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Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food

First Report: GLiDE #2 01.09-03.08
Moon’s Effect
Objective of Study: What effect do Moon phases have on the dreams of the Homo sapiens?

First published March 2008

Lunar Eclipse Dreams focus on Familiar People and Food

One of the first ways we look at our moon dreams is for general content and state as we reported on the Solar eclipse dreams last month. At first glance, the Lunar eclipse dreams demonstrate no sizable increase or decrease in lucidity, however there is a marked increase in content. At least half the remembered dreams involved some thing: FOOD! Restaurants, kitchens, or eating found its way into our dreams.

From a “first a hypnogogic image of shrimp & rice, then a dream of drinking rum with a Puerto Rican friend in Old San Juan” to what to do with left over food, in the Universal Language of Mind our dreams reflected learning. Just look at this list:

A dinner party featuring two long tables with a feast.
A cafeteria at work
Broccoli, cheese, and rice casserole
Preparing recipes
Health food vendors
A dream in a grocery store
Wedding reception

Dream kitchens appeared in several dreams including this one:

This house had some unusual characteristics. For example, the kitchen counters appeared to be “home made” with layers of plywood on top of one another with a fanned out design and a cut out for some (ugly) grey / white / peach marble inset….with some sort of seal to adhere it together. I was feeling it and touching it and thinking how unusual and “cheap” it was. I also thought that one should never use marble in a kitchen….one should use real stone, like granite.

Then there was the dream about three refrigerators that sounds like a vaudeville joke. The dreamer opens all of them and asked her mom why there are 7 sets of bananas, all rotting! This dreamer is recognizing that knowledge, at one time helpful to her in knowing her purpose in life, has outlived its usefulness. Perhaps it is time for this dreamer to explore new sources of knowledge for spiritual sustenance and growth.

PT’s (Female) dream reflects many of the symbols found in this experiment’s dreams. Perhaps decoding her dream will give you insight into yours.

Here are my dreams from February 20th. I kept replaying them over so I could remember when I woke up.

I am in a kitchen making cupcakes. I am wanting to be very clear and remember everything. The colors are very bright and vivid.

I am in a classroom with some friends from high school. It is our senior year and we have some classes to finish up. I am collecting money for something… I am waiting for people to pay me. I tell a younger girl that if she doesn’t pay me I won’t be able to eat the next day. The boy sitting next to me – someone I know but can’t recall his name- pulls a big wad of bills out of his pocket and puts them on the table. He owes me $30 but I am counting out a lot more. He says to keep it. I am surprised and grateful. I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him.

I am in a different kitchen cleaning up. It has an old fashioned sink and drain board. Some of my small green hand towels are there – wet and wadded up. I am going to take them home. I am putting old flowers in the trash. I am thinking about the money and thanking the Universe while congratulating myself for staying in trust.

Replaying a dream is an effective way to enhance dream recall. It pulls the dream action out of subconscious mind into conscious mind short-term memory. Many dreams are lost because the attention is divided or weakened and details slip away. Strengthening conscious will increases the ability for conscious-subconscious communication and rapport.

This dreamer’s intention to learn makes itself evident as the dream action occurs in the kitchen and involves food, appealing if not nutritive. Why the knowledge she has been investing in is pleasing to the senses more than to the mind becomes clear as the dream progresses. The dreamer is seeing self-value through hindsight. Some past experiences are now seen as worth more than they did at the time, like a child who, in time, grows to appreciate the parents or teachers who insisted he learn how to read when he’d rather play. This dreamer has a newfound appreciation for previous experiences, which enables her to receive present knowledge in a new light.

Kitchens were not the only rooms appearing in our dreams, bathrooms, showers, and bathing repeatedly appeared during the Lunar eclipse dreams.

Next I looked at a bathroom, and the shower was standing independently in the center of the room, with yellow gold, curved or rounded glass walls. I thought it looked fairly ornate, and very eclectic.

These dreams indicate a way to release what is no longer needed or wanted. For instance, as we forgive, forget, move on in our daily lives we are letting go of thoughts, emotions, even physical possessions that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.

