  Receptivity is an important and valuable tool for this dreamer when he feels pulled in two directions, especially when he is trying to see the whole picture.  Remember we have two mansions on the estate, two crystal glasses, two crystal faucets handles and then double doors.  Two symbolizes duality in any creative endeavor.

In order to receive the great value of his own mind with clarity, this dreamer needs to come to terms with his distractions, including his own tendencies toward conceit and self-centeredness.  These qualities are shown in the dream as his co-worker, H*.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

It is okay to be honest.  Discovering and revealing his true thoughts and feelings, whatever they may be, is part of this dreamer’s commitment to spiritual growth and Self Awareness.  Staying true to this commitment day by day, in thoughts and actions, is an ongoing practice of concentration.  As his concentration ability improves with practice, he can use his inner and outer minds in accord, the science of visualization.  This will aid him to adjust to the newfound honesty and openness he has discovered within himself, and his outer expression will match this genuine honesty.

What is commitment to Self?  When you have an idea of the kind of person you want to BE, qualities that you want to develop, skills and talents that you want to use wisely, then you have an image of a future you.  Staying true to an image requires making choices each day that bring it to life.  For instance, if you want to be more calm and relaxed, deciding to practice concentration each day is one way to clear your mind.  Choosing to do a concentration exercise, even when you feel tired, is a way to practice commitment to Self.  Making spiritual choices instead of physically minded choices is a way to practice commitment to Self.

The Dreamer’s Dictionary describes visualization as “the mental process of creation.  Visualization is a skill employing the conscious and subconscious minds, which enables the individual to conceive a desired image and experience its manifestation.”

In other words, when you make a commitment in the conscious mind, then your subconscious mind helps you. This is what visualization is all about.  This dream captures an important moment in this dreamer’s life.  His choices during the day are creating a greater commitment within himself and we encourage him to continue!

The book we recommend for this dreamer is The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization by Dr. Laurel Clark.

The experience we recommend is the Still Mind, Present Moment, Open Heart teaching.