[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]An Amazing Benefit to Dream Incubation

by Dr. Barbara Condron

Recently, while preparing for the IASD conference, two important realities every student of metaphysics should know came to light and I want to share them with you.  The first comes from the research that went into “EMOTIONS in DREAMS”, an exploration of the power of fear to transform a dreamer’s consciousness.
When www.dreamschool.org was launched in 1998, the door was open to dreamers worldwide.  Since then, thousands of dreamers, from 39 countries, have emailed records of their dreams for study.  In 2007, a team of researchers at the College of Metaphysics – a branch of SOM – began cataloging the information received into a body of scientific knowledge that will enhance dream awareness around the world.
These GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENTs hold great promise in taking anthropology and sociology to new levels.  Like a freeze frame in a movie, these experiments are capturing the consciousness of many at a particular moment in time while dreamschool.org, with its daily dream submissions, functions as the movie.
In 2008, researchers noted a significant rise in the number of nightmares reported to dreamschool.org.  This coincided with the rise of daily media headlines broadcasting fear of economic collapse in the U.S. and abroad.  Mass media, functioning as our planet’s nervous system, told people they had reason to fear, many believed this and it was reflected in the number of nightmares reported.

  • Of 1000 dreams reported to dreamschool.org from February 2008 to June 2009, 52% were nightmares.  This represents an unprecedented shift in the 11-year history of the website.
  • Of the dreamers reporting in, 81% were female, and of their dreams 52% were nightmares.
  • 47%  of the dreams reported by males were nightmares.

Women may share their dreams more often, yet when it comes to nightmares, the numbers balance significantly.
When you read 1000 dreams, universal truths begin to surface.  When 500 of those dreams are nightmares, patterns emerge.  These patterns come to light in the content of the dreams.
The nightmares in the 1000 Dream Study fell into four significant categories:
The unknown …. dreams of being chased, or of being in a place the dreamer has never been, with people she does not recognize.  Nightmares remembered from childhood can be attributed to the waking mind’s inability to identify the people and places in the dream   (childhood nightmares) (face dream)
•Death  …. dreams involving a threat to life, torture, killing (airline crash)

•Infidelity    dreams of betrayal between friends and loved ones

•Stealing …..dreams of being taken from or losing something valuable, kidnapping, being out of control, losing freedom, or simply disappearing altogether.

Based upon this means of interpretation, the four common nightmare themes can serve to awaken the consciousness of the dreamer.  Dreams of being chased by unknown forces symbolize the dreamer’s need to face what motivates him.  Death in a dream symbolizes change.  Infidelity represents a need to align thoughts and actions, following through on commitments made.  Losing something in a dream indicates a need for the dreamer to master the mind’s attention.
When the language of the dream is understood, communication can take place.  Where communication exists, fear subsides.  What was unknown becomes known.
Now comes the second point.  In researching the April 2009 GLiDE dreams incubating opportunities in the current economy, an outstanding reality came to light.  Out of the almost 500 dreams reported by 212 dreamers over the three-trial study, NO NIGHTMARES were reported.  This is in striking contrast to the 52% nightmare statistic from the 1000 dreams over the previous 16 months.
Since 43% of those participating in the April GLiDE were enrolled SOM students, a reasonable connection can be made to and for the benefits of mental discipline which frees the mind from fear of the unknown and opens the door to the joy of Self discovery.•