Music, headphones, and the dream that ended with a rendition of “Blinded by the Light”! One dream featured a play which signified the end of a marriage, a kind of ”Divorce: The Musical”. TJ reports the following:

When I awake I remember a little song was going in my head. Not any kind of familiar song though. My sister had called the night before and was upset about a school situation that she was having with her children. She asked me to meditate on this for her, which I did. I also set and intention that I would get some information in my dream. When I woke a little ditty was going in my head that when I asked for direction with knowing what the song was I got. “Winterberry’s time’s at an end” Winterberry is the name of the school that he attends. I will try to get to a keyboard and figure out the notes and timing, if that is of interest to you. But that was it, just the song that was going in my head when I woke up.

Absolutely we are interested in your dream-song! Dreams have long served the purpose of stimulating creativity. The entire poem Kublai Khan came to Coleridge in a dream and would have been many stanzas longer had he not answered a salesman’s knock at the door!

As a symbol, music in a dream indicates harmony – the presence of balance in thought or action, conscious or subconscious, created or enjoyed, depending upon who or what is producing the music in the dream.

Lunar eclipse dreams occurred mostly in houses indicating they were centered in the dreamer’s mind. This would be in keeping with the knowledge themes this go round. Isolated locales included a hotel, a theater, a prom, a party, a department store, a mall, NYC, and a couple forests.

Outstanding in these dreams were the people. We dreamt about those familiar to us: friends and family members by 4-1. This once again supports the nature of these dreams as self-reflective. Another dimension to this is added by the knew-them-then factor which appeared in many dreams. Old friends, classmates, spouses, appeared in our dreams, even to the old family photos. One woman dreamed of the mother of her brother’s childhood friend!

High school attractions from 10th grade, a teacher from 2nd grade, and twin stepsisters and a girlfriend (who are all Geminis, the dreamer notes) appeared in Lunar eclipse dreams. As the Sun, Moon and Earth came into alignment, so did our consciousness!

Increasing dream clarity

Researchers at the School of Metaphysics have long recognized the affects on consciousness of drugs – whether recreational or allopathic. Due to the chemical affects on the body, brain, nervous system, and endocrine systems, drugs alter the function of conscious attention, recall, and image skills. They also disturb electrical balances and chakra systems. This is why study at the SOM requires one to be drug-free.

One of the most enduring research areas has been the affect of drugs upon dreaming. Repeatedly, in test after test, drugs have proven to be a major disrupter of both dream and sleep cycles. The lists of side affects attached to any drug can, in almost every instance, include interference in conscious reasoning and intuitive function.

The effect of drugs is being reported in these experiments as well. One male dreamer (marc) writes: “I did dream that night and the dreams were quite vivid….. I have recently stopped a medication that was potentially blocking my ability to remember the night’s dreams so this may have contributed to my sense of dream clarity.”

Clarity does not always lead to lucidity, but it can. The following dreamer’s account describes how.

I had a dream and it was a very vivid dream with sounds, smells, taste, and feelings.

I was in a state of bliss and I woke up feeling as though I had been in heaven. I was in a king size bed, with soft down comforters and fluffy pillows. Off to the side of the bedroom was a small veranda with lawn chairs where you could look at the sky or just gaze off in the morning. I smelled flowers lilacs and bacon cooking.

There was a bathroom I walked in and the aroma of lavender was present, there was a huge tub of bubbly bath drawn. It was so warm and relaxing as I stepped in, there were huge bathrobes soft fluffy and so pretty. There was a shower as well.

After my bath I went to the closet and there was this walk in closet with all new clothes and when I tried them on they fit perfectly as if they were tailored made just for me. I kept thinking this is a dream and someone needs to pinch me to wake me up.

As I stepped out into the hall, I saw built in bookcases in the wall. I passed the living room and there was a fireplace, and two large recliners and a couch. It was decorated with family pictures and was very warm homey like. I entered the kitchen with an island with stools in the middle a small veranda with dinette set and a patio off to the side. It was so relaxing and inviting, Breakfast was served to me but I woke up before I could see who served me.

