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First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09

First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09
Type: Incubation
Subject: The economy
Objective for this Study: 
To explore how patterns of waking thought impact sleeping thought through incubating a thought focus determined and communicated globally by mass communication.

College of Metaphysics researchers are currently studying data collected from the recent GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT focused on incubating solutions for the economy. The over 160 dreams reported included President Obama, Greg House (from the TV show) and Mr. Peanut. While a few dreams included money the most recurring dream symbols were food and water.

“This is a fascinating development,” said project director Dr. Barbara Condron. “Symbolically, in the Universal Language of Mind, food and water represent knowledge and conscious experience. The current content of what we think is influenced greatly by the media applications of technology. To see this, just answer this question: Have you heard about the swine flu, which has been renamed H1N1?” Condron is researching how this wave of dream images fits into those she has been tracking since early 2008 when the economy became news.

A total of 173 individuals signed up to participate. As might be expected 131 of the these say they have remembered lucid dreams. This is an increase from the first four experiments. The dreamers are distributed among the levels of lucid dreaming with the bulk ranking themselves at Level 3 (see chart). Level I Participants (12) are infrequent dreamers. Level 2 (41) are Occasional Dreamers who may recall a lucid dream, often from childhood years. Level 3 are Frequent Dreamers (95) who remember dreaming throughout their lives, sometimes lucid, and Level 4 participants (25) frequently experience dreamstates, both lucid and subconscious messages.

Of the 173, School of Metaphysics students comprised the majority at 105. This is a record for student participation in GLiDE which enables researchers to investigate several threads of data. Of the 65 people who completed the experiment, meaning they participated all three days, 52 are SOM students. The breakdown by level of study is: 68 First Cycle, 32 Second Cycle, 3 Third Cycle, 3 Fourth Cycle students, and 5 Post Doctoral teachers.

“SOM students carried this experiment,” said Condron, “and we are grateful. It makes sense those who are studying Mind and its language would be the most curious and confident in an experiment of this caliber. This enables us to examine the effect of prayer and meditation on dreaming. We look forward to publishing our findings.”

This year’s GLiDE team includes Laurie Biswell, Tad Messenger, Jonathan Duerbeck, Rory Colgan, Allan Rider, Kerry Keller, and Karen Mosby. “Last year with the Moon’s effect GLiDE, I didn’t really know what we were looking for,” said Colgan. “After a year of mind study and developing as a dream interpreter, I find I can still my mind and absorb the data and some very interesting energies make themselves known.”

In the weeks ahead, the researchers will publish their findings in articles, online, and in book form. “With each successive GLiDE the vision comes more into focus of the importance of this work to the evolution of humanity.” Condron added. “Everyone associated with it needs to be aware that they are playing a significant role in humanity’s evolution.”