When one pursues this type of detail in memory, the attention and will power are strengthened. At first this leads to better recall. In time, it produces the ability to sustain concentration enabling the dreamer to gain lucidity during the dream. The dreamer holds his/her conscious mind’s attention steady while the dream action, under the direction of the dreamer’s subconscious mind, proceeds unimpeded. The steadiness of attention is the key element in disciplining the consciousness for dream lucidity and total recall.

Unconscious Choices in the Dreamstate

Dreams offer many experiences foreign to our waking state. Helen Keller wrote eloquently about her dream experiences. Although her physical eyes were useless, her mental perception – her dream-eyes saw many things. In similar fashion, many have experienced lifting off the ground, taking flight, something they have never experienced in their waking life. Yet, in our dream worlds the deaf can hear, the ugly become beautiful, princes become paupers. Experiences like these point to the limitless possibilities open to us in the inner levels of consciousness.

Sometimes we do not easily embrace these nighttime scenarios. Far from our conscious way of thinking, we can resist even remembering our dreamtime stories. A peace activist finds himself a military officer in the throes of battle; a man gives birth to a baby while a woman’s husband turns into a little girl mourning the loss of a puppy. Things that we would not allow consciously enter our dreams, sometimes without our permission.

During phase two of these experiments, one woman dreamed of stealing her daughter’s cocaine. This dreamer reports that neither she nor her daughter take drugs, yet they entered into her dreamstate. Another dreamer, dreams of moving from London to New Jersey. She reports she has recently moved to New Jersey – from California, not London where, she adds, she has never even been. Another dreamer talks with her grandfather who has been dead for years, while another fishes with a grandfather he never knew in waking life. Sometimes we have experiences in dreamstates that we would never have in our waking states.


One of our participants writes:

Dear Dream School

I did dream that night and the dreams were quite vivid, however I did not write them down. The reason for this is that the dreams (more than one) involved my voluntary infidelity to my girlfriend. She likes to read my dream journal and this would not go down well. I was on a trip at the time and in a different country from her, and although being unfaithful is not a conscious choice, nor would be, it would have been an option if I were so inclined.

I am not this type of person and was actually almost ashamed or embarrassed of my dream actions… good thing they were not lucid…!

If you can provide any feed back about unconscious decision making in dreams that does not mirror the person’s conscious decision-making or morals, I would be interested.

Thank you. I hope that is of some help.


What is operating can also be seen in the other dreams cited here.  Several factors will help put these dreams into perspective.

First, realize that for most people dreaming is a passive activity.  They are unconscious to the point of not even remembering dream experiences and when they are recalled it is solely from memory.  This indicates the dream activity is not conscious. In M’s case, he did not make a conscious choice to partner with someone other than his girlfriend.

Often when describing what is at work here, I use the old (and faulty, by the way) example of the reported psychoanalytical approach to interpreting dreams of wanting to kill your mother as a deep-seated unconscious desire to do so. It is this kind of thinking that promotes M’s shame and embarrassment. Although dream sexuality can result from someone’s daytime fantasies, since the subconscious mind uses the images of our daily life to convey its messages, this is not always the case. M is the definitive authority on his own thoughts, waking or asleep.

Second, realize that dream messages are symbolic rather than literal.  Dreams of sexual activity between a man and woman indicate conscious and subconscious action upon a desire.  This dreamer’s subconscious mind chooses “another” woman because she represents what the inner mind wants to convey.  The dreamer’s girlfriend signifies a different aspect of himself. Were she to appear in his dream, the message would be changed.

These types of dreams offer us opportunities to clarify our beliefs, as it is stimulating this dreamer to do. When he becomes secure in his choices, he will be freer to record his dreams because he will separate his waking thought from his subconscious, dream thought.

Then there are dreamers like Steve, who writes

“Neither dream was lucid, just sum strange dreams with trains and disasters in them. Can’t think of any reason in my conscious world that would make me dream of train crashes and nazis and dogs. ? Lol”

Here’s his full dream account with our possible answer to his question.

Had 2 dreams one before I woke up at 4am then another before I woke up at 9am .

The first one it was sunny daytime maybe summer and I was in the countryside with people and dogs and there was a guy with an off-road motorbike and we were all on a path away from the towns or cities and we were all heading in the same direction all heading home or to sum kind of safety then we got to a train and we all boarded the train then I was at the back of the train with the door open leaning against the railing in the sun as we traveled and other people were just relaxing and the dogs were running about and then there was men with guns in the train point at us all and they wanted me to come back inside then there was a flood and the train was turned on its side I grabbed on the side of the train as it turned an climbed onto the roof and all the country was flooded and I was the only one left. I walked about for days an then I found another survivor an older guy in a dark dirty trench coat sitting on a log by a make shift camp in a field with a fire an he had a dog and I was a little afraid of him and we played cards and talked an he won an then before I went on my way he gave me a little tin an I opened it and inside was sum Nazi things made out of metal an a picture of a Nazi girlfriend an I was amazed that he had something of the girl cause she was high up in the Nazis. Then I went on my way and I woke up.

The second dream I watched like a movie style dream from outside the dream as two boys at a railway side by a bridge put there bmx bike on the track standing up then lay in the grass as the train came to see it destroy the bike but instead the bike was crushed under the train and derailed the train and it was beside a bridge and the train crashed into the bridge and was wrecked and the driver was out on the ground screaming in agony and the 2 boys ran away in fright. Later the police were there and sum people had witnessed it from the bridge a little.

A first step that aids in receiving the import of dream activity is to separate the dream from waking, rational thinking. The inner, subconscious thinking is distinctly different from outer, conscious thinking. Inner thinking is characterized by intuition. Outer thinking is the home for reasoning. Inner thinking is recreative. Outer thinking is procreative. Inner thinking is closer to the Source/spirit/divinity. Outer thinking is closer to the material/sensual/physical. Each has their function to perform and a duty and purpose to fulfill.

When this is considered, we realize there is often no sense or reason why disjointed and foreign people, places, and things appear in our dreams. Hitler appeared in one person’s Lunar eclipse dream while Barack Obama was in another, Arnold Schwarzenegger in another, and Brittany Spears in still another. The “why” of our dreams rests not with our waking mind, rather with our subconscious mind. In this light, the dreamer is accurate to note there is no reason in his conscious world that this dream should occur. There is, however, subconscious reason. That reason becomes clearer when the dream is decoded – translated into the Universal Language of Mind.

This dream, as is true of most dreams, is relevant to what occurred with the dreamer in his waking life the day or two before he remembers the dream. The dreamer is becoming overwhelmed by expectations of some kind of organization he belongs to. This could be his job but is more likely to be a voluntary affiliation such as a club, church, or other group. His association with these people has caused much change in how he sees himself. He is beginning to realize how he approaches life is regimented and outdated at best.

At first he blames the organization for his faults. In his thinking, he fantasizes leaving the organization, even sabotaging it, before realizing he’ll not get where he wants to go until he is willing to discipline himself. Hope this helps shed light on the possibly connection of these dreams to your waking life.

Sometimes dreams can lead to new behaviors as well as new ways of thinking. One dreamer reports awaking from a dream and writing it down with his right hand. Doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, until you consider this is a first-time occurrence for this LEFT-handed person.

Then there is an Italian dreamer from Australia who writes:

I found my self driving on THE HIGHWAY

I and I noticed that one car was coming towards me from the opposite side
of the road , which it means ,he was DRIVING on the wrong way, I kept driving hoping that the driver would realise that he was coming from wrong way but I felt nothing would happen.cheers



We have found mind may well be the final frontier, and given that it is mind, which determines our mental and emotional state as well as physical health, any exploration and development of our potential is a worthwhile endeavor. As French novelist Victor Hugo observed,

The spirit of God, like the sun, always gives all its light at once. The spirit of man resembles the pale moon, which has its phases, its absences and its returns, its lucidity and its spots, its fullness and its disappearance, which borrows all its light from the rays of the sun, and which still dares to intercept them on occasion.”

We like to think the time we invest in dream research is intercepting a greater light. We are thankful for your participation.

©2008, School of Metaphysics, www.som.org

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